YouTube marketing is important for every company generating income-producing leads on the internet. In this webinar, Allan McNabb with Image Building Media and Jorge Vazquez with Graystone Investment Group talk about marketing with YouTube, showing you the basics of using YouTube to build an audience and generate leads.

Webinar Cheat Sheet

Here is the cheat sheet we provided the agents who attended the webinar. Although we did not cover all the items during the webinar, we are making all the information available here.

Download the complete PDF of the webinar cheat sheet: YouTube Basic Training.

Topics Cover in the Webinar

During the video, we give you valuable tips and tricks. The topics covered include:

  • YouTube channel.
  • Create regular content.
  • Write an engaging title.
  • Use a custom thumbnail.
  • Write a description.
  • Add subtitles / captions.
  • Add tags.

Video Transcript

Allan McNabb: Alright, so as we get started tonight, I’ve got Ray Hendricks, we’ll meet him in a few minutes. But we’ve got Jorge Vazquez with Graystone Investment Group, and he’s a little under the weather. But he did come in to speak with us just for a few moments, and to get us started off. So Jorge, if you would go on and mention some things for us to get started, please.

Jorge Vazquez: Awesome, awesome, guys, you have a super team here, with everyone that’s here. We got a ton of years of experience with YouTube. I’m very excited about this training. My voice is getting better. But before it was like, you could barely hear me. So I want to thank you for having me in this training. So YouTube, my friend, is one of the most powerful platforms online. If you’re not doing it you’re crazy. There are two ways that you can use YouTube: To waste your time or to make money. So here is the… Okay, I’m still here. Okay, I thought I was gone for a second. [chuckle] So it’s up to you how you use it, okay? So to make money, I think it’s one of the best platforms that can elevate your image by providing good content, by providing good information, coming up with good quality videos. It’s one of the best tools to make you stand up… Stand out, I’m sorry, from your competition. I couldn’t tell you how many, how much business I have done, because somebody says, “You know, that video that you created through YouTube was so amazing, right to the point that I decided to go with you.” So it’s a really good tool. If you want to show yourself, showcase yourself as the professional that you are, you gotta have it, man. And it has to look really sharp. So very excited to hear what the professionals have to say. And I’m just here, very excited to learn more today.

Allan McNabb: Jorge, we appreciate that so much. And you’ve got years of expertise with YouTube, and have done a great job with that, so we appreciate you being in here with us tonight, as much time as you’re able to spend with us we appreciate that. So we want to go on and get started really quickly. And besides Jorge, we’ve got Ray Hendricks with Graystone Investment Group also going to be chiming in here throughout our meeting, and we’re going to be asking for all of your comments and all of your questions.

Goal of YouTube Marketing

And so let me just get a little introduction going here. And we want to talk about the goal of YouTube marketing. And the goal of YouTube marketing just like any other social media platform is to generate leads, and to convert those into customers. And you can do that on YouTube, but it’s really hard to convert them. Because somehow they’re going to have to contact you. So if you can use YouTube to drive them to your website, and we’ll be talking a little bit about how you do that. And as a matter of fact, Jorge, before you leave, I want to get you to talk about our next training in two weeks, Thursday at 5:00 PM. It’s going to be on setting up your YouTube channel to look like an industry expert, I’m excited about that training.

Set Up Your YouTube Channel

And when you set up your channel, you include a link to your website. And for every video you put on YouTube, you also include at least one link to your website, so that you can drive people to your website. And that’s where you can do lead generation, that’s where you can convert them into customers, that’s where they get into your database. And remember, the highest return on investment of marketing is email marketing. So we want to eventually get them into our database so that we can market to them. We want to grow our followers, we want to grow our connections, we want to get them to our website, we want to get them into our database, and we want to convert them into customers. And Jorge, I want to bring you in here ’cause I know your time is limited. So give us some thoughts on using YouTube to generate leads and to get more customers, if you would, please.

