Learn how to use Facebook to market your real estate business. With years of experience working with real estate professionals, Allan McNabb shares how to successfully market real estate on Facebook.

Part 1 of this webinar originally aired April 16, 2020, as part of our ongoing training for agents with Graystone Investment Group in Tampa, Florida.

For Part 2, visit Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Professionals – Webinar Part 2 April 23, 2020.

Webinar Cheat Sheet

Here is the cheat sheet we provided the agents who attended the webinar. Although we did not cover all the items during the webinar, we are making all the information available here.

Download the complete PDF of the webinar cheat sheet: Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Professionals.

Topics Cover in Part 1 of the Webinar

Use an App to Post and Manage Facebook

 Facebook Business Page

  • Set up a Facebook business page, fill out everything on the “Page Info” page and choose the most relative categories
    • Add a call-to-action button to give people a quick and easy way to reach out to you
    • Update your cover photo (video) frequently. Use the cover photo to highlight the homes you have for sale. You can change images quite often so use this space to your advantage.
    • Create helpful tabs. Add a tab to your Facebook page that highlights featured listings
    • Set up messaging
  • Know your audience, and create posts that are interesting to them
    • Pin important posts and videos
    • 80/20 Rule: 80% of content should be customer-focused, and 20 percent should be business-focused
    • Post photos and video (memes are very effective)
    • Focus on local interests
    • Share helpful articles, along with interesting and informative facts
    • Offer helpful advice
    • Use humor in posts that would be effective with your audience
    • Post images of you, your team, and happy clients
    • Post reviews you receive from clients, and try to get video reviews
    • Post images and videos of homes that will make your followers stop
    • Create posts that take your followers to a blog article on your website: the average blog can convert 2-10% of its visitors into leads
    • Posts about selling: include important and interesting info, including tips to make selling a home go better/quicker/easier
    • Posts about buying: include important and interesting info, including how to buy a home for a lower price and tips on choosing a Realtor
    • Infographics: these get a lot of shares
    • Holiday posts, and posts relative to holiday events
    • Current event posts, especially about things related to the real estate industry
    • Share info about your referral partners: blog posts, reviews, social posts
    • Share articles from authority websites like Zillow and BiggerPockets
    • Don’t post about controversial topics (politics, religion)
    • Share a few posts from your business page to your personal profile

Video Transcript

Allan: Alright. So the first thing I thought I would talk about tonight, because we’re going to be talking about… We’re going to be talking about so much stuff that it becomes overwhelming. And, so as I share my screen, the first thing I want to mention, and I’ll just use our company Xpert Realty Marketing, is that we’ve got an application to do a lot of what we’re going to be talking about, and to set forth some automations. So when you look at the PDF sheet, and when you think about everything we’re going to be talking about, the first thing you’re going to do is wonder, “Well, how in the world can I do all of this?” And so, I just want to let you know that there’s software to handle a lot of this, where it’s going to take a lot of the load off of you, it’s going to make it a lot easier, and basically it’s going to cut down your time, maybe as much as 95 to 99%. With social media, with our company, we spend maybe five minutes a month. That’s it. And we’ve got several posts going out a day. And so, as we talk about a lot of this stuff we’re talking about, I don’t want you to be overwhelmed and just be thinking, “My goodness, how can I ever do all of this because it’s all just somewhat impossible.”

So, I do want you to know there’s software out there. We provide Graystone with the software to do that, and also other companies. And so, there’s a solution there to save you a lot of time. Okay. So let’s jump right into it. And by the way, Jorge, he’s got a deal that he’s got to tend to tonight. Hopefully, he’ll be able to jump in here just a little bit later, but for right now, we’re just going to carry on. Okay. I’m hoping you guys can get to your chat feature because I want to be asking some questions and I really hope we’ve got some good participation. So if you can get that chat button, grab the URL, grab the PDF, download it, let me know if you have any problems whatsoever. I’m watching the chatbox as we go. And also my wife is in here. Since Jorge couldn’t make it, I said, “Hey, you’re going to have to come in here and help me tonight.” So this is Beth, she’s there and she’s going to be helping us also. Okay, so I think everybody here has already got a Facebook business page. And I’ll just pull up a business page here that we can use for an example. And let me just pull up the Graystone page really quickly, and we can just be looking at that as we go.

