This is Part 2 of our webinar on how to use Facebook to market your real estate business, which originally aired on April 2, 2020.

For Part 1, visit Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Professionals – Webinar Part 1 April 16, 2020.

Webinar Cheat Sheet

Here is the cheat sheet we provided the agents who attended the webinar. Although we did not cover all the items during the webinar, we are making all the information available here.

Download the complete PDF of the webinar cheat sheet: Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Professionals.

Topics Covered in Part 2 of the Webinar

  • Video / Facebook Live
    • Video including Facebook Live pushed to more people on Facebook
    • Facebook Video can be posted multiple times as evergreen and posted with 3rd party tools
    • Facebook Live videos stay on Facebook, and many more people will view and engage over time
      • Facebook live videos: you can tag friends, check in to a location
      • Zoom is one of the easiest ways to do Facebook Live with multiple people; it also allows you to record the meeting and gives you a video and audio file to post social media channels include creating a podcast
      • Crosspost (show on multiple pages) for more visibility and engagement
      • Have people share live videos for more visibility and engagement (e.g., people participating in a live meeting)
      • Have watch parties on Facebook for videos
        • you can watch any public videos on Facebook in real-time with a group of your friends
        • you can create a watch party from your News Feed or timeline, in a group, on a Page, or from any video you’re watching – you will need to be an admin or editor to start a watch party on a Page
      • Comments
        • Comment on posts as your business page, which will give you visibility on the page the comment was made
        • Respond to comments made on your business page and tag the person
      • Reviews
        • Put reviews on the business page, which will give you visibility on the page the review was made
          • if you were the last person to add a review, you could be featured on the Home page of the Facebook Business Page
        • Respond to reviews made on your business page and tag the person
      • Get page likes:
        • Ask your friends to like your page and posts
        • Run Facebook ads to get more likes – this will not help more people see your page, but it will make you look more professional to page visitors
      • Get post engagement (comments, likes, shares):
        • Pages that have more post engagement have higher visibility (are shown more)
        • Ask questions, respond to comments
      • Insights: know the analytics, set goals, improve

Stealth Facebook Pages

  • Create Facebook pages that are not directly related to your business but that you own, such as
    • Must-see homes in Tampa Bay
    • For Sale By Owner homes in Tampa

Facebook Groups

  • Facebook is pushing groups, so don’t ignore them. A very popular group may easily have more visibility than your business page
  • Join active groups and participate; if you can become an admin, you can auto-post to the group with an app
  • Start your own group, but you have to make it big and generate a lot of engagement, or you are wasting your time

Video Transcript

Allan: Alright, very good. So I see that the Graystone… I see on the Graystone IG page, we’re already live. So what I’m going to do as we get started here guys, again we appreciate everybody being here and we’re going to have part two of our Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Professionals. We’ve got our part two here.

Again, if anybody has a question, remember you can chat it in, you can chat to everybody, you can chat to an individual person and remember, if you will open up the participants panel, there is also an option there to raise your hand because a lot of the times we will have the microphones muted just in case there’s any background noise. Also, you do have permission to unmute and then re-mute your microphone. I’ve got them all muted right now and you can turn on and off your video and remember we are live as we move forward.

The first thing I want to do, I want to jump forward just a little bit. Oh and by the way, I forgot to mention, Ray is my co-host today so I’ll be putting him on the spot some, we’ll be leaning on him a little bit and to those who are new, as you’re coming in, we do have a giveaway. Ray is going to be taking care of that for Jorge and it’s a trivia question regarding something related to the webinar today. So if you have any questions, make sure you ask them. If we get to a point then I’ll say, “Hey, any questions?” You can just unmute yourself, you can ask your question and re-mute, you can raise your hand, you can chat in a comment or a question. Lots of ways to do all of that.

Share to Facebook Live

Okay guys. The first thing I want to talk about here is doing Facebook Live. Now I want to go on and pose a question so get ready to chat in an answer, open your mic, do something. What is the importance of doing Facebook Live and what are the benefits of doing Facebook Live? Alright, let me see your answers now. Chat them in, open your mic.