Jorge Vazquez: Absolutely. I mean, like I said before, is YouTube… There’s something magical about, ever since TV showed up, right? There was something magical about seeing somebody live, seeing movies… Ever since there’s television, right? There’s a reason why, when it comes to marketing, television commercials, TV commercials are the most expensive because they convince people, anything you see on TV, you think is real. Anything you see on TV, you think is a fact. So we’re already programmed to be more open to seeing something on a video and agreeing on it, buying that product than something in a picture. It’s part of our human nature. We’re going to say, “Okay, if he’s saying that in a video, it must be true. If he’s promoting it in a video, it must be the best thing in the world.” So don’t underestimate the power of video. To me video has, is 300% more effective than pictures, tests, anything else you do, so…

But the same way, that is very important, the same way that, it could really enhance your image, your branding, it could also hurt your image and branding. So, those of you who know that there’re videos out there that get leaked about something you did, you’re not supposed to do, and those are the things that really hurt you. So, video could go either way. And what I’m trying to say to you is take your time to make sure that the videos are professional, but one video to me is worth it, it’s like I said, video is like, any time you have a video is like 1000 words, right? A million words, if you have an hour, two-hour video versus doing an article or something like that. But also, think about any time you put a video out there, it’s kind of like a salesperson that stays there forever, it’s a salesperson that stays there. As long as that video is out there.

It’s going to have a shelf life, an infinite shelf life. And you know one of the things that I tell the agents to motivate them, Allan? I say, these videos will be your legacy. Okay, and some of us, I think I had an Agent Moe, that said, “Okay, I’m going to change my channel to my last name.” But think about this guys, this is something you leave for your kids, your grandkids and generations to come, to see how grandpa Jorge Vazquez kicked ass back in the 2020s. It’s a legacy that you leave for people, if you’re like me, focusing on education, focusing on giving people value in the videos, you don’t know who you’re going to help five, 10 years from now. You don’t know what family member’s going to be inspired by looking at one of your videos and saying, “You know, I want to be like Uncle Jorge, or Great Grandpa Jorge.” To me, I take videos very serious because I know that once they’re there, chances are, Allan, even if I delete them, they’ll be there on the internet somehow.

Allan McNabb: That’s right.

Jorge Vazquez: It’s how you use them. Are you going to use them for something good, you’re going to use the powers for good or bad? It’s up to you, use them for good.

Allan McNabb: That’s right. Now, and before you go, Jorge, I want to talk about why use YouTube, and then I want to look at… First thing we’re going to talk about is the channel, and if you can hang in here with us just long enough for that, ’cause I want you to really talk… Get everybody excited about the next training, but why YouTube? Well, YouTube is the number two website used in the world, and it is the number two search engine in the world. If that’s not enough reason why to use YouTube. And you can get on YouTube for free. You can use YouTube as a video server that would cost you hundreds of dollars a month, but it’s free, and you can put that on your website for free. And Jorge, as you were talking about just a little bit earlier, the consumers watch video, and so you’ve got to do video, you’ve got to be on YouTube, it is number two, only to Google, and people work their brains…

Jorge Vazquez: They’re the same company.

Allan McNabb: Yeah, yeah, they’re the same company, but the websites, Google’s number one, YouTube’s number two, people work their brains out to get on Google, and YouTube says here, come be on YouTube for free. That’s why you gotta be there, so speak about that for just a moment Jorge.

Jorge Vazquez: I think that we’re spoiled, right? Because we get this free service, we’re able to upload videos. When you think about it, what they’re offering you is worth tens of thousands of dollars on a yearly basis, you have your own studio pretty much. Where you could broadcast live anywhere in the world. What YouTube has done for me, is that it has allowed me to sell my product globally, I don’t worry about just people here in Florida, I’m selling properties to people in Hong Kong, China, Brasil, Canada. How else, Allan how the freaking else are you going to be able to sell a property on the other side of the world if it’s not through video? But that’s just one example only. It’s just like I was saying, it is a great product. It’s searchable, right? Because people don’t think about this, you could do as many videos as you want in Facebook, they’re not SEO. They’re not going to show anywhere, so they’re only going to show within the platform. And Facebook is huge, so they got their own credit and stuff like that, but this is…

You have your own television station, you’re able to broadcast to the rest of the world, you could sell things that you would not be able to sell with pictures, let me tell you that. You might be able to sell up, like in my case real estate. You might be able to sell properties with a few pictures, but that investor when they’re going to write the check, the first thing they say, “Can you send me a video please?” To me, it’s very important, like I said it’s a studio where you could do everything you want, anything and everything that you could think of and dream of. If you want to be a professional YouTuber and make money, you want to create your own channel, you can do it. The sky is the limit man. And so those are the reasons why I love YouTube so much.