Facebook Page

Now of course, as we talk about Facebook marketing, one of the first things you got to do, you got to have your Facebook page and you see Graystone Investment Group, they’ve got a really nice Facebook page, and I know the rest of you, maybe all of you do also. But I want to cover just a few things with this. First of all, Johnny, I appreciate the message there. You’re able to open up the PDF, that’s great. Nadia, hey, hello to you too. I appreciate that. Okay. So does everyone have a call-to-action button below? If you’ve got your main picture up here or you’ve got a video, do you have a button right below? That’s super important. That gives everyone an easy way to call you. They can call you, they can send you a message. Just make sure as we go through these things, maybe if you’ve got the PDF, maybe if you can take some notes, some things, say, “I need to take care of this. This is something I need to do.” Make sure you’ve got a call-to-action button there, people can get a hold of you really, really quick.

And also the image, the large image in the video you’ve got right here, as you’re driving people over to your Facebook page, there’s an opportunity to change this image and to change this video regularly. For example, if you’ve got a new house that’s listed, post that house here. Maybe put a little text on the image if you’re going to use an image. If you’re going to put a video there, put a video of your property, and that’s going to help. And people are going to see something different, they’re going to come to your page, they’re going to see something different, they’re going to see your properties. So when you’ve got your Facebook page, super important to make sure you’ve got the call-to-action button. Make sure you have, keeping this fresh, especially if you’ve got properties or something such as that. And also, you may or may not know that you can add tabs down here. For example, if you want to take people to your properties, if you want to have a special section for your properties, you can add a tab right there.

And to do this, you’re simply going to go to settings, and let me click on that right now. You can come back and refer to the video on this also, and you can go into this and you click on templates and tabs, there you go. Templates and tabs, and you can put a tab there, and you can also choose the order that these tabs appear on your page. So, for example, if you put a tab there, it’s got your properties or you want to put something else on there, put a tab there, move it up near the top and make that very visible. Now, also while I’m here, the page info, this is your address, your phone number, it’s got categories, your business categories. Super important to have all of this filled out.

And also messaging, and this is where people can send you a message. I’m just going to click on this for a second. They can send you a message. And also, when they come here, you can turn on this, so that they receive a greeting when they come to your page, the messaging is going to pop up and it’s going to say, “Hey, whatever their name is, do you have any questions? Go on and ask.” And you can change that to be whatever you want. Also, get this, you can add messenger to your website. So, this is a real simple way to give people an easy way to communicate with you. Alright. So, if you’ve got any questions, be putting them in chat, be raising your hand because I’m going to be coming to a good spot right here to pause in just a moment.

So, as we get started with Facebook marketing, we’ve got to have our page in order, we’ve got our call-to-action button, we’ve got tabs, we’ve changed the order. For example, for me, and also for Graystone, we’ve got the posts up here near the top. Facebook typically puts it down near the bottom. I like mine to be at the top where people can see my post. They can click on that very quickly. Change your picture, change your video regularly, and make sure all the info is up-to-date. Alright. So, guys now is a good time to take any questions. If you raise your hand or if you type in a question there before we move on, we can answer that, because the next thing we are going to talk about is doing the posting.

What do you post on Facebook?

And of course, that’s what people, a lot of times, want to know that says, “Well, what do I post?” Alright. So, I hope you have the PDF, because there’s a long list of things there that we’re going to go over, and we’re going to go over pretty quickly, if you have some questions, ask it. But there’s a lot to go over there, and so I just sort of want to take it at a high level, and just sort of cover some things. Alright. Number one. So, you’re here posting to Facebook. And even if you are using a third-party app, an app from us to do a lot of the heavy lifting, a lot of the posting for you, etcetera, sometimes you’re going to have an important post and you’re going to want to come in here and pin it. Now, I’ll give you some examples. Right now, we are doing live streaming of this on our Facebook page.

