Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently become an acquiring force in our lives. From face ID and Siri to self-driving vehicles and enhanced healthcare, AI has transformed the world around us- from how we live, work, and interact with technology. But what exactly is AI, and how does it benefit society?

Allan McNabb of Image Building Media was featured in a recent article by NewsBreak, What Are the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence to Society? sharing his thoughts on the new profound technology.

Allan McNabb first answered, “How Artificial Intelligence is Used in Society?” stating, “One way AI is used in society is through smart home devices. These devices utilize AI to automate tasks such as adjusting the temperature, turning lights on or off, and even ordering groceries with just a voice command. This not only enhances convenience but also promotes energy efficiency.

In healthcare, AI plays a crucial role in diagnosis and treatment. Machine learning algorithms can analyze vast amounts of medical data to identify patterns and make accurate predictions about diseases. This assists doctors in making more informed decisions and potentially saving lives.

Moreover, social media platforms employ AI algorithms for content moderation purposes. By analyzing user behavior and flagging potential violations or harmful content automatically, these systems help create safer online environments.”

AI and the Benefits It Has on Society

NewsBreak then asked, “How Artificial Intelligence is Used in Different Industries?” and Allan McNabb added, “In the healthcare industry, AI is being used to enhance patient care and diagnosis. Machine learning algorithms can analyze vast amounts of medical data and provide accurate insights for early detection of diseases. Additionally, AI-powered robots are assisting surgeons during complex procedures, improving precision and minimizing risks.

The financial sector has also benefited greatly from artificial intelligence. Banks and financial institutions are utilizing AI systems for fraud detection and prevention. These systems can detect suspicious patterns or transactions in real-time, protecting customers’ accounts from unauthorized access.”

How Artificial Intelligence is Used in Different Industries

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