Allan McNabb: Exactly.

Jorge Vazquez: You tricked me into this, you said a couple of minutes and now I’m 15.

Allan McNabb: I know, hey, hey, and I need you just for one more thing, because… And then I can hear your voice starting to go. But I do want to give a plug for what we’re going to be doing in two weeks. And that’s our next topic, and if you… Anybody’s got our cheat sheet, we’re down to the basics, and we’re going to be talking about… We’re going to be talking… The basics. The first thing is you gotta get your channel set up. And I’ve got the Graystone channel up on the screen, I’m sharing that right now, and you can see there’s some art there, a link there, you can see there are videos there, you go to this channel and it’s very impressive. And now, our training in two weeks, Thursday, five o’clock, is going to be all about this channel, this one page. And even if you’re new in business or real estate and you’ve got just a few videos, we’re going to show you how to take this and look like you’re an expert and you’ve been in the industry for years. And Jorge, talk about that just a little bit, and then I know we’ve gotta let you go.

Jorge Vazquez: This is the last one, right?

Allan McNabb: This is the last one, brother, I promise, right here, man.

Jorge Vazquez: So, pretty much what we’re doing here is… Like in our case, also as friends, we’re getting together and we’re saying, “Okay, how can we make each other’s website or in this case, our YouTube page channel look better?” And as a group, as a team, we’re saying, “Okay, if you have a really good video about, let’s say, wholesaling, can I share that on my page? Can that be one of the tips that I provide my investors that are looking at the page? ‘Cause your video’s better than mine. When I have a video that’s better than yours on corporate rentals.” So pretty much all in a nutshell is, how do you leverage with what you have, leverage the tools on YouTube, and make your channel look as attractive as possible?

I’m just going to give a quick example. You guys are looking at the screen right now. Typically, YouTube gives you two defaults, that’s it. Most recently uploaded and then the most views, right? But what happens to the most views? Most views are typically the video that you’ve had up there for five years. So the problem with that is that even though you want to feature that video, it’s very hard because then you say, “Okay, do I really want to put as my main video, a video that’s five years old.” And if you put the new content because the video just started going, then those new videos only have 10, 15 views. So this allows you… The techniques that we’re going to show you in the next meeting… Next, Ray and is going to allow you to mix it up, have both… Best of both worlds, we have some videos that we’re going to show. Like in my case here, we have two videos that are 1000 plus. Plus, we have a few videos that are within the last nine months. So I’m able to accomplish both. I do want to give a shout-out to Moe Medley, he helped me with that logo on the top. Thank you, Moe, appreciate it.

But it’s all about perception, it’s all about perception. If you look at the page, by the way, I don’t have a million followers, but if you look at the channel, it looks like a pretty cool channel, a very informative channel, it looks like it’s going to have a lot of content. So we’re going to be talking about that in about two weeks and it’s a really cool concept, and we’re going to be featuring a couple of the agents… Actually, agents or people outside of Graystone. If you have a page, you want to change videos, this is the time. So thank you for the time, guys, appreciate it, and I leave you with the best… Second best thing, which is Ray. [chuckle] Ray, just giving you a hard time, man, I love you. I’ll leave you guys, if you need anything else, let me know, alright.

Allan McNabb: Hey Jorge, we appreciate that, man. And I do want to call everybody’s attention. In the large banner, Graystone Investment Group, and on the bottom right-hand side is a link to the website, so important. We’ll be showing you how to do that in two weeks, Thursday, five o’clock, and also how to layout your channel, and we’re going to give you some tips and tricks. You may say, “I don’t have that many videos.” That’s okay, we’re going to show you how to fill it up anyway and to use that to increase your partners and it’s going to look like you’ve been doing all sorts of videos. We’ll show you some ways to work with those partnerships also. So Ray, let me come to you for a second. We’re going to be… Going back to our cheat sheet in a moment, and so give us your thoughts, let us know if there’re any questions out there and anything like that.