And so that’s pinned right now. Beth, as we got started on that, she pinned it. It’s at the top, and it’s going to stay there for a while, because that’s going to be some of our most important content that we’ve got. And to pin a post, Beth asked me a question right there, I’ll show you how to do it and I’ll show you how to do it real quick. It is super easy. You can see that Jorge has got this one pinned right here, you’ve got the three dots, you just click on it. And here, I could un-pin it. If it’s not been pinned, it can be pinned to the top, just click on the three dots, you can pin it. And let me suggest to you, you probably always want to have something pinned. Because if you’ve got properties for sale, if you’ve got a wholesale property, if you’ve got a real property, you’re going to have something out there that’s really important, say, it’s your newest video that you want to have pinned to the top. Alright, keep something pinned.

Now, as far as posting, this is where a lot of folks really get a little confused. You know the old 80-20 rule, that 80% of what you post should be focused on your customer and 20% on your business. And so they say, “Well, you know, I need to be talking about where I went to dinner last night, and you know what my kids are doing and I need to have a video of my kids playing in the swimming pool.” I say, “No, that’s not right, that’s not what we’re talking about.” That’s for your personal profile, super important to do that. And as a matter of fact, you can have 5000 friends on your personal, it’s good to reach out to people. Here’s my personal right here, it’s good to reach out to people, it’s good to have friends, people are going to see your post on there a lot, it’s good to do that. Also, I’ll just go on and mention this right now, every once in awhile, when you’re over on your business page, every once in a while just come down here and click share.

80/20 Rule

Because your personal profile is for your personal stuff, it’s what you’re doing. Having fun with the kids, out swimming, went on vacation, all of that. That’s personal stuff. Every once in a while, just click and share some of your business stuff over there. And I’ll do it just sitting at a stoplight or something like that, do it sitting in front of the TV, whatever. Just share some of that every once in a while. It increases the shares you’ve got on your business page, it puts some of the stuff over there, it helps a lot. Okay, so what’s this 80-20 rule? So, 80% is to be focused on your customers, things that help your customers. It could be sharing an article on BiggerPockets or Zillow or realtor.com or Trulia, sharing something that’s really beneficial to them. Helpful to them.

It could be giving some tips on how to sell a house, how to get top dollar for your house, when to list your house, when’s the best time to sell. All of this is helpful for them. So you want to be 80% doing that, and then 20% is going to be on your business, that’s the properties you have for sale, maybe you are talking about a review you got on Google and you’re going to share it on Facebook. Maybe you’re going to promote yourself in some other way. So that’s the 20%. So, 80%, stuff that’s good for your prospective customers and people who might be thinking of buying a house or getting into real estate investing, all the good stuff that they want to know about and learn about and just be posting most of all of that.

And the worst thing you can do, you go to a real estate page, and what do you see? Property, property, property, property, property, people, they’ll stop looking at it. Alright. So, pin important posts and live by the 80-20 rule. Alright. So, as you’re doing those posts, always, almost always, and I would say for me always, include an image and include a video or a video. So, if you can, chat me real quick, why do you think you should include, always include, an image or a video? Chat me real quick if you can, and if you want to raise your hand and give an answer or if you want to just open your mic really quick, give an answer.

Images and Memes

Okay. Putting the image there, you’re going to get more engagement, you’re going to get more feedback, and the more that you get, the more Facebook is going to show your posts. So, having that image, yeah, Ray, people respond more to visual stimulation, absolutely. How about when you’re looking at the Facebook feed, what causes you to stop more than anything else? Is it a short line of text? You’re probably ignoring that, right? But when you look at the image and it’s going to make you stop because you’re going to stop and look at that image, then you’re going to see the text that is above it.