Alright so we’ve got one in there. It says, advertising from John and in a way, although you’re not paying for it, in a way this is free advertising because Facebook is pushing videos like crazy and so they’re going to push out your video to other people more than they’re going to push out just a normal post. So in a sense, it is free advertising. Branding, perfect for branding. Easy to get your branding across. Alright, other answers or somebody unmute yourself there and give us your answer. What do you think, any more answers? Alright so Ray, do you have any thoughts before we go forward there?

Oh well I think that John is right, the advertising, the branding, selling yourself. I think he pretty much nailed it down there.

Okay guys, very good. Now I am going to… I’m on the Graystone IG, Graystone Investment Group page right now and we’re live, our feed is live. Okay so follow me, what I would like for you to do, now this is really important to, for example, if you have a referral partner and let’s say the two of you are doing video, a live video together and the easiest way to do that that I have found is to use Zoom and I was looking at the pricing, Zoom the second level up where you’re not limited to 40 minutes, you still have the 100 participants, that’s the level we use, it’s $14.99 a month and to be able to have something to do live videos and to get with your referral partners to do your client testimonials, to record them, to put them out there live, that is like the bargain of the year.

Alright so if you would please, as you’re looking at the Graystone IG Facebook Live, just click share and now you do have an option to start a watch party. We’re going to talk about that later, we’re not going to do that right now and you can share now publicly or share to a page. You want to share to a page and I clicked that “share to a page.” Now I have a list come up of all the pages that I have with this Facebook account, my personal Facebook account and I can share this to any of them that I want. Select your business page and share this to your business page and after you click one, I’m going to select one right there. It says “Say something about this,” I’m going to say “Watch this Facebook” you can say whatever you want, “Facebook Live video about real estate marketing.”

As you type that, if there’s somebody you want to tag, just start typing their name, you will see an option to click on that and it will tag them right there and so I’m going to click “Post” and now what it’s going to do, it’s going to then put this Facebook Live video on that page.

Alright so I’m going to pause and this is really super important everybody, I’m going to pause, I’m going to let you all work on that for just a little bit and then we’ll proceed and again, this is super important because let’s say for example, you’re doing… Let’s say you did a deal and you used a mortgage broker, a lender, maybe it’s a hard money lender if you’re doing investment real estate and the deal closes and let’s say the two of you get together on Zoom and basically, you’re going to talk about the deal, you’re going to in essence, give one another a testimonial and so you get on Zoom, you select to go Live on Facebook, the mortgage broker can go to your page and then can just share it to his or her page and then it’s on both of your pages and Facebook is pushing live video.

They’re pushing video period but they’re really pushing live video and so is YouTube and you may already know you can use Zoom to go live on YouTube and so these videos, once you go live, once you end them, the videos will stay there. You can pin them to the top of your Facebook page and I suggest you do that. Once you share it, go over to your page, pin it, so that it stays on the top and it’ll stay there.

Alright, so let me know if you have any questions. Chat in a question, I’m going to pause. Just open your mic and ask a question, anything like that. Let me know when you’re done, when it’s ready to move forward. Let me know how you’re doing with that and I know the first time you do it, it takes a little bit of time. So Ray, let me go to you for just a moment, how’s it coming on your end with getting the share and all of that?

Ray: I went ahead and shared it on my page. I actually did a watch party for a second.

Allan: Okay, that’s cool. So a watch party is really cool. The thing about a watch party is you can take any video on Facebook and you can watch it as if it’s streaming live with your friends on a page, in a group and so you can do that with any video and we’ll talk about that in a little bit. John, I see you there working. How is it coming with you?

Ray: Good. I just did my post and included everybody from this group.

Allan: Awesome and so you were able to share the live video over on your page?

Ray: Correct.

Allan: Awesome and Jeff, how are you doing? Were you able to do yours?

Ray: Let’s see. I included the post on my business page but I don’t know if I put everybody from the group on there.

Allan: Okay, very cool, very cool. Alright, so again, if you have any questions…

Ray: I’ll invite them now. Yeah, I see where I can invite them. So.

Allan: Okay, very cool, very cool. Alright so I’m going to move forward. I’m going to mute the mics once again and remember you can open your mic, you can at any time open it, close it, you can send us a chat. Okay so on the cheat sheet and the reason I want to refer to that is because we covered so much information and it’s just not feasible to remember it all and so I’ve got the cheat sheet for you. It’s like two and a half pages long and just let me take a moment, if you can look at your cheat sheet where… By the way, was everybody able to get that link and to get the new cheat sheet? Was everybody able to do it?

