WordPress page builderBeaver Builder is a drag and drop page builder for WordPress that is trusted by some of the biggest brands in web design and internet marketing. Professional website designers love Beaver Builder because it drastically reduces the time required to produce a highly professional website. And novice DIY business owners love it because they can quickly produce a website without any knowledge of HTML that looks like it was created by a pro.

Although you can use any WordPress page builder with displayClicks, we have chosen to include Beaver Builder Pro at no extra charge.

What is Beaver Builder?

Beaver Builder is a WordPress page builder that lets you create web pages with a drag and drop interface that’s simple to use. Even beginners can create a website in minutes since Beaver Builder comes with page templates that are easy to edit.

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Beaver Builder features front-end editing that allows you to see what your page will look like as you’re building it. Beaver Builder, therefore, removes the necessity for coding and HTML knowledge, replacing it with web design options that are easily accomplished.

Professional web designers love Beaver Builder because it also allows them to easily modify pages with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, while also allowing for site-wide modifications both within the page builder and a child theme. This also benefits DIY users, who can get their site to 99% completion, and have a professional add the finishing custom modifications.

Characteristics of Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a creation of FastLine Media, which started out creating websites for large companies. Over time, clients requested custom websites over which they had complete control to edit the text and images on every page. Seeing the need for a professional-grade page builder for WordPress that was easy to use by people without technical knowledge, Beaver Builder was born.

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At its core, therefore, Beaver Builder is a professional-grade, drag and drop page builder for WordPress that is easy to use without technical knowledge.

Beaver Builder focuses on providing a simple and powerful, user-friendly page builder that emphasizes function over form. Many other page builders create a bloated, unstable website that may not perform well and possibly harm SEO, even if it looks good from the outside.

Sustainability, function, and performance are at the core of Beaver Builder. The page builder is designed to easily create web pages while producing a website that performs well, without the need for trendy, one-off apps or software additions that slow or crash the site.

Beaver Builder is Trusted by the Biggest Brands

For these reasons, and more, Beaver Builder is the WordPress drag and drop page builder trusted by some of the biggest brands in the industry. Furthermore, BeaverBuilder is included with every displayClicks account for these exact reasons.

Besides displayClicks, Beaver Builder is used by hundreds of thousands of companies around the world, including:

  • Crowd Favorite, who uses Beaver Builder as the go-to tool to create client websites.
  • Disney, who uses Beaver Builder for d23.com, a Disney fan membership website.
  • Large companies such as Janus Financial, Liquid Web, PixelJar, WP Engine, MindSize, eWebscapes, and GoDaddy use Beaver Builder.

Take Away

Not too many years ago, drag and drop page builders performed so badly that a professional web design company would not have been caught dead using one.

Today, however, the best page builders are so sophisticated they are used by the biggest and most influential web designers on the planet. As a matter of fact, it would be difficult for them to compete, if they did not use a web design tool like Beaver Builder.

As a web design and internet marketing company, we decided to create displayClicks, a brand that provides pro-level managed WordPress hosting with an enterprise drag and drop page builder, bundled with the plugins (software) we use to move our clients to the top of Google. And, we wanted to provide the package at a super competitive price.

Although you can use any WordPress page builder with displayClicks, we have chosen to include Beaver Builder Pro at no extra charge.

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