Okay. So, Nadia. Alright, I probably won’t read without an image. That’s right. And she also mentioned there a meme, and Beth who is a better speller than I am, my wife Beth sitting here, and she private messaged me, I misspelled meme. Alright. But anyway, memes are great. And just Google, just Google out there, there’re some free apps to make some memes. You know what memes are. It’s an image that’s got some text below it. And you know, memes probably started out being funny and everything, and hey, that’s great, and I like funny memes too. But it’s also really good if you’ve got to… Say it’s one of your business promotional property posts and the property’s there, and you put the text at the bottom white and it’s got a black stroke on it, so it really sticks out. And you say, “Hot property,” or you say, “Price for fast sale,” or you put 32 under $300,000, whatever it is, it’s going to be much more effective. So guys, I appreciate you responding there, I appreciate you helping me out there. Those are all exactly good reasons.


Okay. Now, how about the videos? Videos are sort of the same, but just a little bit different. Why are videos so important? For all the reasons I just said, true, but why else? Can someone chat in too? What do you think, or just open your mic there for a minute and tell me what you think, why are videos so important? Why are videos so important? Chat in if you would please, or open your mic and just tell us what you think, please. Why are videos so important?

Let me give you a little background and then, if you would, chat on in your answer, tell me there. Facebook spent millions and millions of dollars, what’s it been, a couple of years or so now, and they were paying influencers. In other words, Hollywood famous people to put videos on Facebook, and you think, “Well, why would they do that? Why would they pay all these people to do this?” Alright, we’ve got Nadia chimed in with a message that’s more personal. Hey, it is a lot more personal. When you’re relaxing, I don’t know if you watch TV or like TV, but when you’re relaxing, what would you rather do? Would you rather watch television or stare at one picture, maybe in a book or something?

To me, I want to watch television. Because you’ve got the sound, you’ve got the action, you can see what’s going on. It’s engaging, Universo, is great for marketing products. Johnny, videos are important for a leisure activity and educating yourself, absolutely. When people want to educate themselves what they do? They go to YouTube, right? That’s a big place. And you want to learn how to do something, maybe you’re working on your car, or you’re fixing something in the house, or maybe you know you’re trying to learn something about maybe you’re cooking or who knows whatever hobby you have, what do you do? You go to YouTube. And that’s another good reason. We’ll need to talk about YouTube later, I mean, that’s another great reason. Do your videos, put them on Facebook, put them on Twitter, put them on Instagram, put them on YouTube, put them everywhere.

And now talking about Facebook, so Facebook paid all these influencers millions of dollars. Because this is the direction Facebook wanted to take Facebook. And for whatever reason, they decided we want to put priority on video. So, hey, you and I have to play the game, and this is the game. They want video and they’re going to show people more videos. So, what do we do? We’re going to create videos. We’re doing a live video right now on Facebook with our webinar. So, we’re going to play the game. They decided, “Well, page likes is not what we’re going to do go off of to make decisions whether or not to show somebody a post. We’re not going to do that anymore.” Well, what are you going to do? Well, the more comments, engagements, and likes for a post and sharing for a post that you have, we’re going to show that to more people. So, what do we have to do? Okay, we’re going to play the game.

So, as marketers, and realtors are some of the best marketers in the world, you’re selling two, three, four, five, $500,000, $1 million house, you’ve got to be the best marketers. So, we play the game, we make videos, we go live, we do videos, we make videos, we post videos, we do videos. Alright, we’ve had a few folks join us, we appreciate that. I do want to announce again, at the very top of the chat box, I put a PDF and I really highly suggest that you grab that link and download that PDF, if you haven’t already, ’cause we’re going over that. We got a lot to go over. And a lot of what we talk about is going to be high level. It’s not going to be talking about click here, click here, do this, but this lets you know what’s out there, what we should be doing. And then you can go later and you can Google; how do I pin a post or how do I go live? Click here. That’s really easy to figure out.