Ray Hendricks: Well, the one thing that I do want to focus on is knowing that there’s a whole bunch to Facebook. And like you said, just the SEO properties period, is one of the best things that we have going as far as YouTube goals ’cause we know Google and YouTube are like this, they’re buddies. Another thing is, you’re able to use YouTube to not only get followers, but also to gain followers, so you can actually use it like social media. So you can actually go to somebody’s page, you can start commenting under their page, liking their videos, and other YouTubers are coming to your page and start liking your page as well. So there’s a little community there. So you can actually get your presence known that way as well.

Allan McNabb: That’s right, YouTube videos appear on the first page of Google search results. And to note with that, no Facebook videos appear anywhere on Google. And so, yeah, this is really important for your marketing, it’s very important for your SEO, it’s very important to be found because the most powerful search engine in the world owns YouTube, and 90 plus percent of all search, I forget what is 90 something, 90 plus percent all going to Google. So I’ll make a bold statement. If you’re going to be successful in business, you gotta be on YouTube, it’s pretty much… That’s pretty much just the way that it is. And if you’re in… Go ahead.

Ray Hendricks: Oh, I’m sorry about that, Allan. Another thing that I want to touch on real quick, and I don’t know if you were going to get to it, and I think that you probably would have, but instead of putting a Facebook video on Facebook, right, and then trying to put it on YouTube, you actually upload it to YouTube first and then share that page out to Facebook and YouTube… I mean Facebook and LinkedIn and all of those other social media sites because once people click on it all your views are going right to YouTube and it’s being SEO tracked and everything else so it helps the video out.

Allan McNabb: Yeah, you know, so that’s one of the techniques and one of the goals and when we put a video on YouTube, we’re wanting to put it out on all of our channels to bring them to YouTube to concern the video, hopefully subscribe to our channel, to like it, to comment, all of that which the algorithm of YouTube and Google is just going to boost that up, more people are going to see it.

Ray Hendricks: Absolutely.

Allan McNabb: And we also want to be driving them to our website to see it because when they go to our website, beside the video, and if we got an article there with it, beside that, is probably a lead generation form. So they’ll say, “Oh man, I like this, I need to find out more about this,” or whatever, fill out that form, then they’re in your database, then you email market to them, and you’re off to the races. So all of those strategies used together, fabulous, that’s exactly how to do it.

Ray Hendricks: Now, Allan, with your… Now you build websites, and the thing that I want to ask is, is there any way to add like kind of the YouTube player onto the site?

Embed YouTube Videos in Your Website

Allan McNabb: Good question. And, let me… And it’s fine that we go out of order a little bit because this is really important. If you have our cheat sheet that near the bottom of page one, let’s go on and skip to that because this is sort of in the marketing realm. And I just so happened to prepare for our meeting just one example, just one example here. This is our website. This is a recent webinar that we had. And so the YouTube video is embedded right on the web page. And I’ll just show you very quickly, many of you probably know how this works.

What I’m going to do… And so just bear with me I hadn’t… Well, yeah, I can just go on and click one of these and let it open up. You can go and you can share most videos with YouTube allow you to put them on your website, that’s free content people. And that is an option for every video creator that owns the video, whether or not it’s allowed to be embedded in websites, if they give you permission, you can do it. So if you find a video that you really like, you can write an article about it, you can put it right on that web page. And all you do is you click share, like I did here, you just click Share, you click embed, and it gives you this code right here, you just paste this code onto your web page. And that video would then be displayed on your web page. Now, let me just show you a little bit about this. And there’s… I would say there’re two to three techniques that are really good for this. This is one technique. And basically, what we have here at the top, we have our editorial information.

Allan McNabb: I’ve got a link to the cheat sheet that we use during the training, I’ve got a basic outline of what we’re going to be talking about. And all of this is really, really, really good for SEO everybody. And it also helps the people who are coming to watch, and then I’ve got the video, then I’ve got a transcript below that. So this ends up being around 8000 words on this article. And so this is all great for SEO. So yes, you can put this these, Google gives you the code to put these right on your articles, and it’s super easy to copy, paste, boom, there you go. No problems at all. And perhaps, Ray, when we get, you know, sort of past the introductory trainings and we get into some of the how do you do basic stuff, perhaps this is one of the things we’ll cover because it’s really important.

Ray Hendricks: Absolutely.

Allan McNabb: Alright, so any thoughts there Ray before we move on?

Ray Hendricks: No I have nothing on that. We’ll try to… We could be here all day.

Allan McNabb: Alright.

Ray Hendricks: Talking about YouTube.

