Many businesses post videos to YouTube, but neglect to create a YouTube channel that helps visitors find important videos, while also creating the impression that the company is a reputable industry leader.

In this webinar, Allan McNabb with Image Building Media and Jorge Vazquez with Graystone Investment Group show you how to create a YouTube channel, and give visitors a positive impression even if you are just starting to post videos on YouTube.

Webinar Cheat Sheet

Here is the cheat sheet we provided the agents who attended the webinar. Although we did not cover all the items during the webinar, we are making all the information available here.

Download the complete PDF of the webinar cheat sheet: Webinar How to Create a Professional YouTube Channel.

Topics Cover in the Webinar

During the video, we give you valuable tips and tricks. The topics covered include:

  • What is a YouTube Channel?
  • What is YouTube Studio?
  • How to set up a YouTube Brand Account for your business
  • How to Navigate to Your YouTube Channel and Design Studio
  • How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel
  • How to Use Playlists to “Beef Up” Your Channel
  • Showcase Partners on your Channel as Marketing Strategy

Video Transcript

Allan McNabb: Alright, we’re going live on Facebook, and this is Allan McNabb with Image Building Media, and we’re going to be talking about creating a professional YouTube channel today. And there are some things you may never hear of anywhere else. We’re going to show you some tricks and some tips and even if you’re brand new in business and maybe you’ve just got one or two videos, we’re going to show you how to make yourself look like you are super big on Facebook. So Jorge, if you would give us some opening comments while I come over and work a little bit on Facebook, getting that out to everybody that’s watching us there. So give us some comments there Jorge to get us started.

Jorge Vazquez: Hello guys, my name is Jorge Vazquez, I’m CEO of Graystone Investment Group. Why am I here, right? Because I’ve been utilizing this technology for years. I believe it’s one of the main tools that has helped me take my company to the next level, and I love it. I love videos, actually, just a few seconds ago, I had an agent who walked into my office bringing a check, which usually doesn’t happen anymore nowadays and I’m like, “Are you recording this? [chuckle] Let’s record this moment.” Videos, people like videos. There’s a reason why cable is still relevant. You have cable, you have satellites, you have every potential big… What do you call it? Movie company, whatever, Netflix, videos is one of the most easiest way to get your message across, and YouTube is free. People forget about what a great tool YouTube is, and it’s totally free. When you think about it, if it was a paid application, it would cost you thousands of dollars to get all of this technology or to do it on your own. So I believe Facebook is super important for your business and it’s something that you need to master, you need to know how to do it.

Allan McNabb: That’s absolutely right, Jorge. And let me go over just some… I’m going to share my screen here and let me go over a few little basic things there, and… I’m having a little technical difficulty, it looks like here. Let me see here. Alright, so let me share my screen here, and we’re going to just cover some basics really quickly and with creating a professional YouTube channel, and that is so important, Jorge has mentioned several times that perception is reality and so if somebody comes to your channel, they see you’ve got one or two videos, they’re going to say, “Yeah, you know, I’m not going to… I’m not going to be worrying about that person or worrying about watching their YouTube videos, I mean, they’re just getting started. I want a professional that’s been out there for a while.” Well, we’re going to show you how to make your YouTube channel look awesome even if you are just getting started in business. And this is so important because YouTube is the second most popular website and with that, the most… Second most popular website, second most popular search engine and it’s just so important to be on YouTube.

What is a YouTube Channel?

Alright, so what is a YouTube channel? If you were to put down just super basic, what is a YouTube channel, and by the way, let me let you know that the cheat sheet, I put that in the chat already, I invite you to download the cheat sheet because we’ll cover a lot of information and we want to make sure that you have this and you can take it with you, you can use it ’cause we’ll cover things pretty quickly, but we’ve also got some links to references at the bottom of the sheet so it’s going to be really easy, guys, to do a lot of the things we talk about. So when you ask, “What is a YouTube channel?” Jorge, give me your thoughts on this. I’ve been thinking about it. A YouTube channel is basically a landing page to feature your videos. What do you think about that?

Jorge Vazquez: Absolutely. It’s something between a website with all of your videos and it’s what I was saying before, if you try to create a website from scratch and add all of these videos, it’s going to cost you a lot of money. With YouTube it’s something that you could do fairly easy and for free. So I will say it’s a combination of a landing page website with videos already.