Okay. So, what to post? The next thing I want to talk about just a little bit is to focus on local interests. Now, this is important for a couple of reasons. Number one, if you’re living, say, Tampa, selling real estate Tampa Bay, Greater Tampa Bay, Metro Tampa Bay, and people are going to check you out. They’re going to go to your website, they’re going to see what that’s about, they’re going to go to your Facebook, they’re going to go to your other social channels and they’re going to see there. Okay, that you’re helping people out, that you’re educating people, that you’ve got some properties that you’re promoting and some deals, you’ve got some reviews there. They also need to see that you are involved in the community. They also need to see that you know what’s happening in the community that maybe you’re serving on certain boards and committees or you’re volunteering and that you know what’s going on.

Social Signals and SEO

Now, I’ll tell you one other thing also, this is really super good for SEO. Because it helps to send the signals, it helps to send the signals that you are local. And so don’t forget, when you’re living by the 80/20 rule, that you are educating the people who are following you on social media, you’re promoting yourself and your properties and your deals and getting out the social proof of the reviews and things that you got going on. Also, be a local person.

Sharing Articles

Alright. Now, I’m going to look at the chat here, y’all, I want to get your feedback. And maybe everybody that’s on right now receives the syndication, social media syndication. And that’s a good thing, that’s really important. Alright, so my question to you is why is it helpful and necessary to be sharing authoritative articles from authoritative sources? Alright, what’s the benefit of that? How does that help you out with your social media, with your marketing, with selling properties, and all of that? Chat it in for me, will you? The sharing of, say, articles from BiggerPockets, Zillow, realtor.com, Trulia, all of that, why is that important? Alright, chat me in some answers, guys, if you would, please. Why is it important? If you want to open your mic and just tell us what you think that’ll be great. Why is it important to share those authoritative articles?

Alright. Knowledge and trust. “Show that you’re knowledgeable,” acuity, show that you’re knowledgeable. Thanks guys for chatting these in, this is awesome. “Makes you a credible and expert source”. “Shows that you are knowledgeable.” “Helps you gain in the marketplace.” Absolutely, and this is one of the unique things about Graystone that’s really awesome. “Leader in the industry,” true, active, absolutely. “Brand recognition,” absolutely. Guys, you’re awesome. Appreciate you chatting all that in. So when people check you out and they’re going to go to your social media, they’re going to go to your website, they’re going to check out your reviews. And hey, look, you don’t blame them, right? Because if you’re going to go to a closing and you’re going to pay you know what, 250, 300, 350, 4, $500,000 for a house and you’re trusting somebody to guide you. And by the way, making a commission off of that sale, look you’re getting some money off of that.

They’re going to want to use somebody whose they can put some faith in. They’ve got some knowledge, that they’re a leader in the industry, that they’re active. Just not sitting at home all the time, doing nothing, every once a while just stumble on to something. That they’re credible, that they’re an expert, they can trust you, that you’re knowledgeable in the field, all of that. And this is a great thing about Graystone, is that part of it. And chat me in here. Chat in here if you’ve got any thoughts with this. That part of it, that’s going to your social profiles. And that is such an important part. Now, sometimes it’s easier to think that’s all I’ve got to do. And that would be short-sighted. That takes care of a good portion of what you need to do, but these other things you need to do also. To be doing the posts yourself, to be focused on some local things, to be putting those tips in there, and well, we’ll get to in just a few moments, to be engaging them when you get some engagement there with that.


Alright. We’ve talked about offering advice. We’ve talked about that a little bit. So I’ll go on and move on in the next thing. And that is humor. Now, guys chat me in on this or open your mic tell me what you think. Now humor on your personal profile is one thing, but humor on your business page is something else. Alright, so chat me in. Well, tell me what you think. What place does humor have on your business page? Chat me in there, guys. What place does humor have on your business page? Open up your mic, tell us what you think. Alright, “as long as it’s appropriate.” Very, very, very important that it’s got to be appropriate. It’s got to be something that mom and dad is looking at, and maybe Johnny and Sally are there looking at properties and mom and dad want to show them this property on your Facebook page, and it’s got to be appropriate. And come on and chat me in some more stuff. I see some more coming in.