Allan McNabb: Yeah. So I will give you this, one of the tips that I’ve got. I’ve got it on your cheat sheets. And I’ve also got it in the links on page two is Scribie. You can get a transcript of your video for a super affordable here, super, super affordable. And if you’re going to do a… If you’re going to do a video, you’re going to put all the work into it, you know, you really should just go on and take the next step, get a transcript, and in just a little bit, we will talk about… We’ll also be talking about the subtitles and the captions which are super important for visibility on YouTube, we’ll talk about that just a little bit also. Alright guys, so what I want to do is I want to go back to our cheat sheet and again, you can download this on the Zoom meeting, you can go to the Facebook pages, or and you can get the link and you can get this cheat sheet and when we have it also as you saw before when we get this on our website we’ll have it there also.

Alright, so the basics, just get your channel, get your channel, get your… A decent graphic, get the link to your website there that’s so important, you can get the links to your other major social media channels you saw from Jorge with the Graystone channel as we displayed just a few minutes ago. And once you have some videos put those videos on your channel and in the training two weeks from now, Thursday, 5:00 PM we’ll show you how to really beef that up and say, you only got two, three, four or five videos we’re going to show you how to put a lot more videos on there and really give yourself boost up your credibility, so that’s in two weeks. The whole training is just about that one page, your YouTube channel so I’ll raise some things you want to be doing.

Create Regular Content: Videos

You want to create regular content, we talked about this in a past webinar, past training and we went through creating videos, we’ve had some of the Graystone folks do a great job. Yourself comes to mind, Nadia comes to mind. I’ve seen some others with some other agents and it’s just like anything else, you start something out, like riding a bike as a kid the first thing you’re going to do, you’re going to get on you’re going to fall off then you’re going to keep getting on and fall off, get on, get on, get on and pretty soon you find that, “Hey, I can get these videos and I can do a few things with them. I can put them on YouTube, I put them on my website,” and Ray, you’re a good example of that I don’t know how long you’ve been doing videos and editing videos but you’ve got your show on Tuesday and how long does it take you to get your video ready? I know it’s on YouTube almost immediately, how long does it take you to get your video ready for YouTube?

Ray Hendricks: Maybe about, I’d say about 20 minutes yeah.

Allan McNabb: Yeah, as a business person and I know we’ve got a lot of real estate professionals on with us, we’ve got others with us, we’ve got a web designer and others on with us, as a business person your primary job is sales and marketing.

Ray Hendricks: Absolutely.

Allan McNabb: And so you’ve gotta be on the social media, you gotta be on the YouTube, you got… So this is part of the job and then when you get your business big enough you can outsource or just bring somebody on inside to do it for you but in the beginning we all have to do it for ourselves and so create regular content and the first five seconds are the most important. Because somebody is going to look at that, they’re going to decide if this is interesting or this is informative and boom first five seconds is the most important and as we talked in that previous webinar target your audience, make them interesting and make them informative so that’s super important.

Write an Engaging Title

Alright, so let me share my screen and Ray, as I do that if we have any questions that are coming in or any information to share do that then I’m going to be sharing my screen and go to a different page here. Alright, so these are some videos I’m going to show you just a little bit later but let me do this. I am going to… I’m going to go here and let me just open up a video that I hope is going to… Let me open there. I’m wanting to… I think I might have something in the way here, let me just go to the studio. I’m just going to pull up my videos and let me just take a recent video and edit it. Okay, so this will let us see as we talk about the basics here, when you upload a video it’s going to take it a little while and so you can go on and be taking care of these things. So you want to create regular content, you want to write an engaging title, you want to include keywords, you don’t want to sensationalize. But so your title goes right here, this is one of our products drive sales pro and this is a tutorial about adding contacts and sending emails. So if someone’s searching YouTube this is not something they’re probably going to be interested in, we’re using one of this video as…

Write a Good Description

The videos we share to existing customers. And so this isn’t a great example of having a really exciting title because it’s not a marketing video it’s a tutorial but this is where you would put it. You would put your title here and just like an article try to make it catchy, try to grab people’s attention, and then you put in a description about what… Regarding what this is about. And at this point is where we think about the SEO or being found on YouTube or on Google. Now, again this is a terrible example. This is a tutorial but if this was a marketing video, we would want to have our keywords. Let’s say if it’s real estate, let’s say if it’s real estate in Tampa or Tampa Bay, if it was real estate in a particular neighborhood, we would want to include those words in the title. We would want to include those important words in the description and when you do the description, you want those important words near the beginning of the description as much as possible. And you also want to include a link to your website. Great for SEO. You want to push people to your website.