Allan McNabb: Yeah, absolutely, it’s like a micro… We call them micro websites or even a one-page website and there are so many little things hidden away that are just little gems. We’re going to show you… We’re going to try to get to all of these tonight. But it’s basically a landing page, a micro website, and it allows you to showcase your videos. And also allows you to showcase the videos created by others such as leaders in your industry and allows you to showcase videos created by your partners. Now at the end of our webinar, our training, we’re going to talk about that. And that’s when we’re really going to get into the good stuff, so we’re going to cover some of the nuts and bolts here for a few minutes, but hang in there till we get to the end and we’re going to really disclose some things that are going to help you out immensely.

What is YouTube Studio?

Before we do that though, let’s also talk about the YouTube Studio because these things work together in tandem. So the channel is where people come and they see the videos that you showcase. The YouTube Studio, and I’ll show you in a moment how to get to the Studio, the YouTube Studio is where you manage your channel. So when we’re talking about improving your YouTube channel, you’re going to have to in part use your Studio, and we’re going to show you some of these things in just a few moments. So it’s where you manage your channel, you get insights that help you grow your following, you can stay updated with the latest news, but most importantly, it is where you manage your videos and your playlists.

Now we’ll be talking about playlists a lot in just a little while, because a playlist is how you build out your channel to make you look like… You may be brand new in the business, you may be a brand new realtor, you can structure it where you look really big like you’re an authority and we’re going to show you a little bit about that in just a moment.

Jorge Vazquez: And Allan, that’s what I was mentioning earlier. Look at all of this technology. Look at all of these options, for free. If you think about having all of this before YouTube was around, how much, Allan, would it be to create a software or have software that you pay for, create a website and do all of these things before YouTube. What will you guesstimate that will cost?

Allan McNabb: More than I can even imagine. We talked about with our last webinar training two weeks ago was on YouTube. YouTube is a free video worldwide…

Jorge Vazquez: Channel.

Allan McNabb: Streaming service.

Jorge Vazquez: Yeah. It’s like having your own cable channel, pretty much for the same…

Allan McNabb: Just to go…

Jorge Vazquez: Sorry to interrupt you. The same investment that…

Allan McNabb: Yeah, yeah.

Jorge Vazquez: Big investors put into opening a new cable channel back in those days is now what YouTube is pretty much for you. Free. That’s the way I see it.

Allan McNabb: Yeah. And if… There are private video streaming services. If you’re going to monetize, you’re going to charge a fee for someone to watch your videos, they’re going to be hidden from the public, you’re going to start out just with one or two or just a few videos, 100, 200, 250 bucks a month, say, $3000 a year just to get started. And with YouTube, it’s for free, number one. Number two, they put you all over the Internet because they’re the second most used search engine and second most used website in the whole world. So just like we talked last time, the technology available to you and the visibility available to you, it would take thousands and thousands and thousands to do it without Google and YouTube. Alright.

Jorge Vazquez: Absolutely. I think that you have the same opportunities that any movie producer has nowadays, the same chances of making a movie go viral, you have all of these tools that it’s up to you what you want to do with it. And I’m telling you there’s a big difference between somebody with good video content than just a blog, just a website, it just makes… People want to see you in action, right? Because you could have… If you compare the type of marketing you get from a video versus what you get on a blog or articles that you put out there, they’re not seeing you in action. They don’t even know if you wrote that or you copied that from somebody else, so the fact that they can see you in action, they can see that you’re a real person, it speaks in big volume of really your knowledge and credibility. So somebody seeing your video is 10 times more… Is going to believe 10 times more the fact that you’re an expert in your field than some picture with some writing under it talking about how many years you’ve been doing this for. So, very, very, very good tool. Continue, Allan.

How to Set Up a YouTube Brand Account

Allan McNabb: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And you know, this is like… I’ve got YouTube TV and Discovery Go. All of that. Well, those are channels, and we have to treat our YouTube channel just like one of those channels. I go on my TV, I go to one of those channels, and then I go and I browse through the videos and… So the same thing here. Now Jorge, what I want to do real quick, I want to show someone how to… I just want to show ’em very quickly in about 10-20 seconds, how to create a brand channel. It’s really super simple, there’s practically no difference between a personal YouTube channel and a brand channel. And I’ll tell you probably the most important thing is if you’ve got a brand channel, you can assign people to manage and work on your channel. Because as you grow your business, you’re not going to personally go in there and do it all. Google does not want you to give your login to other people, that becomes a giant hassle, so the only way you can have your people on your team working on your YouTube channel is to have a brand account.

