Image Building Media, based in Tampa, Florida, and serving clients throughout the U.S., specializes in website design and development. With a strong commitment to helping clients create a robust digital footprint, we leverage industry-led platforms to construct fully responsive and easy-to-edit websites.

We offer stunning web design, robust e-commerce solutions, brand building, SEO, and more. But, more importantly, all these are accomplished through a mix of creativity, passion, and extensive experience of the talented team at Image Building Media.

Elevate your Business with Your Website

In today’s hyper-digital era, a website can elevate your business. As a web development company based in Tampa, we help clients implement their brand vision into their websites. We understand that each client is ultimately responsible for their website branding, and we are simply an aid to accomplish their goals.

One objective of many website development projects is to design a website that generates leads and boosts sales via internet marketing. Our process comprises of:

  • Diligent Research: Before starting a website design project, we acquaint ourselves with the organization, clients, competition, and industry. With this valuable insight, we can design a website that resonates with your target audience.
  • SEO Optimized Design: We integrate best practices to ensure a website appeals to users and ranks favorably on search engines. It encompasses mobile responsiveness, speed, navigational clarity, HTTPS protocols, and content quality. Our sites are designed to be user-centric and search engine-friendly, converging on a seamless, informative, and secure user experience.
  • ADA and GDPR Compliance: Designing a website with ADA and GDPR compliance is essential for ensuring accessibility and privacy in the digital realm. Therefore, we make ADA compliance and GDPR compliance a top priority for the design. Additionally, we also include an accessibility widget and a cookie consent widget.
  • Detail-Oriented Design: Utilizing wireframes, we show you a basic visual guide of your website’s functionality and illustrate every element on each page. This and our eye-catching mockups clearly explain your site’s eventual aesthetic appeal.
  • Quality-Assured Development: Websites are developed and maintained using high-quality software solutions. In line with best practices, websites are not publicly viewable during the development process and are not live until the client reviews the site, final changes are made, and the client authorizes us to make it live.

Why an Outstanding Website is Essential for Your Business

For several reasons, an outstanding website is crucial for your business in a competitive digital world. First, it acts as the online face of your company, offering the first impression of your brand to the audience. A well-structured and designed website can project a professional image and provide a great user experience, which enhances credibility.

Secondly, a website is an always-available channel for customers to reach you, find information about your products or services, and make purchases. Being accessible around the clock helps improve customer service and purchase convenience, potentially leading to increased sales.

Lastly, a strategically designed website with high-quality content and search engine optimization (SEO) can attract more traffic and visibility online. It is an integral communication tool for targeting a wider audience, engaging them, and eventually converting them into customers.

Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Website

Creating a successful website requires careful planning and strategic design. Following a step-by-step guide can ensure the delivery of an effective, efficient, and visually appealing website. Here are the seven crucial steps in the web design process:

  1. Goal Identification: This is the first step, where we collaborate with you to establish the primary goals of the new website.
  2. Scope Definition: After determining the goals, the next phase is to define the project’s scope. This includes identifying the required web pages and features the website needs to fulfill these goals and setting a clear timeline for the project.
  3. Sitemap and Wireframe Creation: Once you have a well-defined scope, we create the sitemap and wireframe. This stage involves outlining how the identified content and features will relate to each other.
  4. Content Creation: With a general site layout in mind, we start creating content for each page with SEO in mind.
  5. Visual Elements: With the overarching architecture in place, it’s also time to start working on the visual brand. This stage may involve defining the visual style from the ground up or working with an already well-defined visual brand.
  6. Testing: After creating all the pages and ensuring everything works properly, we conduct manual browsing on various devices and use automated site crawlers to identify areas that need improvement.
  7. Launch: After we review the site with the client and make final changes, we launch the site.

Below, we go into more detail about our process of creating a high-quality, highly-performing website.

Goal Identification and Defining the Scope of the Project

At Image Building Media, we believe in a collaborative web design process, where goal identification forms the initial stage. We work closely with the client to understand the end goal of the website design. Key queries addressed during this stage include identifying the site’s target audience, their expectations, the website’s primary aim, the brand’s core message, and the website’s unique focus. We also research competitor sites for differentiation and inspiration.

The project’s scope is then set, ensuring the entire project stays on track. The project scope is defined by setting realistic deadlines and maintaining achievable expectations for the client and the design team. This critical stage ensures the project begins and proceeds correctly, avoiding potential ‘scope creep.’

Sitemap and Wireframe Creation

For large website projects, a sitemap and wireframe design are created in the second stage of the process. A sitemap provides the foundation for a well-structured website, explaining the relationships between various pages and content elements. It is like a blueprint, clearly showing the website’s information architecture.

