Image Building Media was featured in an article by Databox, Measure Team Performance Effectively with These 30+ KPIs and Metrics. Measuring team performance is crucial to success, and using metrics helps to make knowledgeable decisions based on the data provided. In this article, Databox discusses the importance of metrics and how the metrics you should focus on will vary based on your team’s goals.

Allan McNabb contributed to the article by discussing how his team with Image Building Media uses the metrics to track and create goals. The article featured Allan McNabb with Image Building Media, stating: “For example, if our goal is to increase sales by 10% this quarter, I would want a metric on the dashboard that shows sales figures for the current quarter. I would also want a metric that shows how many new customers we’ve acquired this quarter. These two metrics would give me a good idea of whether or not my team is on track to reach our goal.”

Databox Featured Image Building Media's Allan McNabb

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