Google My Business is Now Named Google My Business Profile

Google My Business, an effective tool for helping businesses connect with new and prospective customers, is changing its name to Google Business Profile. The change, incorporating additional tools, will offer companies an easier way to manage their profiles.

As a further evolution of Google’s business profile management platform and to permit easier integration with Google Maps and Google Search, the name change signals a more focused approach.

As part of the changeover, Google’s GM/VP of Merchant Shopping recently advised that small businesses should now manage their profiles directly on Google Search or Google Maps.

The changes have begun and should be completed during the coming year.

What Does Google Business Profile Offer?

Soon, businesses can enter their company profiles directly into Google Search and Google Maps. Doing this creates greater visibility for consumers looking for specific products and services. The easiest way to manage their profiles for businesses that own or represent multiple locations will be through the Business Profile Manager Dashboard.

Marketers can personalize their profiles with logos, posts, sales specials, images, and more to further enhance their company’s presence. The Business Profile Tool intends to create an excellent first impression, essential for any growing or startup company.

Contact information such as phone numbers, operating hours, addresses, directions, and other information that makes a physical location easier to locate are essential.

Also, Google Business Profile lets business owners tell the public who they are, noting any differentiation that may bring business their way. For example, if the company is owned by a Veteran, female, African American, LGBTQ, or disabled individual,  classifying accordingly often appeals to a targeted public sector.

Connect Directly with Current and Prospective Customers

Google Business Profile facilitates direct communication. Answer questions directly, introduce informative and thought-provoking posts, respond to reviews, and create a FAQ section. The platform offers an opportunity to become a thought leader and influencer in the respective category.

Correctly set up and monitored, Google Business Profile allows marketers to interact in real-time with potential customers. Also, businesses can post a menu of their products and services and may even accept orders for delivery.

Using Google Business Profiles to Enhance Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the fundamental strategy for brand building and online recognition. Using keywords and internet marketing tools effectively that enhance a company’s search engine ranking can significantly increase the number of visitors to their website.

According to Search Engine Journal, drawing on Ipsos Research, an up-to-date Google Business Profile enhances a company brand by:

  • Improving the perception of the company as more reputable by 2.7 times.
  • Generating seven times more clicks.
  • Increasing the likelihood of local visits by 70%.
  • Creating a 50% greater potential for a conversion.

Measuring Google Business Profile Performance

Google monitors all activity related to a company’s Business Profile. As a result, marketers can determine the precise number of interactions and other activities during any period. Marketers can analyze this data and make adjustments that improve their online presence to increase user visits and conversions.

The feedback is vital for determining how prospects have found you and the specific keywords they may have used to land on your site.

Stay the Course with Google Business Profile

Large and small companies can upgrade their brand development process at virtually no cost by creating an interactive presence with Google Business Profile, soon to be formerly known as Google My Business.

Using the enhanced tools of Google Business Profile, marketers have a platform to create a visible online presence, interact with prospects, offer expertise, and effectively display their products and services.

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