And I’ll just tell you a quick personal story. Here in Tampa, there’s a networking group and it’s probably the largest networking business group in Tampa Bay. And they’ve got a lot of groups, a lot of locations, and the individual who owns that was very inappropriate on Facebook. And on Sunday here I’m going, I’m looking at my Facebook and very inappropriate. And for that reason alone, I mean I said, I didn’t want him to be one of my friends. Very important, be appropriate. Yeah, man, I’m glad I’m getting “nothing political, nothing religious.” Socially, we’ve got to be careful. So just stay away from all of that. And we’ve got somebody here and you all can see the comments also that are coming in. You can chat privately but for all the public comments coming in, the “cat pictures and the dog pictures,” and people love stuff like that. Yeah. And someone there, and I don’t know who it was because the name is not there, it’s 13525, you can change your name there, but “you got to be as good as your dog thinks you are,” that’s awesome.

Now, let me ask you this, chat me in, answer this, or open your mic and just tell us what you think. How much humor should be on your Facebook business page? Should you have it like every day, twice a day? Are people going to go to your Facebook business page to read jokes? Is that what they’re going there for? Sparingly.

“Once a week.” Yeah, Johnny, once a week. Norma said “sparingly.” A little something to keep it light, because you know when people laugh, you’re memorable, that’s going to sort of lighten things up. And so to have a little bit, Ray said, “have a balance,” to have a little bit is cool, make it very tasty, make it something that a mom and dad with their five, six, seven, eight, nine-year-old can be there and show it to them, and they all laugh and it’s great. So, humor is one of those things, it can make you or break you. You can overdo it and it’s going to break it. You can think you’re funny when you’re not and it’s going to break you. So, if you’re going to do humor, be looking around, be knowledgeable, look around the internet, see what’s funny, maybe just share some stuff. ‘Cause that way you don’t have to come up with it all by yourself, but just share some stuff on some good clean humorous things that are out there. But don’t forget, a little humor to lighten the load is a good thing.

Images of Yourself and Team

And about being personal. The next thing that I’ve got on our list there is to post images of you, your team, and happy clients. And then we’ll talk about reviews. Alright. So chat me now, if you can please, or open your mic and tell us what you think, why is it important to put images of yourself, of your team, and happy clients? Why is that important?

You’re branding. It’s important for branding, absolutely. And as you think about that let me ask you this question, would you write a $500,000 check to somebody you’ve never seen their face?

For the most part, no. No, absolutely not. You want somebody that you feel comfortable working with.

Absolutely. And people, they want to see your face and they’re going to look at your face and they’re going to make a decision, can I trust you? And that’s why, even as we started this webinar, I turned on my camera for a little bit, just because so everybody sees our face. And I’ll just tell you a quick story, because I’m fascinated by this. Because our business is online, we’ve got customers some throughout the US, we never meet face-to-face, unless they go to Facebook, look at my picture or something. They don’t know what I look like. But it’s interesting to me that in Tampa Bay, and this is not particular to Tampa, but this is why we still focus on having a physical presence, is that people want to see. They want to see you, they want to meet you, they want to look you in the eye and they want to shake your hand.

I had a man who called Easter morning at 7:30 in the morning. And he’s in Jacksonville and a week-and-a-half, he’s moving to Temple Terrace. He and his brother will be starting an air conditioning business and they got to get on top of their internet marketing. And he said to me, “I know you’re online. I know you do online business, but I like to meet with people and I like to shake their hand.” And that’s why it’s important is that people see us, that they see our team, and tell me, what’s important about them seeing our customers? Can you chat me in or just open up your microphone for that? What’s important about them seeing our customers, guys? What’s important? As you think about…

It brings value to yourself and the company.

