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Image Building Media Featured: Best Flip Phones of 2024

Flip phones have been around since 1996, and while they disappeared for a short time, they are back and are now referred to as smartphones with folding screens. From Android, Samsung, Nokia, and others, these new flip phones provide all of the features and functions of the latest smartphones integrated [...]

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Image Building Media Featured: Why is it Important to Use Financial Software in Your Business?

Financial resources are vital to a company's ability to operate effectively and successfully. Accounting software is one of the few financial resources that can help a company manage finances and simplify operational tasks related to finances successfully. Allan McNabb of Image Building Media was featured in HashMicro's recent article, "Why [...]

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Image Building Media Featured: The Best U.S. Cities for Tech Jobs (Aside From the Obvious)

Are you looking to explore promising tech hubs beyond the usual suspects? Look no further. In this article, you will discover lesser-known but thriving cities across the United States that are making waves in the tech industry. Discover where innovation thrives outside the typical tech hotspots, from burgeoning startup scenes [...]

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Image Building Media Featured In: 22 SAP Professionals & IT Hiring Managers Share Their Favorite SAP Interview Questions

SAP (System Applications and Products) is a leading ERP platform offering various solutions to manage modern business operations. Given SAP’s complexity, companies often need to hire SAP experts or contract with SAP consultants to configure the SAP system to meet their unique business needs. Unless you deeply understand SAP, it’s [...]

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