Not me.

No? What… Did you… Were you able to see the link?

To tell you the truth, I’m not.

Okay. So that’s…

Yeah. So Stephanie, did you open up the group chat box by any chance?


Okay. Did you see the…

Oh, it’s Louisa, it’s Louisa, I’m sorry. [chuckle]

Oh, I’m sorry, Louisa, I’m sorry. Did you… Were you able to see the link there in the chat box?


Allan: And were you able to use that link and then go… Guys, I’m going to go over to WhatsApp real quick and I’m going to put it here just in case somebody can’t get it. There it is in WhatsApp. Also guys, in the broker announcements, we’ve got it in there also. So if you need to… If you can grab that, basically, it’s in Google Drive and once you hit that link, it’ll come right up in your computer there. Alright. So…

Yeah, opening now.

Awesome, awesome.

Thank you.

Allan: Awesome. Okay guys, so if you are able to get that cheat sheet because again, we’re just going to cover so much material and a lot of it, you don’t need to memorize it all but you do need to know about it. Like the watch party that we were talking about a moment ago. You may not do a watch party even this year or next year or you may but you just need to know that you can do it because there might be something coming up that would be valuable to you.

Facebook Business Page

Alright guys, so let me just review last time just really quickly and I’m just starting up on the cheat sheet where it says Facebook business page, just remember to have your Facebook page filled out, your name, your address, your category is super important when you are filling out your information in your settings. Super important with that and we talked about it last time, we talked about a call to action button and so make sure you’ve got that. We talked about creating tabs, the left hand side menu if you… You might want to have a tab for properties or something that you’ve got there and we talked about setting up messaging and if you want to review the video with all of that, it’s on our Facebook page, Image Building Media, it’s and we’ll also put this on our website. Also, we’ll create a post with these two videos there. You can review that.

Creating Posts

Okay. Now, when it comes to creating posts, we talked about keeping something pinned to the top, something important, whether it’s a property, whether it’s a slideshow, a video or maybe all the properties that you have for sale right now, whether it’s a video like this one. Try to keep something pinned to the top. As far as posting, it’s 80% to 20%. 20% of your business which is your properties, which is something that’s going to generate you income. 80% is going to be education. It’s going to be doing other kinds of posts, it’s going to be happy holidays and all sorts of things like that.

Post photos and videos, those get a lot more attraction. Quite honestly, what do people do? They see a cool photo, they stop. Then they’ll read the rest of the stuff. So it’s necessary to have a good photo, a good video on there. We talked about focusing on local interests. We talked about sharing articles and things like that which the syndication with Graystone, they do for that. With your posts, have helpful advice like, “What’s the quickest way to sell my home? What’s the best time of year? How do I get top dollar? What are common renovations that need to be done before I list my home?” Things like that.

We talked about using humor and how to do that, that can be touchy. Talked about posting images of yourself, your team, etcetera ’cause people want to see you, they want to see your face. Talked about reviews that you receive from clients and others. We talked about posting about selling, about buying, infographics, posting for holidays and a couple of other things we didn’t get to, sharing posts from your referral partners. Say if you’ve got some brokers you work with, some mortgage brokers you work with, if you got some inspectors that you work with, share some of their stuff, encourage them to share some of your stuff. I call it being a good neighbor online.

Share Articles

Share articles from like authority sites, Zillow,, BiggerPockets, stuff like that. Don’t post on controversial topics and also, super important, last one, occasionally go to your business page and share a few posts to your personal profile. Don’t do a lot, don’t overdo it ’cause on your personal profile, people don’t want to see a lot of business stuff but do that every once in a while, it’s going to help out.

Okay so what I thought I would do now is… Hey Norma, thanks for coming in. Yeah, we are making a recording to answer your question of the meeting and what I’m going to do on our website is we will create an article, I’ll get it out to you guys and we’re going to have both of these videos in both articles. So we’ll put them up on YouTube and we’ll put them both in the article and by the way, last week’s meeting is on our Facebook page, Image Building Media, that’s Thanks for that question.

