From robots that can perform complex surgeries to chatbots that can hold conversations just like us humans, artificial intelligence, also known as AI,  has greatly impacted our lives in many ways. From facial recognition to robots performing human tasks, AI is advancing incredibly fast and will continue to do so.

With AI’s endless possibilities, it is exciting and scary to consider what the future may hold for this rapidly evolving technology.

Allan McNabb of Image Building Media was featured in the recent article by NewsBreak, What is The Future of Artificial Intelligence, sharing his thoughts on AI.

Allan McNabb stated, “As technology advanced over the decades, so did AI research. In the 1980s, expert systems became popular as a way to capture human knowledge and automate decision-making processes.

During this time period, researchers also explored machine learning techniques such as neural networks and genetic algorithms. These methods helped computers improve their performance at tasks such as speech recognition and image classification.

The rise of big data in recent years has fueled advances in AI research even further. With more data available than ever before, researchers are developing new deep learning algorithms capable of processing vast amounts of information quickly and accurately.”

Allan McNabb Featured in AI article

With the future of AI becoming incredibly promising, Allan adds, “Additionally, AI-powered systems will become increasingly integrated into our daily lives. From chatbots that help us navigate customer service queries to personalized content recommendations based on our browsing history, AI-driven technologies are poised to make life easier and more efficient.

However, as with any technological advancement, there are also concerns about the impact of AI on employment opportunities. It’s possible that some jobs may be automated out of existence as machines take over repetitive or menial tasks.”

AI Featured Allan McNabb

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