Use a Custom Thumbnail

Then I’ll just move on down through the page here. You want to include a custom thumbnail. Now, the thumbnails that you can have a choice of with YouTube, maybe sometimes they’re okay, but most of the time they’re not. And so just get a free graphics program, just make a very simple thumbnail. If you’re using a program to edit your video, it probably has the ability just to snatch one right there from a frame of the video and just go on and include that. It’ll be much better and look a lot better. Choose your audience, it’s not made for kids. There’s no age restriction here.

Add Tags for SEO

And then we’ve got tags. Alright, so the importance of using tags is that this is how you will be found when people are searching. So what are we doing here? We’ve got ActiveCampaign, drive sale pro, CRM, email database. And so whatever is important to you. If it’s Tampa real estate, neighborhood, whatever it is, real estate, homes with a certain criteria or a certain geographic area or a certain budget, that goes here. Now Ray, I’m going to pull up another page here, so if you’ve got any thoughts there, share those with us or any information as I pull up the next page. I’m going to be pulling up TubeBuddy. So Ray, any thoughts there?

Ray Hendricks: Yeah, I think that tags are very important as you said. Some people put the wrong tags on there, so we gotta talk about the importance of being accurate with your tags because you don’t want to show up where nobody is going to really look for you or your information.

Allan McNabb: Yeah, that’s right. And you don’t want to be spammy. You don’t want to put tags on there that you know everybody’s searching for, but your video’s not about that.

Ray Hendricks: Right.

Allan McNabb: You want to be honest about it. If there’s a tag out there that’s really hot in your industry and people are really searching for, make a video about that, that’s the thing to do. We don’t need to be dishonest about putting tags that ought not to be there. Alright, so tags are super important so I’ll just show you TubeBuddy really quickly. They’ve got a free version. Their first paid level is $9 a month. This is amazing, amazing application. It integrates with your YouTube channel. And try the free one out. The little bit that you can do, it will give you maybe four or five of the top tags to use. And then if you like that, go on and move up with the paid version and this saves a ton of time. It takes the guesswork out. It tells you what the popular tags are, the most important tags based on the content of your video. This thing is amazing. And you may have seen when I was searching for it, they put YouTube, TubeBuddy rather, number one rated YouTube channel management, and it is. So you can get it for free. You can try it. The free version doesn’t expire and it’s great. So I encourage everybody to do that. It’ll save you a ton of time.

Okay, Ray, let’s go down through here a little bit more. I’m back to the cheat sheet. We’ve got a good title, we’ve got a good description with our website URL, we’ve got the tags and also on this page, we have the playlists. Now the playlists are super, super important. In two weeks, Thursday, five o’clock, when we talk about making your channel look legit, look real, look engaging, looking like, “Yeah, this person’s really got it going on. Yeah, I need to call this person or check out this business.” Playlists is what helps you build that more than anything. The other thing is that playlists allow people interested in a topic to binge-watch your videos.

So let’s say with ours, they’re interested in internet marketing, we’ve got several videos there with that. They can go to our playlist and they can with one click watch all of our videos. So playlists are super important, and you just click here. You click the playlists that are applicable. If you want to create a new playlist, you just do it right here, and you add that and you move forward. Super important, but one of those things that a lot of people, they’re just in a hurry. And it takes just a few seconds, and it’s so really important to do. Alright. Next are the in-screen and the cards. I did prepare a little bit and I’ve got a couple of videos to show us…

Show us right here. So this is a Graystone video we made for them, we put together for them, edited for them a few years ago. And you’ve seen it before, you’ve got the little eye right here, and during the video, these pop up and they can click that and they can go down here, they can click. And they can go to these other places. These are the cards. And these are super important. If you want to have your folks engaged, you want them to be able to click, put some cards on there, and it does take a little bit of time to do. I typically won’t do it when I’m first doing a video, I’m in a hurry, I’m putting it up there, but if it’s going to be a good video, I might come back and do it. The end screens, I’ve got an example here for you, are really super important because this is where at the end of the video, you’ve seen it, at the end of the video, when these cards come up, this is where people can click on these. This one they click and go to the website. This one, they click and they go to the suggested video we would like for them to see next. So if you really want to get into your YouTube marketing, you can add those on there. They take a little bit of time to do.