Facebook Live with Zoom

Alright guys, so Norma and I were talking today about using Zoom to do Facebook Live and quite honestly, it is the easiest method of doing a good Facebook Live. In other words… And you gotta go out and you gotta buy software, you’ve gotta buy an encoder, there’s all sorts of things you gotta buy and it’s like crazy to try to understand how to work it all. Zoom makes it so easy. So in our cheat sheet, I’ve got a link for you to the Zoom. I might have been saying the wrong thing. Zoom makes it so easy.

I’ve got a link for you to the page that tells you what to do and basically, when you set up a meeting, you just go to the settings for that meeting and you have to give permission to post live to Facebook, YouTube, etcetera. So when you set up the meeting, go on and give permissions, very simple. Now when you start a meeting, let me scroll on down, when you start a meeting, here’s the graphic right here, it’s on the Zoom page, when you start a meeting, you just click on the more, three dots and the option is right there to go live on Facebook.

Now what we have learned, let me get over here to our trusty engineer, my wife Beth McNabb. What we’ve learned, Beth, is that we need to log out of Facebook. Okay, so log out of Facebook, re-login to Facebook, then go live. Now for some reason this might be a little glitch in Zoom and we’ve done, well I guess we do probably a couple, three of these a week and so for some reason before you try to go live with Facebook, go to your Facebook page, log out. Log back in then go to Zoom and proceed.

So you start your meeting, you click on more, you click Live on Facebook and then you’re going to be asked “Do you want to share this on your timeline or on a page you manage or on a group or an event?” So just select “On a page” or any of the other things. Then it’s going to ask you which page you want to go live on. Just select your business page and it’s going to ask you “Do you want to post as… ” Just say your business page ’cause you want to have your business page posting to your business page and this is not in their tutorial but once you, let’s see here, let me see right here, let me go down here real quick here, share, share, okay, right here. So where it says to say something. Just say “Hey, going live da da da da da da da. Title, I just copy that, put the exact same thing in the title. That’s what I do.

Now, there’s three options that aren’t shown on this graphic right here and one, it’s about create the live broadcast, the one in the middle says settings. This is where you can click and cross-post to a different Facebook page that you manage. You have to be a manager of these or an owner. So this is what we did tonight. Started the Zoom meeting, we told it to post to our Facebook page, Image Building Media and told it to cross-post to Graystone Investment Group Facebook page and the meeting went to both of those.

Then, of course, you shared that and if you’re doing a video with a… Whether it’s an individual, whether it’s a testimonial from a client, whether it’s a referral partner, whether it’s someone you do business with, just ask them “Hey, will you go and share this?” and it’s going to benefit them too because it’s going to be live.

Alright, so Zoom makes it super easy. Alright so I want to pause here before I talk about watch parties because this is something that’s not been that long ago that Facebook added but let me pause. Do you have a question or a comment, chat it in. Do you have a question or comment? Open your mic and ask and Ray, I want to come to you for just a moment, I want to get some input from you. I turned on your mic and Ray, what are your thoughts here please?

Ray: I’m actually just soaking in everything. It’s a lot that I didn’t know. I didn’t know that you can actually host a Zoom and push it through Facebook. What I always thought was that you would kind of screen record and then post it to the page. So I didn’t know that you can actually have Zoom integrated to the Facebook.

Allan: Man, it is like the greatest thing in the world. I mean it is really, really awesome.

Ray: Oh yeah! My mind is spinning now ’cause I think that I could interview John next. [laughter]

Allan: Absolutely. Hey guys, you should get together. You get together, you create your… Just the two of you. It shows the video, the two together and you create your video and you talk about a topic. Maybe you’re going to talk about how to sell your house more quickly. Maybe you’re going to talk about how to get more for your house. Maybe you’re going to talk about how to buy investment property and rehabit and to have the most equity in that home, in that investment, right?

So get together and make these videos and the other… Okay, because Facebook is pushing video and they’re pushing live video and if you’re making live video, Facebook is going to push you out in front of people and then of course, pin that video to the top, leave that video there and you go back the next day and the next day and a week later and two weeks later and more people have watched that video. It is the greatest thing in the world.

Now I don’t know if you can do this with the free version. The next version up is the one we use $14.99 a month and I would pay that just to be able to do the live videos honestly and you get to do everything else. Alright.

Ray: Let me ask you this.

Allan: Go ahead. Go ahead.

Ray: If you were to do like a video, let’s say you wanted to do a video that you wanted to edit, right? So a Zoom meeting that you wanted to actually edit and then put out on Facebook, what would be the good way to go about that?