So let me show you real quick. So, I’m just going to open that. I just clicked on the Image Building Media, just a little icon here at the top, and that’s our profile, our little profile. And as a matter of fact, I’m going to click on “Switch accounts.” This is because I’ve got several already in here, and then I’m going to click on… Well, let’s see, let me go back to YouTube for just one second here, I think I’m… I think I’m missing my option there, let me check it real quick here. I’m going to go… I’m going to go there, switch account and right here, “More accounts.” So I’m going to click “More accounts” and it’s going to give the accounts that, here are the list of accounts I’ve already got set up and simply click “Create a new channel.”

And when I do that, I give the name of the channel, I click “Create” and I can begin filling it out, so it’s that easy. And you can have, I think the maximum is like 100 channels. So you can create channels very easily, and so I encourage you to do that, have a brand channel, branded for your business, and say, for example, you say, “Well, I’ve already got my videos on my personal YouTube account.” I did this just the other day. Very simple. With a couple of clicks, you can migrate all your videos and your followers over to a brand channel. So it’s that easy.

How to Navigate to Your YouTube Channel and Design Studio

So when we’re talking about a channel, and I encourage you to have a channel just for your brand. And how do you navigate there? Simply just click on your icon in the top right-hand corner, and you will see that you can… Hang on one second, let me go to this YouTube here for a second. Alright, so you see, you can click on your channel and you can also click on YouTube Studio, it’s that easy and that’s how you navigate. By the way, if you look at our cheat sheet, on page one, I’ve got a couple of links there on how you create your channel. Alright, very easy.

Okay. Now Jorge, here’s where we start getting into the good stuff, and if you’re following along on the cheat sheet, I’m at the top of page two, because there, and we’re going to cover this before we get into really beefing up the channel and using playlists, there are some hidden gems. As a matter of fact, Jorge, if I were to ask you what is the value of having a link to your website from YouTube, a Google-owned business, what’s the value of having a link to your website, a backlink, Jorge, what would you say?

Jorge Vazquez: Well, I believe that Google, YouTube, to your point is the second-best most important search engine. So any backlinks that you have from Google are going to help with your SEO, Search Engine Optimization. So it’s going to bring more people to your website, therefore more business, more traffic.

Allan McNabb: Exactly. And I didn’t count up how many backlinks I have from my channel, I’m going to guess that it’s going to be like 20-30, not only to our main website, but also to our branded website. I mean, this is gold. Absolute gold.

Jorge Vazquez: And Allan…

Allan McNabb: Go ahead.

Jorge Vazquez: You brought up a really amazing point, talk about backlinks. So, what you’re saying here now is that, connections in between your YouTube page and your main website, create backlinks that give you the same type of credit that any other backlink will give you with other websites and how… What does that mean? If you could explain it to the audience, it’s very powerful.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Allan McNabb: Sure, sure. So, and of course, there’s different kinds of backlinks. There’s the backlinks that the website that has it on there, that’s put on there, it tells a search engine to follow, there are the no follow. Now the ones you put on YouTube are no follow. But you know what? That’s fine because throughout studies over the last few years, those still help your SEO a lot. And the way that it works is this. To rank with your website on Google, somebody searches like, for our company it’s internet marketing, that we rank high in search rankings like the first page. There are three things, three major things, and there’s over like 200 different signals that Google uses, but there’s three major categories. Number one is content that’s on your website. Number two, it’s Google’s AI that we can do nothing about.

Number three, it is other websites linking to your website. And every one of those links is an upvote or a vote of confidence. And so, Google looks at all of the links to your website, they look at the quality of those links, in other words, the links coming from the most powerful websites. Like, if you’ve got a link from the United States Government website, those are very powerful. An education website, major university, very powerful. If you’ve got a backlink from Google, very powerful. So to get a backlink from a major website like YouTube is, I mean it’s just amazing and it’s there for free for the taking, if you know how to do it.