Ray Hendricks: Allan, really quick. We have a question from Elaine.

Allan McNabb: Go for it.

Ray Hendricks: She’s asking if a Gmail does not associate it with your brand, can be used to establish a channel.

Allan McNabb: Okay, so the question was again… And Elaine, thank you for being here. I know Elaine personally. Appreciate you being here. Elaine is a web designer here in Tampa, does a great job. And Elaine, if you haven’t, go on and put your business and URL there in the chat. That way, anybody wanting to reach out or check you out there they can do that, so I appreciate that. The question was Ray, help me to understand, is that… Go ahead.

Ray Hendricks: No, no. Go ahead. I thought you were asking me to tell you again.

Yeah, if you would, help me just to qualify.

So a Gmail, not associated with your brand can be used to establish a channel. So she’s wondering if you can use a Gmail that you have, that’s not really associated with your brand, but you can use that to establish a channel.

Allan McNabb: Absolutely, you sure can. As a matter of fact, with a Google account, Google some years ago, With a single Google account, you get Gmail, you get Drive, you get Google Analytics, you get all these things. With a single Google account, actually, whether it’s tied to Gmail or not. I’ve got… One of my Google accounts… Well, I’ve got two of them that I don’t actually even have a Gmail address for. I signed up with a branded email address,, and I don’t even have a Gmail address. But you can have a Google account based on just a regular branded email address, and you can open… I don’t even know if there’s a limit to the number of YouTube channels that you can open, you can open multiple branded YouTube channels. Elaine, yeah, you can have a Gmail address not associated with your brand at all. You could even have a Google account that didn’t even have a Gmail address and use that for your brand, it just… Quite honestly, it doesn’t matter.

And the other thing you can do, you can transfer your videos from channel to channel, so let’s say that maybe you’ve rebranded and maybe you’ve got a different channel that you started, maybe like in the old days, we would use just our personal YouTube for our business videos. You can take and you can transfer all of those videos to a channel. And so you got all sorts of flexibility, so Elaine, Yeah, the answer to your question is yes. And hey, I really appreciate that. Thanks so much and look forward to seeing you at our networking meeting on Wednesday.

Add Subtitles / Captions

Alright, so we’ve got this page covered right here. I do… There are some important things here, of course, I put the record date, I put the location because the Tampa area is very important for us with marketing. The categories, I’ve got education, I’ve got the language of the subtitles and this is where I wanted to get to because this is something that’s oftentimes missed. Because if you’ve ever checked out the YouTube auto-generated subtitles, they are terrible, absolutely terrible. It just does a terrible job. I’ve not seen anybody do a study on ranking, but you look at the YouTube videos that rank in Google Search results, and I would be willing to bet, they all have… Where the user has generated the real legit captions and subtitles. And…

And it’s super easy to do, folks, it’s going to help you with your ranking, it’s going to help with your user experience, and you say you look at the videos and you say the video, it’s got at the bottom, the writing, as it goes, at the bottom, it’s got the writing and as the person is speaking or that things are happening, the words are going, This is how that happens. Okay, so.

What About Video Effects?

Ray Hendricks: How do you feel about adding effects to your videos as well?

Allan McNabb: Okay, so… Ray, thank you for that. So it depends on what the… It depends on what the effects are. If you’ve got, for example, on your video, you’re showing slides, you’ve got call to action, the call to go to a website to maybe you have a branded URL on there, a lot of marketers like to have red arrows that shoot places. That’s great. If you watch the hottest videos today, go to your industry, check out. The videos that get millions of views, what are they doing, make sure you’re getting a current video, not an old video…

Ray Hendricks: Right.

Allan McNabb: And you know, the long intro, definitely out… Short intro, maybe. One of the greatest techniques, because remember the first five seconds are the most important. So if you’ve got a… They’re not seeing the person, they don’t know what it’s about, and they have no idea if they’re going to be… This has got a dork or whatever on there. You’re going to have trouble. Some of the most successful videos today start out with the hook, first thing, boom there it is. And then after they give the hook a short intro hook, five, 10 seconds, then they’ll have the animated intro after that. So the person, the hook, the intro, you got five seconds, 10 seconds to hook somebody in, get them hooked to where they know, “I want to check out this video,” then have your animated intro, then go to the body of your video.