Allan: I am so thankful you asked this because this is another really awesome part. When you do your settings, allow for recording of the meeting. If you are creating a recurring meeting, like I’ve got a recurring meeting for webinars. I can go any time, day or night, click and that meeting will start up and it’s already selected to record. The moment I start that meeting, it starts recording. After the meeting is over, Zoom processes three files. It processes a file for the chat. It processes a file for the video and it processes the file for the audio.

So you go into Zoom… I don’t download the chat one but I do download the video one and I do download the audio because the video, then I can put that on YouTube. I could, if I wanted to process it and I could put it up on Facebook. I can put that on LinkedIn. I can put that on Instagram. I can put that on Twitter and I can even use a third-party app like we provide to Graystone to automatically post that video and to post it multiple times. Super awesome that this is delivered to you from Zoom for $14.99. I mean, that’s incredible so I’m glad you asked that question. I’m glad you asked that question.

Ray: Alright.

Allan: Yeah, absolutely. You may not even, if you don’t want to go live still record if it’s something… I don’t record my one-on-one meetings, record it, download it, do all your stuff and you’ve got a great video. Super good. Great question.

Alright, it can be edited. We’ll talk about video editing and maybe that’ll be another webinar we can do some time. We talked a couple of webinars or so ago, we talked about that a little bit. It’s really easy to edit. The editing software is really cheap. You’ve got the video editing software on Mac. You’ve got the Windows. That works perfectly fine and YouTube has a free editor. It’s got a creator studio. Free editor built in. It’s hard to do too much with it but if all you have to do is trim the end, the beginning, maybe put some words up there, it works fine. I’ve used it before.

Facebook Watch Party

Alright, any questions, any questions at all? Chat them in open your mic and let us know what they are. Okay, so the watch party. The watch party is really cool. What you can do, if you can think about having a party where you’re going to watch a movie together with your friends and you say “Hey, Bachelors tonight at 8 o’clock. Everybody get on. Let’s all watch.” And then you’re texting through it, “Oh, did you see that? Oh, what do you think about that? Oh, I love that part or I think he’s going to do… Whatever.” You can do the exact same thing with Facebook with any video on Facebook. Jorge does this.

You get your friends together and say, “Hey, we’re watching this video today at whatever time. Let’s all get together.” You go to the video, you launch a watch party, it can be launched on your profile, on your business page or in a group and then throughout it, you’re chatting.

Maybe you’re going to have a watch party about a video you made like three months ago and let’s say maybe every two weeks, you have a watch party. This video perhaps is about how to get more money for your home that you sell and you get a group of your friends together or contacts together or whatever and you say hey, you’ll watch that together, you’re chatting on Facebook as you go. It is as if it’s live video. So that’s another cool thing to do. It’s a party. People get together, they have parties, they have educational seminars. They watch the video and they chat about that. Jorge does that. Good success with that.

Okay, any comments or any… Thanks John, appreciate the comment. Any comments, questions, thoughts, before we move forward? Anybody want to throw an idea out?

Facebook Comments

Alright, so if you’re following along on our cheat sheet, I’m going to talk about comments for just a moment. You know what comments are in Facebook. You’ve got a post, someone might like it, they might share it, they might make a comments. When they make a comments, you can make a comment as a person, your profile. You can make a comment as your business. Let me go over here and let’s see if I can… Hang on a second. Here’s Graystone right here and let me come down here. I’m going to make a comment right here. If you can see, let me pull it up, move it up a little bit right there.

“This is an awesome live video.” You see, when I type “video” legacy video team popped up. That’s one of our team members and one of these businesses. So if I wanted to, I could tag him right there. I’m going to go exclamation mark and then I’m going to hit enter, there’s my comment. You see others below. When I make a comment, whose face is on the comment? Chat me in somebody. Open your mic somebody. Whose face is on there when I make a comment? My wife pointed at me. Absolutely. You can see it right there.

Do you want to get your face all over Facebook? Do you want to get the logo of your business all over Facebook? Let me show you another one. You see where my face is right here, it says share, it’s got my face, I’m going to click the down and I’m going to go down here to our business page and for some reason I can’t see it there. I’ll just click, let me click that one right there and this is one of the business pages we’ve got in our account and you can see now this time the logo of the business. I make the comment there, the logo of the business. Super important when to go and to make comments on posts in Facebook. You’re going through Facebook, you’re looking at posts, make some comments so your face is everywhere and people see your face, they see your business logo.