How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel

So Jorge, let’s talk about just a little bit here. Before we get into the playlist, let’s just talk about the basic setup of the channel when we get into just a few of these things. Alright, so I’ve come to the channel and I’m going to click “customize channel” and that will come up. Now basically, everything that you see is editable, that you can change. For example, I can come up here with my banner in the top right-hand corner, there’s the little pencil, I can click on that, I can edit links. Alright, these are links that appear on my YouTube channel, and I can also edit channel art. So this is the banner up here.

Jorge Vazquez: Allan, let me ask you a question about that. That’s pretty new, right? Is that something, a feature that came up in the next year, year and a half would you say?

Allan McNabb: Yeah, it’s not been on there very long on. When you click on Edit Links, it basically takes you to the About page. I’m going to click on that right now.

Jorge Vazquez: Got it, got it.

Allan McNabb: So this is your channel. I’m going to go back for a second. Your channel has this menu, these menu items right here and this is pretty new. And you see Jorge, like you were talking about, this is basically… Your YouTube channel is basically like a website.

Jorge Vazquez: Yeah.

Allan McNabb: It’s got a Homepage, it’s got a Video page, Playlist page, Channels page, Discussion page and About page. It’s got all those pages there. Alright, so I click on the About page and all of these can be edited. Like here’s the description and in the description, I have a link to our website to book a free consultation. That’s a backlink. You come down here, there’s an email address. Well we’ve got an email address and of course that links to our email. Now the next one down here, Jorge has one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and are all of these are backlinks, everyone of them.

Jorge Vazquez: And Allan, that’s something new if… When you look at most of… Even channel… I’m sorry, channels that been around for a while, still don’t have their backlinks active, so this is really good information for those agents that want to be ahead of other YouTube channels ’cause not all of ’em have done this already.

Allan McNabb: That’s right. And you know when you do that, I mean the agent wants to be able to type their name in. And anyone who is in their city or whatever it is, they want to come up to the top of Google. And there’s Greystone agents and they’ve been agents for a little while, long enough for Google to know that they’re on the Greystone website and you type in their name, just type in their name. Number one, very top of Google, Greystone website, their profile page on the first page of Google. I mean that’s awesome. That is gold, absolute gold.

Jorge Vazquez: Allan, I want you to try something. I don’t mean to interrupt you.

Allan McNabb: Go right ahead, go right ahead.

Jorge Vazquez: Google investment properties, Tampa. I just Googled it real quick.

Allan McNabb: Okay say once again, what is it now?

Jorge Vazquez: Investment properties, Tampa which is the area where we invest.

Allan McNabb: Let me on this spell, let me spell, respell. Alright.

Jorge Vazquez: Hopefully, let me cross my fingers. Click on videos, videos.

Allan McNabb: Okay.

Jorge Vazquez: More. Let’s see if we chose… Go, scroll down. There it is! The fifth video, right there “Homes for Income”. You know what’s funny Allan, about that? I didn’t prepare for that video, I didn’t do any type of script, nothing. I was just looking at the property that day and I said “Let me record the property, this multi-unit I’m going to have for sale soon.” This is a perfect example that I tell my agents why the importance of having that YouTube page and the importance of always creating videos. Well look at that. I mean I wasn’t… I probably put maybe five minutes into creating that video. It was just me driving around with the car and look at that, it’s number… First page when you type “Tampa investment homes.”

Allan McNabb: And that link goes to your website.

Jorge Vazquez: Yep.

Allan McNabb: That has the YouTube video on it. And we talked about that in our last webinar. So important to put those videos on your website to help you get that traffic. Alright, that is…

Jorge Vazquez: To my agents that are out there, please check this out. This is what I’ve been telling you guys about. It only took one, maybe two minutes, I recorded that video. I was actually inside my car doing that video. I finished the whole thing within a few minutes and look, the traffic that I’m getting. And this is… It’s an infinite life shelf. Shelf life, I’m sorry. So that means it’s going to be there forever. So imagine if you try to do one per day. Imagine that, if you do one video per day and you have a really robust YouTube channel, the sky’s the limit. I just wanted to show you that, Allan.

Allan McNabb: That is absolutely right, absolutely right. Okay and so for the agents and also for others who are listening, we have, and are watching us, we have some with various industries. So look, you just click the little pencil in the links. Now, we’ve got all these links listed. Overlay first, I selected five custom links on channel art which is linked to our homepage, our main website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. So when you come right up here, what do you have? You’ve got a link to our website, to our Facebook, our Twitter, our Instagram and our LinkedIn right there.

