In a pivotal update, YouTube announced a new feature that allows creators to directly link their YouTube Shorts to other videos on their channel. This move comes after the platform’s controversial decision to remove links from comments and descriptions, which had stirred up concerns among the creator community.

Revolutionizing User Experience with Shorts

YouTube Shorts, the platform’s answer to the rise of short-form video content popularized by apps like TikTok, has gained traction since its launch. YouTube’s latest update focuses on enhancing the user experience and maximizing content discoverability.

With this new feature, creators can seamlessly guide viewers from a Short to a related full-length video or another piece of content on their channel. This creates a more interconnected viewing experience and helps creators better promote and leverage their entire content library.

Addressing Previous Concerns

The decision to remove links from comments and descriptions had previously drawn criticism from many in the YouTube community. Creators felt it hindered their ability to share related content, resources, or promote affiliate partnerships. With the introduction of the link feature in Shorts, it appears YouTube is taking steps to address such concerns, albeit in a controlled manner that prioritizes the Shorts experience.

How to Use the New Feature?

Here is a YouTube video explaining the step-by-step process of adding a link in YouTube Shorts:

Looking Forward

How the YouTube community will react to this new feature remains to be seen. However, the platform is committed to continuously refining and improving the Shorts experience for creators and viewers. As short-form content continues to dominate the digital landscape, such updates reaffirm YouTube’s intent to remain at the forefront of this content revolution.

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