Facebook Reviews

Alright, so let me show you another one while we’re here. I’m going to go to a different Facebook page here real quick and show you this. There’s our Facebook page right there. The same thing for reviews. I’m going to let this come up here. You see the last person to make a recommendation to give us a review is featured on the home page of our business page. Talk about getting your face out there, talk about getting your logo out there. Go out, give people reviews, people that already know you, they already like you, they’re already doing business with you, give them reviews and your face will be all over their Facebook page. It could be… If you’ve done the last review, it could be featured on the front page of their Facebook page. So making comments, doing reviews is just going to put you out there everywhere.

Okay, so you’re looking at a few comments here. Yeah, that would be great. Ms. Engineer over here, my wife asking me some questions here, yes that would be great. Okay, so now and I want to just get some feedback here, let me go over to my co-host Ray. Any thoughts there? Any thoughts before I talk a little bit more about comments and Facebook reviews?

I just want to make sure that we’re actually checking the comments on the Facebook feed ’cause I know Oswaldo had a couple of questions that we missed as well.

Okay cool. Very cool. Alright. Now let me see here ’cause my wife there… Okay, let’s see here. Okay, I guess they might… Let’s see if it went down there a little bit. Do you… If you see one on there that I don’t see, tell me what it is there.

It might have came through on the video feed, just not the comment section. You know how when you’re watching a live video, you could kinda type in and chat.


‘Cause it might be in that screen.

Okay. If anybody sees that, let me know there. I’m scrolling through there seeing if I… Where at? Hang on one sec. I’ve got my engineer here helping me out here. Yep. Anyway, if somebody sees them, let me know. Oswaldo, I think is watching on Facebook there. If somebody sees his questions, let me know please. Yeah, thanks Jorge. I appreciate that buddy. Alright guys, yeah, let me know if those questions come through and we will try to catch them. If you see them and I don’t, just open up your mic there or chat them in. I think he’s watching on Facebook there.

Looks like Nadia had a question as well.

Okay, what was that question? Can you see that there, Jon?

Jon: Her question was, “What is your favorite video editor for Apple?”

Allan: Okay, so I gotta confess I’m not an Apple person but I will tell you that Jorge uses the video editor. Somebody… If somebody can remind me of the name there, the video editor that comes with the Mac computer, iPhoto?


IMovie, yeah. Jorge uses iMovie and he does a super great job. I’m sure you’ve all seen some of his videos. Does a super great job. I personally use Adobe Premiere Elements, it’s $99, one-time fee and we use a Windows computer, it work also on… That program works also on Mac but also the Windows computer works video program, just comes with your computer. That one works really well too, easy to use and does a good job. Thanks for that question, appreciate that. Alright so if anybody sees any other ones that I might’ve missed let me know, okay?

What was it called? Adobe what? Adobe Premiere Elements. Okay. Thank you.

Elements. The Elements is the… The Adobe Premiere is like the super high professional ones that they use to make the big movies and everything. The Elements is the simple to use one and that’s the one I use and it’s just a lot faster, simpler and everything like that.

Okay guys, one more thing to talk here about with comments and with reviews. It’s super important to reply that if somebody has gone to all the effort to make a comment on one of your Facebook posts, just go through there and reply to those. Now just so you know, if you ever get to the point where you want to use a software third-party app to do that, that’ll bring those comments in to the app for you, make it really easy to reply ’cause they can be hard to go through all your… Through Facebook and everything, find out where they are so there’s software that will help to do that.

But until you get to that point, try as much as you can to reply to those and when you reply, tag the person with your reply. So you can see here that Beth, my wife, our engineer for tonight, when she tagged Oswaldo so that he will be notified that this is a comment related to him, super important to tag the person that’s involved and please don’t tag people that aren’t involved. You’re just going to aggravate them, don’t want to have anything to do with you but people do like to be tagged if it’s something that has to do with them or if it’s replying to a comment that they made and the same thing with the reviews, comment back and tag that person so that they make sure they’re notified by that. Super, super important. Okay. Ray, any thoughts there? Any thoughts there before we move on?