Go for it. Yeah, I go for it… So the thing is, with marketing, it’s all about seeing what works and it changes over time. What worked two, three, four, five years ago? Especially video, I mean things are different now. So stay current, stay on top of what’s going on, what’s working today, the big players that are spending thousands of dollars to have somebody produce a video for them and to do all the testing to see what works, these companies they spend millions a year testing to see what works. You know us that don’t have the millions to spend, we basically let them do our homework for us, and then we just get it from them, this is the format that works. Okay, so yeah, and as far as the animation inside the videos, personally not a fan of it. There’s a couple of little techniques that are very effective, but a lot of moving around and stuff, generally for a business video, I’m just not a big fan of it.

How Long Should a YouTube Video Be?

Ray Hendricks: How long, do you think a video should be.

Allan McNabb: Okay, very good question. How long should a video be? Okay, so now with YouTube on TV, things have changed considerably over just even the last couple of years. So it used to be categorically two, two and a half minutes was the perfect time, so that is still a very good time. If you have a very succinct message, you’re going to get out to your audience in a short, concise period of time, perfect. From there, you’re going to jump to about 30 minutes, because either you have something that’s really short, concise that they can… They can digest very quickly and move on, which especially B2B customers, very important. And that would be for the real estate industry those, selling to investors, those are professionals, those are higher net worth, they’re not going to sit around for 30 minutes waiting to get the answer they want it in five seconds. But then at the other end of the spectrum, you have the one who is going to watch long-form video, now, this especially took off when people with Smart TV started watching YouTube on their TVs.

So 20 minutes is… That’s almost too short, because someone who’s going to pull it up on their television, they want to consume a good amount of content. They may not want to… You don’t have to necessarily keep them for an hour, you don’t necessarily have to keep them for 45 minutes, but 30 minutes is generally a pretty good amount of time for me to pull you up on my television. And so you sort of go from two, two and a half, three minutes, and then you sort of… If you’re going to commit to longer-form video, you gotta commit. Now, there’s one other thing. If you’re going to go live on any of the social platforms, longer is better, because number one, people have to find you. And so longer is better. So if you’re going to go live generally, you’re going to go 30 minutes is getting short, 30, 45 minutes an hour. Maybe in some cases, longer depending on what the event is, so live video longer is better. So we do these for about an hour and we’re coming up on about an hour right now, Ray. Anything else? Any other questions or observations there before we start wrapping up?

Ray Hendricks: No we can start it.

Allan McNabb: Alright, so listen, everybody. Thanks for being here. Please get the cheat sheet, if you don’t have it yet. If for some reason you don’t get that, then just watch our website, We’ll have this posted pretty soon, we’re a little bit behind on our videos, thank goodness, we’re really busy. So watch for that, we’ll have the cheat sheet there, that’s really where you pick up a lot of the information at the bottom of the cheat sheet are some links that I like for more information, and also the links to some things we’ve talked about here. So again, everybody, thanks for being with us, Ray, close this out on your end, and I’ll close this out on our end.

Ray Hendricks: Alright, well, we appreciate you guys joining us if you are an agent that’s looking for a great brokerage to work at, here at Graystone, we’d love to have you, show you how to invest, how to wholesale, how to do traditional real estate, everything else. So just make sure that you… Just hit us up.

Allan McNabb: Great, everybody I’m Allan McNabb with Image Building Media. Appreciate you being here. We usually have hundreds of people throughout all the pages the videos showing live on, we appreciate all of them watching on YouTube Live, we appreciate that very much. And again, two weeks, Thursday, 5:00 PM, I forget the date to that. Today is June 4th in two weeks, 5:00 PM, we’re going to talk about the YouTube Channel, to make you look like you’re a hero in your industry. Make sure you’re there for that and for now, good night, thank you for being with us.

Ray Hendricks: Goodnight…

Allan McNabb: Everyone.

Ray Hendricks: And that will be June 18th.

Allan McNabb: June 18th, June 18th. Alright, thanks everybody.

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