It does. It brings value to yourself and your company. You may want to write this down. I didn’t put it on our PDF, but there is a two-word phrase that’s used commonly in marketing, and it’s called Social Proof, Social Proof. And it’s how you prove that you are an expert in the field, an expert in the industry that people can trust you, that they can trust you with their money, that you are going to guide them in the right direction. And this is my other people telling them about you. Alright, we’ve got Ray, alright, “group-think.” And that’s the way we’re created as human beings, is we want something that is popular. Most people don’t want something that’s unpopular.

Years ago, I worked for a company, ran a company, I called on Publix, and we sold them a lot of equipment. And I made the mistake as a young salesman, I walked in and I said this is something we’re doing uniquely for Publix, and they didn’t want something done uniquely for Publix. They wanted something that was tried, true, proven, and is used widely throughout the industry. And so I learned a very good lesson there. So group-think people… A herd mentality, that’s not a bad thing, herd mentality. If people see that you’re helping someone else, it makes them want to work with you, absolutely. So it’s important that they see you, your team, and your customers. And as realtors, as real estate professionals, what’s the importance of testimonials? That’s really what we’re talking about. Chat that in. And if any of you had experience with video testimonials, chat that in or open your mic up please, video testimonials.

As you think about that, if you would have looked at and maybe you have looked at our Facebook page, Image Building Media Facebook page, I had pinned to the top, before we went live with this and then we pinned this video. I had a video that one of our very best clients made with me, the two of us standing in a Beef O’Brady’s, and we made this video. And I want everybody to see me with these clients. Nadia chatted in, “credibility.” Johnny chatted in, “it gives a potential buyer or client the confidence to work with you.” Absolutely. And so guys, this is so important, I get the testimonials, we have clients that tell us, number one thing, number one thing that sells or convinces people to at least pick up the phone, call and check them out, testimonials, testimonials on the website, testimonials on Facebook, testimonials on Google, very important. And if anybody’s got any thoughts on or experience with getting testimonials from your clients at closing, or if you got any thoughts on that, chat that in or open up your mic if you would, please.

I see some great realtors out there doing that with hundreds of video testimonials. And you know it’s one thing to see the testimonial written, it’s another thing to see the person say that, and Graystone does great at this. You go to the front page of GraystoneIG.com, and you see video testimonials of different clients from different parts of the world. I mean, fabulous job on that. Okay, alright. So we already talked about reviews, talked about posting images, especially of your properties. And guys just something, José “shows that you’re real, that you have the time, and you have the knowledge.” That’s absolutely right. Getting those reviews, especially getting those video reviews from clients. And I think it was our last webinar we talked about doing live Facebook videos. Guys, this is like the greatest thing out there, I mean, you can go live and it just goes straight there to Facebook. Boom, it’s there, you don’t have to do anything else, and man it’s just awesome, just awesome.

Generate More Leads: Take from Facebook to Website to Read Articles

Alright. Okay guys, I’m going to ask a question. Guess, just guess, what is the conversion rate of leads when someone comes to your website, from say, Facebook to read a blog article? Just guess. Chat in, will you please open up the mic, please. What do you think the conversion rate of that? 1% of people, 2% of people will submit a lead generation form, 1% to 3%?

Yeah. Right Greg, and Johnny? “In that range”, yeah, “one to three.”

Yeah, one to three, okay. Very good guess, guys. Yeah, oh, I’m sorry my wife is looking at the PDF. I’ve already got the answer, okay. Yeah, 2% to 10%, and I think probably one to three is probably a little bit more on the realistic end. Hey guys, listen, this is the way that Jorge, before Graystone existed, I mean this was his bread and butter all day long. Because people from all over the world and Facebook is big, LinkedIn is super big. That’s our next webinar next week; next week, Thursday, 5:30. LinkedIn is super big, especially if you’re doing investment real estate. And that was his bread and butter, to have those articles and to just keep them out going all the time with social media. And for those of you who were with me at the very beginning, when I talked about, “Hey, some of this stuff we’re going to be talking about. ” You’re going to be saying, “Hey, how in the world can we do it all?” To just use a software, software, you just put your articles in the software for social media, just post them, and you just rotate them around and just post them. And you get so much more engagements.

