Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Professionals: Part 1

Learn how to use Facebook to market your real estate business. With years of experience working with real estate professionals, Allan McNabb shares how to successfully market real estate on Facebook. Part 1 of this webinar originally aired April 16, 2020, as part of our ongoing training for agents with [...]

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Facebook is Testing a Downvote Button

In early February, a number of Facebook users noticed the addition of a “downvote” button added to comments on Facebook public Page posts (such as a business page). Facebook has confirmed that the button has been added to a small subset of users to help them gather information about [...]

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How will Zuckerberg’s Plan to Fix Facebook Impact Brands?

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced large-scale changes to the way content appears on users’ news feed. These changes are set to have a substantial impact on brand business pages and the content they produce.Highlights from Zuckerberg’s StatementZuckerberg’s statement on January 12th covered a few important points about new changes [...]

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