Ray: Nope. I have none.

Facebook Likes

Allan: Alright guys. Chat me in. Open your mic and let us know if you got a question or comments or any thoughts like that. Okay, so here’s a question for you. Get ready, get ready to chat in your answer. Page likes, Facebook page likes. Facebook change… Man, it’s been quite some time ago. It’s definitely gotta be over a year or two where they’re no longer going to show your Facebook page based on likes. In other words, you can have a million people like your page and no more people are going to see it than if one person had liked your page, alright? So my question is to you, what is the importance then of having page likes? And that’s not a trick question. I believe that it is important.

The importance is not that your page is going to be seen by more people. So what’s the importance of having more page likes? What do you think? Any thoughts at all? While you think of that, let me ask you… If you go to a Facebook page and you see one or two or five page likes, what do you think? Yeah. See, we got Ray here. Shows others that they should look at what was posted, absolutely. That it’s important, absolutely.

The pages that are good pages have page likes and maybe one day Facebook’s going to come back and give some weight or maybe they’re giving some weight right now we just don’t know about it. You know they’re being secretive about it. Jon, it may be important indeed. The jib for us to know people are actually looking and they like what they see, absolutely and I mentioned to you last time, one of our recent trainings or webinar, there’s what is called social proof, P-R-O-O-F, social proof. This is a phrase you should put in your vocabulary because social proof, you know, what is a review? It’s social proof. If somebody mentions you on Facebook, what is that? It’s social proof. If somebody is scrolling down a page and they see that you made a comment, what is that? Social proof.

What is it proving? It’s proving you’re legit, you’re real, you’re active, other people know you, other people have been your customers and they like your service, social proof. It is proving socially, social media, proving socially that you’re legit, that they need to check you out, they need to pay attention to you. If they’re looking for someone with your services, they need to at least talk to you, social proof. It’s all about social proof.

Alright. Possibly something you can educate yourself. Alright, good comments, guys. So here’s another question. How do you get more page likes? How do you get more page likes? Chat in your answer, open up your microphone, let me know what you think. Stephannie, go ahead.

You can actually request them through your business page and people like… As you accept people to become your friends, you can automatically send them a request to like your page.

Absolutely, good job Stephannie, you can ask people, you can ask your friends. There is a feature within Facebook, go to your business page, there it says invite people to your page and it will send them out request to like your page. I’ve got a bunch of them, some of them I do, some of them I don’t but yeah. So basically ask, use the feature on your business page to request people to like your page and follow you, number one.

Number two, ask your friends, ask your colleagues, ask your referral partners, ask everybody because you want to get that number up there. It makes you look like you’re really on top of things. Alright. Oh Ray. Well, you put a post there for everybody.

Trivia question. What’s that about now?

Ray: It’s coming up soon, I actually hit enter by mistake.

Allan: Oh okay. So remember we’ve got a give-away coming up, Ray is taking care of that for Jorge and it’s going to be a trivia question and however he does that, who ever answers or maybe, I don’t know, if more than one person answers it, I don’t know, I don’t know if… I don’t know how he’s going to get the answers, I don’t know but we’ll find out.

Okay. So comments, reviews, page likes and one more thing on page likes, guys. You can run very inexpensive ad campaigns for page likes, super inexpensive and Facebook will go out there and get the page likes for you, super inexpensive and maybe we need to do a webinar, we’ve only got eight or nine minutes left today, maybe we need to do a webinar on how to do Facebook ads because I’m telling you something that those are like the cheapest ads and they reach people and especially in the real estate sales industry. Super, super, super important.

Let me know if you’d like to see a webinar on Facebook ads, let me know that, will you?

Stealth Facebook Pages

Alright. We’ve got just a few minutes left. I want to talk about stealth Facebook pages. Maybe I said that wrong. Stealth Facebook pages and I want to talk about Facebook groups and then we’ll be done, we’ll be done by 6:30.

So stealth Facebook pages are pages you create and you own, that aren’t necessarily about selling real estate. Those are pages about a different topic that is still going to connect you to your prospective customers. Maybe it could be a Facebook page about a renovation, renovating your property and you’ve got tips on there, you’ve got people, you’re sharing articles on there from plumbers and from electrician websites and from Zillow and and all of these and it becomes a page where people go to get renovation ideas.