Alright. And for the agents, you can put in a link to your profile page on both Graystone websites if you like and you can also put in of course links to your Facebook or social media, all of that, these links are incredibly valuable. And this is like a gift. And please everybody, take advantage of that. Now let me show you another one. Right here is discussion. Alright so in the discussion, you could just put in right there, discussion. Here I put in various things applicable to our business, learn the basics of SEO, backlink to our main article on that. SEO services offered, provided to US companies by Image Building Media, our company, backlink. These are all free. And so, please take advantage of that.

Jorge Vazquez: So Allan, let me ask you something about that. That’s also new to me. How often do you suggest that we add discussions to that part of it?

Allan McNabb: Just every once in a while when you’re in here, you may come in here once a week, once every two or three weeks depending on how many videos you’re doing. Just go in there, make a comment, put a link to something that’s important for you to be found on search results. Your profile page, a property page, maybe you’ve got a landing page for your properties, your website, important pages of your website and just come in here and do that every once in a while.

Speaker 3: Allan, does that then send an email to any of your subscribers to then let them know that there’s a new discussion?

Allan McNabb: If it’s a discussion, I do not think so. If they are following a video and the comments on a video, then it could but I do not think that it does when it’s just a discussion there. Good question.

Speaker 3: Thanks Allan. Thank you.

Allan McNabb: Yeah, Thank you about that. Yeah. Okay so guys, we’ve got channels here and I’m going to…

Jorge Vazquez: Let me talk about that real quick.

Allan McNabb: Go ahead. Go ahead.

Jorge Vazquez: Channels, you know what? People don’t think about this but you could utilize YouTube just like the same way that you utilize Facebook in the sense of you subscribe to somebody’s channel in exchange to them subscribing to yours. And lately, anytime I put a new video, I get a ton of, I will say other requests of people wanting to subscribe. But it’s a really good way of building the traffic also. You subscribe to channels, try to do it in a weekly basis and just ask, make a comment, “Hey, I just subscribed. Would love for you to subscribe to my channel.” And it’s a really good way of growing your network as well.

Allan McNabb: That’s very right. Very good. And of course our last training two weeks ago, we talked about how… Ask people to subscribe. Now these are featured channels and I’m going to come over to my home page here with my channel. I’m going to show you something here. On the right hand side, featured channels. Now you cannot put your own channel here. These are other channels but they are the ones that you are featuring. So look at the ones that I have. I’ve got Google Webmasters, hopefully to show that I’m legit, I’m keeping up with what’s happening. I’ve got Graystone Investment Group, one of our customers. Absolutely, I’m featuring them. I’ve got Real Estate Ray and we help him with his weekly show on Tuesday at noon. Yeah, absolutely. Mary Cetcher, another client. Maz, industry leader. Beaver Builder is a tool that we provide everyone when they get a website from us, and there’s Homes for Income.

So these are the ones that I’m featuring and it is a way of engendering goodwill toward your clients, your partners. And it’s also a way to make you look more legit, that you’re keeping up with who’s important in the industry and here’s where to go to see their videos. Now we’re going to tell you a lot more about doing things like that in just a little bit. But over here with channels, I’ve got my feature channel set up and then I’ve got also what I subscribe to. That is in there also. We’re going to talk about playlists in a little while. Playlists are so important when it comes to building out your channel. We’ll tell you in just a little while how to use those. The other thing, don’t forget we mentioned two weeks ago is just like on YouTube TV or Netflix, whatever it is, probably all of us have binged watched something at some point. When you put videos in a playlist, people can binge watch your videos that they come up just one right after the other.

They can cast it on their television. They can have it on their smartphone. They can have it on their computer or their tablet, one after the other. They don’t have to click. They don’t have to find the next video, just one after the other. Alright, so playlists are super important but it’s very easy to skip that and say “Ehh, that’s not that important.” It is super important and we’re going to tell you why in just a few minutes when we get to that part of the presentation.

Jorge Vazquez: And Allan, what I’d like to say is that I was one of those people thinking that “Why do I need to set up the playlist?” And boy, I was wrong. With some of the stuff that you could do now, it’s very essential to make sure that your YouTube channel looks very, very professional and organized ’cause sometimes you do a video about investor tips, you do a video about properties, you do… How do you keep it organized? To your point, if somebody’s interested in seeing something specific, “No, I just want to learn about investor tips”, they could just click play, watch, sit back and relax and watch every single video that relates to that topic.

