Flip phones have been around since 1996, and while they disappeared for a short time, they are back and are now referred to as smartphones with folding screens. From Android, Samsung, Nokia, and others, these new flip phones provide all of the features and functions of the latest smartphones integrated into a design with a folding screen.

Allan McNabb of Image Building Media was featured in HashMicro’s recent article, “Best Flip Phones of 2024,” providing insight on features to be mindful of when considering a flip phone.

Allan McNabb stated, “When selecting the best flip phone, consider its ease of use, durability, and battery life, says Allan McNabb, VP of Image Building Media, an internet marketing company that works with cellular service clients. “Traditional flip phones offer a tactile, user-friendly experience, often with physical buttons that appeal to those seeking simplicity in their mobile device.” He also mentioned, “Classic flip phones cater to users desiring straightforward mobile devices. Their simplicity, combined with features, like long battery life and durability, makes them attractive to a diverse consumer base seeking a break from the complexity of modern smartphones.”

Below is a screenshot from the article, “Best Flip Phones of 2024:

Flip Phones of 2024

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