Hey, Norma! Norma had stepped out, guys, and thank you for being here. She had to go on and take off. Hey, I appreciate that very much. Alright, those of you who have a website, if you can, make sure be adding content to that. And those articles, be keeping the articles, be keeping the articles out on social media. And this, again, it shows you’re an expert, it shows you know what you’re talking about. And people come there and they consume that, and then you have your lead capture. Maybe like Graystone, you have an investor profile. And you gather those leads, those leads go into your database and you start marketing to those folks. And I really bring that up because that is the best purpose for social media, is to bring them to your website. Every once in a while, you’re going to get a sale off of social media. But the biggest use for social media is to bring them to your website, so that then you can get the lead generation, you can build your database. And as long as we’re talking with Jorge, he’s got people in his database, he’s been marketing to for years.


Okay. So yeah, that’s something you can definitely do. And we’ve got just one question about the pricing, that was chatted in there. The website and the database with the automation is way under $100 a month. Now, that’s not including the article. So, you could write the article, you can put that on there. We do a lot of that for customers, we’ve done that for years for Graystone. We’ve done that before Graystone existed. And so yeah, but the technology to do that, I appreciate that question. The technology to do that, which is your website and it is your database, those two together, you’re going to be just under $45 a month. So it’s very, very affordable to do, and that is the exact same technology that Jorge with Graystone uses, exact same technology. It’s the exact same thing we provide to them. And while I got the question on the pricing there, Ray, I appreciate that. As you go up in your database, as you get more and more people, just understand your price will go up on that. As you get up to 15,000 and plus, of course, your price is going up on that, but you start at that price at 500, that contacts and super good price to move forward.

Part 2 of Webinar Next Week

Alright. If you’ve got a question make sure you chat that in. I appreciate those who are sending them. Raise your hand, or I’m going to pause for just one second, open up your mic and ask a question as we get ready to go on to the next thing here. Alright. So guys, let me ask you here, we’ve got a lot to cover still. We may want to break this up into two. If you think so just chat me in on that. You can see on the PDF where we’re at there. Let me look down through here a little bit, okay. We’ve talked about posts about selling, we’ve talked about posts for buying. A lot of this I think we’ve already covered. Infographics, and if you’re not familiar with that, just look that up online, you’ll see a lot of infographics. And it’s just the large images that give you statistics and stuff like that. Those are super popular. Holiday posts, Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, Happy Hannukah, all those that you would want to do, that’s super important. You can also put those out on your database and that makes it super good.

Okay. So look, we’ve got some good feedback here, and I think we’re going to stop here for right now, because man, we got a lot to talk about; how to get more likes, how to get post engagement, Facebook groups and everything. So we’re about halfway done. So let’s stop it right here, guys. We’ve got some that need to go on and get some things going. And Nadia, appreciate that very much, thank you for that comment. And what we’re going to do is we’re just going to stop it right here. And hey, thanks, Ray, I appreciate that. Guys, I think what we might do, I’ll get with Jorge. We might change our schedule. Next Thursday, finish up Facebook; and then Thursday after that, do LinkedIn; Thursday after that, do Twitter. So I’ll get with Jorge, we’ll nail that schedule down and we’ll get back with you. Alright. So anything else, just chat in. And remember, you can WhatsApp. For the Graystone agents, we’ve got the WhatsApp group. Ask Jorge and Al any questions there and we’ll be good to go. Alright any…

Johnny, go ahead.

Jon: Thanks so much, I appreciate it. It’s very helpful.

Allan: Hey, Johnny, I appreciate it a lot. Guys, I know we covered a lot and you may have questions on, “Well, how do I do that?” WhatsApp in, just look it up on YouTube. Super simple to do, the things we’re talking about and that’ll be great. So guys, I’m going to go on and stop for now. Appreciate the comments, appreciate the participation, and I’ll get with you on our schedule going forward, and everybody have a great night. Appreciate it very much.

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