Maybe you create a page about decorating your home and you get people to post on to there, you get people in the industry to post on there, you share articles on that and those people are your prospective clients and so they are not necessarily interested in selling their home right now, they’re not out there looking for that and may not even want to talk about it. They are interested in renovating or renovating their property, renovating their yard, DIY projects, decorating their home and so here they find your Facebook page, they like it, they share it, they look at it regularly. Every once in a while, you’ll throw a post in there, maybe something relating to yourself and real estate and so maybe when they get ready to sell their home, “Oh, you know I’ve been following Stephannie and she’s been talking about this and great ideas and she’s got a great network. I need to talk to Stephanie.”

So there’s nothing wrong with stealth Facebook pages, Facebook pages on other topics that your prospective customers may be interested in, stealth Facebook pages. Alright. So, the last thing, then we’re going to have our drawing, is groups.

Facebook Groups

If you can, get ready to chat in really quick, open your mic really quick and tell me, have you seen TV commercials about Facebook groups? Tell me real quick if you can. Facebook advertising on television Facebook groups. Tell me if you’ve seen that, will you? Anybody seen it?

Anybody seen Facebook advertising Facebook Groups on television?

I haven’t.




Allan: Well I have and we watch YouTube TV, we’ve got YouTube TV. So maybe it was ads they bought on YouTube TV, which you buy through Google by the way but I’ve seen, on television, commercials for Facebook Groups. Facebook is pushing Groups. They have taken away from the business page some of the visibility or I’ll say organic visibility and guess why, I don’t know. I’m going to guess that’s so they can sell more ads. The organic visibility, they’re adding more organic visibility to Groups. Now why do they want to do that? I don’t know but I’m sure there’s a plan to monetize that somehow but for right now, take advantage of it. Free visibility was taken away from business pages and more organic visibility given to Facebook Groups.

I hear somebody there. So the point to that is post. Be a member of some of the really good groups. Post to the groups, be active in the groups that are involving your prospective clientele and give me a second, we had someone accidentally do an annotation on there, I’m going to get rid of that and also, think about maybe getting a group together and maybe a couple, three, four go together, start your own Facebook Group.

Now, just one warning with this, if you’re going to start a Facebook Group and you’re not going to really work hard to get it off the ground and to get viewership there and to get people in, at the end of the day, you’re going to be wasting your time. So if you’re going to do that, really say “I want to really make this go.” Maybe team up with some people, really make it go and I’ll tell you the advantages right now.

If you’re an administrator of a Facebook Group, you can use a third-party app such as we provide to Graystone to post to the group and to manage the group and all the automation that Jorge has set up for the agents, you can set up for the group. Also, you can post live videos from Zoom in Groups if you’re an administrator. A lot of advantages to it. So don’t forget the Facebook Groups.

Alright, guys, I’m going to take… We got two minutes left. If you’ve got a question there, let me know. If you want to open up your mic really quick, a question or a comment, we’re going to wrap it up in about 60 seconds, do that. Okay and is there any questions on there that I’ve forgotten? Yeah alright, ready…

Jon: Great presentation, Allan and Ray, we appreciate your time.

Ray: Alright well before we go, I’m going ahead and do the drawing. We had two great answers already from John and Louisa. So since we had those two answers, they were pretty much gelled together, I couldn’t pick. So I sent Allan a number between one and 10. So I’m going to have John and Louisa guess a number between one and 10, closest one gets the $50 off.

Allan: Okay, so wait a minute, I’m supposed to select a number?

Ray: No, I already sent it to you in the private chat. So I sent you the number I was thinking of, they’re going to guess it just so it won’t be a cheat.

Allan: Okay.

Alright? Now…

I’ve got it right here, it’s on the piece of paper. I’ll turn it around for you, alright?

Ray: Alright. Yeah. Now Louisa ’cause Johnny guessed, he guessed 10.

Okay seven.




Congratulations, Louisa.

Good job, Louisa.

Yeah, way to go guys. Way to go.

Louisa: Sorry. You know I love you John.


Allan: Alright guys, we’re going to go on and conclude. We’re going to get… We’re going to stop the Live feed with Facebook but if you guys want to hang out and chat a few minutes, you can do that and we’ll go on and wrap up. I’ll check with my engineer real quick here, we’re done. Alright, we’re done with Facebook Live.

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