Following the sitemap, the team moves on to wireframe creation. A wireframe provides a framework for the site’s visual design and content elements. Although a wireframe doesn’t contain any final design elements, it guides how the site will look and can also serve as inspiration for formatting various elements.

Content Creation and Visual Elements

Following the structural layout, Image Building Media’s team’s next step is content creation and visual element integration. We understand that high-quality, relevant content drives user engagement and action. The team works on SEO-friendly, value-driven content that speaks directly to the target audience.

Incorporating impactful visual elements is as vital as the written content. We rely on a combination of typography, color schemes, images, and other media to create a compelling and pleasing visual narrative. Images, in particular, take on a significant role because high-quality images provide a professional look and impression, communicate a message, and are mobile-friendly. We ensure images are responsive and don’t slow down the site by using tools to compress images.

Testing and Launch

The final steps in Image Building Media’s website development process are extensive testing and the website’s launch. Before making the site live, the team conducts in-depth testing for functionality and compatibility. They thoroughly test each page to ensure all links work and the website loads correctly on all devices and browsers. Addressing these potential errors at this stage, even if they result from trivial coding mistakes, can prevent presenting a broken site to the public.

Next, we review the website with the client and make final changes. Then, we go live with the website.

Significance of Images, Videos, Illustrations, Logos, and Mascots in Web Design

Visual elements such as images, videos, illustrations, logos, and mascots have unparalleled significance in web design. They contribute to the overall user experience and are critical in conveying the brand’s essence and evoking the desired emotional response from the audience.

Illustrations, photos, and videos infuse richness in storytelling, making information more digestible and engaging for the audience. They enhance the narrative, often conveying key messages without necessitating extensive reading. Images also contribute to a website’s professional feel and help establish user trust.

Logos, however, are not just about identity; they reflect a business’s overall brand and unique value proposition. A meaningful, well-designed logo speaks volumes about the brand and evokes brand recall.

Furthermore, mascots are visual ambassadors of a brand and can inject personality into a business’s online presence. When utilized cleverly, mascots can form an emotional connection with the user and bring a human touch, a fun factor, and an element of authenticity to the website.

Web Design for Emotion

Designing for emotion is a sophisticated approach that involves crafting websites that evoke the right emotions in the audience, leading to positive user experiences and fostering user engagement.

Aarron Walter, co-founder of Design Better, suggests that corporations should implement an emotionally designed site. He emphasizes integrating psychological principles with digital design to create emotionally resonant user experiences. His framework imparts personality into a website, transforming it from pure utility to a delightful digital destination, engaging users emotionally.

Walter’s strategy includes clear communication, crafting an aesthetic that fits the product’s purpose, understanding the user’s emotional journey, and customizing interactions to provide delight. Image Building Media employs these guidelines to bring a human touch to their web projects, ensuring the websites are more meaningful, memorable, and engaging.

Featured Clients and Websites

Image Building Media has an extensive and diverse client base, ranging from real estate and legal firms to eCommerce stores and hospitality centers. We have consistently created superior websites that have substantially enhanced our client’s digital presence and market reach.

One such featured client’s website is, a leading health center. Image Building Media designed a user-friendly website that showcased their extensive services and patient success stories, effectively positioning them as a trusted healthcare provider., another prominent client’s website, benefited from a dynamic and engaging design that detailed different mortgage services, guides, and calculators, yielding better client interaction and lead generation., the website for a renowned jewelry store, was created with an elegant design capturing the store’s exquisite collection and emphasizing their four-decade-long trust and craftsmanship in the industry.

We have also achieved significant success with and, aiding in creating a strong online presence for these insurance and realty firms.

Each project underlines Image Building Media’s commitment to crafting highly performing websites that drive business results and provide an exceptional user experience.

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Consulting with the attentive and experienced team at Image Building Media allows you to outline your brand vision, discuss the scope of your project, and consider the most effective ways to translate that into a high-performing, visually appealing website.


What is the turnaround time for the development of a website?

The turnaround time for website development varies according to the project’s complexity and scope. A project can take a few weeks to several months to complete. It is important to note that ensuring the website’s quality and performance is a top priority. Image Building Media team works diligently to provide a timeline that accurately reflects the project scope and requirements while accommodating any deadline the client may have.

How customizable are our web design services?

Image Building Media’s web design services are fully customizable to meet clients’ unique requirements and business goals. We work closely with clients to understand their objectives, brand identity, and user expectations. This detailed understanding guides every facet of the web design process, from the overall site layout and navigation to the color schemes, typography, and graphical elements. With our client-centric approach and a wide array of design tools and technologies, there is virtually no limit to the customization possibilities we can offer.

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