Creating and verifying your Google Business Profile is one of the first things a business does for local SEO. With a verified Google Business Profile, your business can appear on Google Maps, and customers can leave reviews that are publicly displayed with your profile.

Over the last several months, some of our customers have reported being unable to verify their Google Business Profile (GBP) because they cannot successfully upload the verification video.

Our first question is, “Are you using an iPhone?”

When they reply, “Yes,” we humorously respond, “You won’t believe this, but use an Android!”

We have found that the problem is the iPhone’s inability to process the video Google needs.

Case Study: Graystone Investment Group

Graystone Case Study - Google Business Profile Verification Video: Use an Android PhoneGraystone Investment Group is one of our long-time clients who called last week, unable to update their Google Business Profile address. Jay Michalec, Graystone’s Chief Operating Officer, recounts the frustrating events.

We recently moved our office and had to update our Google business profiles accordingly. I was the lucky one who was tasked with this. I followed all the prompts to do so, read all the requirements, and pulled out my iPhone. I attempted to shoot the video to send to them (the only option that was available for us) and was very careful to hit all of the steps that google required. Once completed, I received the message that the video could not be uploaded—no reason why, no tips on what to do differently, just that it couldn’t upload. So, I tried again, and again, and again. This involved me walking to the end of the street each time to show the street sign, walking to the front of the building to show the building number, walking to the interior of our building to show our company on the building directory on the first floor, and then riding the elevator to get to our suite, where I could show myself unlocking the door to our suite as required. Each time I tried, I received the same message. Surely, it’s my phone. So I borrowed our CEO’s phone and tried a few times again, all with the same result. I am not one to give up quickly, and I was done trying.

I then called Allan with Image Building Media and was venting to him about my experience. He said, as crazy as this sounds, to try it with an Android phone because he had heard similar stories from other iPhone users. I relayed that message to our CEO, and he used an Andriod borrowed from a co-worker. Wouldn’t you know it, it worked on the first time! The moral of the story is if you are updating your Google business profile, use an Android!!!

Overview of Video Verification on Android Devices

When you use an Android phone to create and upload the video to verify your Google Business Profile, you’re using an efficient method designed to confirm the authenticity of your business. The process is intuitive; you’ll be prompted to record a short clip displaying your business premises and sometimes relevant documentation, showcasing details that affirm your business’s physical presence and operation.

Unlike iPhones, which may sometimes encounter hiccups during the video upload, Android devices are typically more lenient with browser and file format compatibilities, making them a reliable choice for this crucial step. That’s not to say that video verification on Android is foolproof, but the system’s flexibility often means you’ll navigate the process with fewer roadblocks.

As you prepare to use your Android device, remember that this is more than a mere formality. This is Google’s way of ensuring that when customers reach out to you, they connect with a business verified to be as genuine and reliable as it appears online.

Ensuring Device and App Compatibility

Before you embark on the video verification voyage, ensuring your Android device and the apps you’ll be using are up to the compatibility mark is crucial. Start by updating your device to the latest operating system available. This is essential as it ensures the hardware and software mesh well together, leading to a smoother verification process.

Next, hop onto the Google Chrome app. Yes, it’s tempting to use the default browser that came with your phone, but Chrome is the preferred choice due to its stability and consistent performance. It’s wise to give it a quick update via the Google Play Store, so you’re working with the freshest version with all the latest bug fixes and enhancements.

Make sure both the camera and microphone permissions are granted for Chrome. This is easy to overlook, but your verification could hit a snag right from the get-go without these permissions. Dive into the app settings and toggle these if they aren’t already.

Remember, your device’s readiness can make or break the verification flow, so taking a moment to ensure everything is in order is not just recommended; it’s essential. With your Android phone prepped and your apps primed, you’ll set yourself up for a hassle-free verification that could have otherwise been a technological hassle.

Smooth Video Uploads: Tips and Tricks

Ensuring a smooth video upload is like preparing an airplane for takeoff – a little pre-flight check can go a long way! First off, free up some space on your Android device. A cluttered phone is a slow phone, and you don’t want a sluggish device during this pivotal moment.

Next, use an internet connection that will be the fastest and most reliable throughout the process. If your Wi-Fi is slower or less reliable than your mobile data, use mobile data while recording and uploading the video.

Furthermore, ensure your phone isn’t scheduled to perform updates or backups simultaneously as you upload. These digital background tasks are notorious for hogging bandwidth and could bring your upload speed to a crawl.

Here’s a secret tip: Clear your Chrome cache before you start. This little housekeeping trick might increase the upload speed you need.

Lastly, patience is indeed a virtue. Once you click to upload your video, resist the urge to multitask on your phone.

Addressing Frequent Upload Failures

Don’t throw in the towel if you’re repeatedly hitting the “upload failed” wall. Frequent upload failures are frequently just a puzzle waiting to be solved, and here’s how you can crack the code.