Allan McNabb: Absolutely. And when we get… In just a few minutes when we show you how to fill out, to build out your channel using playlist, literally you can take about 15 minutes and you can take a channel that looks like “Meh, this guy doesn’t know… Maybe he’s just getting started, really doesn’t know much. He’s not been in the industry very long.” In about 15 minutes, you can look like you’re rocking and rolling and you’re really the professional that you are.

Jorge Vazquez: Perception is reality.

Allan McNabb: It is.

Jorge Vazquez: Valuable.

Allan McNabb: It always is, right? And in about 15 minutes, that’s all it takes.

Speaker 4: Hey, Allan. Sorry to interrupt you, can I ask a question?

Allan McNabb: Yes, yes, go right ahead.

Speaker 4: For example, I already have like five or six videos.

Speaker 5: Mommy!

Speaker 4: I have like five or six videos and what would you recommend for us to post a video, like how often? Like all the videos the same day, each week or every three days or four days?

Allan McNabb: Yeah, so the there’s not really a criteria but you want to be posting a video regularly and consistently. If that means for… You could probably do a video very easily. You could even do YouTube Live which basically you just go in, you do a few process, put in your title and you just do it live. You can do a video while driving in your car, while walking through a property, while doing an open house, so it’s not hard to do. So if you can do one once a week, two a month, three a month, something like that. I mean you’re going to be golden.

Jorge Vazquez: Allan, can I…

Allan McNabb: Go ahead, go right ahead.

Jorge Vazquez: Can I talk to that?

Allan McNabb: Yeah.

Jorge Vazquez: If you could have one every 30 minutes, do it. I mean seriously, that video that in… Allan, you can search again in a different keyword, you can say “Wholesale properties Tampa.” And you could also see that this video that I did while driving, right? The quality of the video wasn’t great. I wasn’t prepared with any type of agenda or spiel or nothing, I just… Go to videos, videos.

Allan McNabb: Oh, well it’s right down here. Here’s one for…

Jorge Vazquez: Oh, there it is, there it is…

Allan McNabb: There’s one on your websites, right there. That’s right.

Jorge Vazquez: So that video that I created while driving…

Allan McNabb: And here’s another website, you got two of your websites on the first page of Google for that.

Jorge Vazquez: Whoo!

Speaker 4: Excellent, thank you.

Jorge Vazquez: And it’s about videos. But I’m telling you that to me the most videos for whatever reason, the videos that I’ve gotten the most hits are the crappiest videos, if that makes any sense. It’s because you’re living that moment, it’s something that you’re living in that moment, right? So you’re more passionate about it, you’re more real and typically you get more views that way. And it’s all about how many you could put out there. It’s all about the content. So if you have the good content, I always tell my agents, anytime that something catastrophic happens to you, any successful stories, anything intriguing, anything crazy, just turn on the camera and record it because as long as you have a least one main professional video, I mean we’ve seen with this COVID-19, you see people even in CNN, Fox News reporting from their basement, you know? So as long as you have one professional video, you should be a video machine and do as many as you can. That’s just my humble opinion.

Allan McNabb: Yeah. And you know some folks in some industries, a little bit easier to do that. But I think real estate which a lot of the folks on here, real estate’s really easy to do that. That’s really super easy.

Jorge Vazquez: As long as you don’t crash while driving.

Allan McNabb: Yeah, you don’t want to do that. And you do want to make it interesting, you just don’t want to be talking about nonsense. But if you can just really be in tune with what’s important to your customer base and then make videos about that, maybe all of them won’t catch on but you’re going to have some that catch on for sure. Alright so just to wrap up your channel here, you got your playlist, you got your videos and then you’ve got your homepage. Alright, so excuse me. Let me show you something else, super important before we get to using the playlist to really beef up your homepage of your channel. I’m going to click the cog right there, I’m going to say cancel and do it again. And I’ve got this on your cheat sheet, make sure you get that, okay? So this cog right here, I’m going to click it, it opens up all of these options. So make sure of course, you’ve got the one to customize the layout of your channel. Then click… And you want to save that, come back in, click Advanced Settings.

