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We produce results-driven web sites as part of an overall Internet marketing strategy. We specialize in SEO and mobile optimized websites with microdata (schema markup), as just one component of a holistic approach to Internet marketing.

Modern Web Design

We create modern websites at different price points, using the best software and hosting options, while implementing a modern color palette, images, and graphics.

A modern and up-to-date website has become a necessity for successful businesses. 85%+ of people research online before buying a product or service, and the vast majority will visit a business’ website at least once before making a purchase. The fact is, most people decide whether to do business with a company based on the “look” of their website. A website speaks volumes about the overall business and its management, just like cleanliness and organization.


eCommerce is growing quickly and was responsible for nearly half of the U.S. retail sales growth in 2016. Though businesses in some industries do not sell online, other business in industries such as jewelry and photography extensively rely on ecommerce to sell their products.

We provide ecommerce solutions for businesses at a variety of price points, mostly depending on the number of items that will be sold on the website, which will determine which applications work best.

Social Media, Newsletters, and Database Automation and Personalization

Social media that is integrated into a business’ website is an absolute must to succeed online. And for many companies, their database of contacts and their newsletter is most important.

Social media and newsletters are effective methods of continually reaching out to followers, and staying top of mind with customers. As unique and relative content is published on your website, it is shared on social media and in newsletters. The problem is finding a way to effectively post to hundreds of social accounts, manage a database of contacts, and generate high-quality newsletters.

Today, automation and personalization are two of the most important Internet marketing solutions for businesses. Automation saves time and performs tasks more efficiently than humans. And, personalization enhances the user experience with personalized email, personalized web pages, and more.

We automate these processes using a variety of methods to fit different business needs, including website software that auto posts to social media, and CRM automation and personalization.

Cloud Web Hosting: SSL and Speed

An SSL and website speed have become a necessity for a website to rank well with search engines and generate leads. These two factors have pushed cloud web hosting to the forefront because cloud web hosts deliver the performance and speed that is needed while also providing an SSL at a great price.

Websites at All Price Points

We believe every business and organization should have an effective website, so we have chosen to deliver websites at every price point. Though it’s not necessary for new businesses to have a website with all the bells and whistles to drive traffic and generate leads, it’s necessary to have a website that looks modern and is optimized.

Starter Websites are perfect for small businesses, groups, organizations, and individuals. The base web design package is $500.00 for the template and setup and includes a simple, modern design with about 5 pages.

Premium Websites have rich graphics and often utilize slideshows and videos. These websites often fill the needs of more established businesses and organizations that require a more dynamic web presence. These websites start at $1,500.00 and can include automation for social media posting, newsletters, ecommerce, and more.

Platinum Websites are priced by custom quote. These websites include everything of a Premium website but can also have more complex and animated graphics, product photography, and videos. These websites can be large, complex ecommerce sites, and are great for a quality online presence representative of a large company or enterprise.

Web Hosting: Standard (non-cloud) shared hosting starts at $9.95 per month, and does not include an SSL. Cloud web hosting includes an SSL and starts at $29.95 per month.

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