Begin by checking if your video adheres to Google’s guidelines. The video should be in the correct format and within the size limits.

Next, check your internet connection. An upload is only as good as the network it rides on. Perform a speed test to ensure your Wi-Fi or mobile data isn’t the speed bump on your verification highway.

App updates can also be sneaky culprits. Keep your apps up to date. These updates often come with fixes for the very issues plaguing your uploads.

If none of the above works, reboot your device. This age-old trick is still helpful in the tech world. Often, a fresh start is all your phone needs to shake off any digital cobwebs causing mayhem.

If all else fails, borrow an Android phone with fast mobile data for the location where the video will be taken and uploaded. We have had numerous clients who had to borrow an Android phone to verify their GBP.

Lastly, contact Google Support. Sometimes, the glitch may be on their end, and a quick conversation with a support agent can illuminate a solution hiding in the shadows.

What to Include in Your Verification Video

Read Google’s instructions regarding what to include in the video, and be sure not to leave out any of the features.

Typically, you want to start outside, capturing the exterior, which includes your street sign, company signage, and door with the office or suite number. This sets the stage, placing your business in the physical world.

Then, demonstrate “Proof of Management.” Using the keys to unlock your door is a simple yet effective act to show that the building in the video is your business location.

For the “Proof of Operations,” guide the camera through the spaces where business happens. Showcase the equipment, the bustle of day-to-day operations, or neatly stacked products ready for customers. These visual anchors tether your business to the services you’ve listed on your profile.

Keep the video unedited to retain authenticity, ensuring it is a continuous shot. Any sign of a cut could raise questions about the video’s integrity.

Remember, sincerity is your best strategy; a straightforward, transparent video can champion your business’s credibility more effectively than any embellishment ever could.

Handling Curveballs: Additional Verification Scenarios

When life throws you verification curveballs, keep your eye on the ball and adapt. If, for instance, your business operates from a co-working space, highlight the area designated for your operations. Clearly show the signage or documentation on desks or doors delineating your business’s exclusive zone within the shared office.

For mobile or service-area businesses without a fixed storefront, focus on your service vehicles, branded gear, and any equipment central to your service delivery. These details act as proof of your business’s active engagement in the community, regardless of a stationary location.

For businesses still under construction, displaying permits, blueprints, or signage at the construction site can verify the imminent arrival of your enterprise. It’s evidence of your business’s potential rather than present-day operations.

Flexibility and creativity are your allies in these scenarios. Even outside the traditional business model, there’s always a way to demonstrate your presence and validity to Google.

Utilizing Google’s Resources and Support

Google’s resources and support can be helpful by providing clear directions. For starters, check out the Google Business Help Center. It’s a treasure trove of articles and step-by-step guides tailored to answer virtually any question you might have about verification.

If you’re dealing with a hiccup that articles can’t cure, the ‘Contact Us’ option on the Google Business Profile dashboard is akin to a helpline. Here, you can reach out to real people who can guide you through troubleshooting or provide alternative solutions if your verification path hits a wall.

Don’t overlook Google community forums, where fellow business owners share their stories, advice, and solutions. Sometimes, the answer lies in the experience of someone who walked the path before you.

Lean on Google’s resources like a dependable business partner. They’re designed to help you clear the verification hurdle and see your business shine online.

When to Seek Professional Assistance

Sometimes, do-it-yourself becomes do-it-with-help. Suppose your attempts at video verification are met with frustration. In that case, it may be time to call in the cavalry – a professional SEO service or digital marketing agency specializing in Google Business Profile management.

Consider this route particularly when you’re swamped with business responsibilities, and adding “verification expert” to your job title isn’t viable. Agencies can be invaluable when facing persistent technical issues or if you’re trying to verify multiple locations and the sheer volume is overwhelming.

Moreover, suppose your business fits into a niche category, or you serve in a complex industry with stringent verification requirements. In that case, a seasoned professional might maneuver through Google’s expectations with more finesse than you could single-handedly.

Remember, there’s merit in admitting that some puzzles are best solved with a helping hand. Seeking professional help isn’t a defeat; it’s a strategic step to firmly position your business on the digital map.


If you have trouble uploading the video to verify your Google Business Profile, ensure you use an Android phone with an excellent internet connection while following all of Google’s video guidelines.

Verifying your Google Business Profile using your Android phone is planting your flag on the online map – a small step for you but a giant leap for your business’s visibility and credibility. While video verification might seem daunting, embracing it with your Android device as your tool and these guidelines as your compass will help you navigate potential technical difficulties.

It’s helpful to remember that the process is a safeguard – Google ensures that every business on its platform is as reliable and genuine as it claims to be. Once you’ve successfully verified your business, the doors open to heightened online presence and customer trust.

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