Quality website hosting that is well maintained and managed with Cloudflare Enterprise means your site loads quickly and is secure. You have the speed needed to rank at the top of search engines and generate more leads and sales, even while fighting off cyber attacks.

Image Building Media’s Comprehensive Website Hosting and Maintenance Solutions

Fully managed hosting on high-performance servers means your site runs at peak efficiency, day and night. With the latest CPUs and premium tier networks, expect lightning-fast speeds and a robust platform that can handle heavy visitor traffic gracefully, even if you have the most significant sudden traffic spikes.

From software updates to server management, Image Building Media delivers peak performance and maximum uptime with its hands-on approach.

Performance Optimization: Caching, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), Image Optimization

Your website server works with the Cloudflare Enterprise CDN (content distribution network), which utilizes edge servers and smart routing. Uptime for servers is 99.99%, and Cloudflare’s Enterprise CDN has a 100% uptime.

Many of our websites utilize full-page caching to serve pages from Cloudflare’s edge servers, resulting in the fastest possible website speed.

And for websites that can experience significant traffic spikes, such as holiday flash sales or the “Shark Tank effect,” we utilize autoscaling Kubernetes infrastructure solutions with unlimited PHP workers that remain highly available.

For example, here are two screenshots of ImageBuildingMedia.com’s GTmetrix report, showing that the site was usable by visitors in about half a second.

ImageBuildingMedia.com website speed

fast server speed and hosting by ImageBuildingmedia.com

Power of Cloudflare Enterprise: Speed, Performance, Security

Harness the power of Cloudflare Enterprise and supercharge your website with speed, performance, and ironclad security. Think of it as strapping a jetpack to your site, propelling it to new heights with advanced technology designed for the demands of modern businesses.

Cloudflare Enterprise offers performance that races ahead of the pack, with the fastest DNS (domain name system) and content delivery network (CDN), spreading your content across the globe for near-instant delivery. You’ll notice the difference as your pages load with astonishing speed, thanks to optimized routing and web optimizations that slice through the digital drag.

Security isn’t just an afterthought—it’s woven into the very fabric of your site. Cloudflare Enterprise shields you with enterprise-grade firewalls, DDoS protection, and SSL encryption, repelling threats and safeguarding sensitive data.

24/7 Monitoring

Websites are monitored 24/7 for security issues and traffic spikes. With state-of-the-art technology and robust servers, websites can effortlessly serve any number of concurrent users without experiencing crashes or performance drops utilizing advanced load balancing.

Proactive Security Measures: Firewalls, Malware Scans, DDoS Protection

Proactive security measures are your fortress against a constant barrage of cyber threats. The first line of defense? Firewalls. They scrutinize incoming traffic, slamming the gate on anything suspicious, keeping nefarious elements at bay.

Next, malware scans sweep your site regularly, hunting for malicious software that might have slipped through. They are the cyber equivalent of a bodyguard, escorting uninvited guests off the premises. And then there’s DDoS protection—your steadfast shield against the digital onslaughts designed to overwhelm and take down your site.

Together, these proactive measures maintain a secure environment, so as cyber threats evolve, your defenses remain a step ahead, ever-vigilant and battle-ready.

Daily Redundant Backups and Disaster Recovery

We take daily redundant website backups, creating multiple copies that are stored in separate secure locations. Furthermore, websites changing minute by minute due to user engagement can be backed up in real time.

But what about when disaster strikes? That’s where robust disaster recovery comes into play. It’s a pre-planned, quick-action protocol that utilizes backups to restore your site, even if the servers and data centers are destroyed. This way, whether human error, cyber attack, or a natural calamity, your website’s recovery is swift and sure.

Expert Support for Troubleshooting and Issue Resolution

Our hands-on approach to website hosting and management means we take care of everything, including any technical issues that may arise.

Whether you experience a minor glitch or a complex problem, our expert team is available 24/7, embodying the hands-on experience and technical prowess needed to diagnose and resolve issues precisely and quickly.

Why Choose Image Building Media

Image Building Media is laser-focused on its clients’ unique hosting needs; it combines hosting expertise with a proven track record to ensure your online presence shines.

Every business is different, and your hosting service should reflect that. At Image Building Media, you don’t just get cookie-cutter solutions; you get personalized service that considers your business’s needs and growth potential.

Best of all, you’re not just investing in a service; you’re investing in a partnership. With a steadfast commitment to results, Image Building Media doesn’t rest until your website performs at its best. Whether optimizing speed, enhancing security, or providing top-notch customer support, they’re in it for the long haul and dedicated to your success.

Hands-On Website Hosting Management

Welcome to the next level of website care—Image Building Media’s hands-on website hosting management. Here, you don’t just get a space on the web; you get a dedicated team ensuring your site is finely tuned, secure, and operating perfectly.

From tailored solutions that align with your business goals to bridging the gap between technical know-how and strategic execution, they handle the nuts and bolts of hosting management. Performance checks, security updates, and regular maintenance are all part of the package, leaving you free to drive your business forward.


What Does a Full-Service Website Maintenance Package Include?

A full-service website maintenance package is your all-in-one solution for keeping your site in tip-top shape. It includes regular updates to your site’s software to eliminate bugs and enhance functionality, daily redundant backups to safeguard your data, and continuous security monitoring to defend against cyber threats. You’ll also get performance optimizations, ensuring your website is fast and efficient, along with dedicated support for any questions or issues. Simply put, it’s comprehensive care for your digital presence.

How Can Cloudflare Enterprise Boost My Website’s Performance?

Cloudflare Enterprise turbocharges your website by channeling traffic through an advanced global network designed to optimize speed and ensure smooth performance, even under heavy loads. It accelerates content delivery with caching, and a CDN that minimizes the distances data travels. Plus, you benefit from prioritized routing and enhanced security features that keep your site swift and secure – a winning combination for unbeatable online experiences.

Does Cloudflare replace hosting?

No, Cloudflare doesn’t replace hosting. While it supercharges your website with a content delivery network (CDN) and security features, you still need a separate web hosting service to store your website’s files and data. Cloudflare protects and accelerates your website but doesn’t provide a permanent home for your data.

Does Cloudflare host images?

Yes, Cloudflare hosts images through its Images service, which allows for storing, optimizing, and delivering images across the web. They offer an end-to-end solution, providing a streamlined process from upload to transformation to distribution, all tuned to enhance performance and reduce bandwidth costs.

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Website hosting, maintenance, and management are critical for SEO, lead generation, and online sales. Therefore, we utilize Cloudflare Enterprise, which delivers high-quality security with the fastest CDN and DNS. Furthermore, for critical applications, we do not rely on automated website software updates; instead, we take a hands-on approach to ensure that updates are successful and do not break the website.

To learn more and get started with Image Building Media’s website hosting, maintenance, and hands-on management with Cloudflare Enterprise, schedule a consultation by reserving a time on our calendar or call 813.421.5049.

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