Alright, so this is just one page. Super important is channel keywords right here. These are the keywords that Google is going to associate your channel with. If you don’t have these filled out, you’re missing the boat. Fill out the most important keywords for your business. And you can have a limited number. I’ve not found what that number is, I’ve gone over the number and it just says “You’ve got too many.” I go back I add a couple, save it, okay, still good, I add a couple more, save it, go on. For us, things important to us, web design, social media, business website, Internet marketing, SEO, automated marketing, all that stuff like that. Make sure you have this filled out. So important to be found on video search results on Google, super important. The other things, make sure that your website, your associated website, is put in here, that it is… That you have saved it and that it says “Success,” that it has connected it. Super, super, super important for your SEO. Alright, so and then just when you’re done, save all of that and you are golden. Alright.

Speaker 6: Do you have a good screen share software that you use to maybe share an article while you’re doing the video?

Allan McNabb: So okay. So, oh, excuse me, while I’m making the video? While I’m like making a video that I’m going to later upload to YouTube?

Speaker 6: Yeah, let’s say, I want to go ahead and share an article, an update, I want to do a video of an update and I want to share an article that’s on, let’s say, I don’t know, Yahoo, but I want to show my screen and also have a sight or a view of me talking in the video while I’m sharing my screen.

Allan McNabb: Yeah, good question. So, I use Snagit and it is by… You can just look up Snagit there, and I forget the name of the company but they have another product also, and I think it’s like… It’s by TechSmith, and Snagit is the easier of the two products to use. They’ve got Camtasia.

Speaker 6: Yes. I’ve used Camtasia and it was… It’s a little cumbersome, but if… Snagit is a little bit better.

Allan McNabb: Yeah, it is hard to use. You’ve gotta put a lot of work into it. And I like to just go fast. Snagit works really well for us with that and so if I’m going to make a YouTube video and I want to do a screen share type situation, that’s what I’ll use, Snagit.

Speaker 6: Awesome, thank you buddy.

How to Use Playlists to “Beef Up” Your Channel

Allan McNabb: Hey, thanks. Yeah, you’re welcome, man. Thanks for the question. Appreciate it. Alright, I do use Loom, L-O-O-M, but not to create videos that I’m going to put up on YouTube. If I’m just making a video to share with somebody, otherwise I’ll use Loom, L-O-O-M, and it works fabulously. Alright guys, let me check here real quick. Alright, so okay. So Jorge and all those listening, we are now going to talk about the playlists. Now, I’m just going to show you my channel here real quick. Oh, by the way, you can select the feature video, whether… You can select one for a returning subscriber, a different one for a new visitor. So that may make a difference for you in your business, by the way, I’m going to show you this real quick. This is a video that we’ve got on here, I’ve got on here. For whatever reason, it looks really bad when it comes in, but it doesn’t look bad online. And because in my description, I’ve got these backlinks on my video, they’d also come in on my channel. So that’s some more backlinks for you right there. Alright guys, so Jorge, we can look at your channel also. I’m going to show them mine, then we’ll show them yours.

Jorge Vazquez: Go for it.

Allan McNabb: Okay, so I’ll just show you mine. Your channels, you want to have channels and to use channel titles that are important to your industry. Like for me, Internet marketing is my most important one. So I feature that. I’ve got a channel of my livestreams in the past. I’ve got a channel of my most popular videos. I’ve got a channel just of my most recent uploads, a channel… I’m saying channel, I’m sorry, playlist. Playlist of webinars, playlist of social media, which is important to us, playlist of how to use the Avada theme, which is very important to us, and then also the Adapt theme, my top playlist and then featured Google Webmaster videos. Now, you look… You go through here and you may say, “Wow, that’s a lot of videos.” I’ve got the same video in different channels. So I may have a video that’s applicable to Internet marketing and it is applicable to social media in the same playlist. So by doing this, it helps people, number one, find what they’re looking for. It also, and Jorge, I really want you to talk about this in just a moment when we go over to your channel because it’s structured very well, I’m also showcasing some of my videos that have the most views, that are older, and I’m also showcasing some new videos so people see we’re still alive, we’re still making videos, we’re still producing content. A sort of a mixture there because again, perception is reality.

Jorge Vazquez: Absolutely.

Allan McNabb: So Jorge let’s go look at…

Jorge Vazquez: Let’s do it.

Allan McNabb: Let’s go look at yours. And I’ll just go YouTube and I can just search for…

[overlapping conversation]

Jorge Vazquez: Okay, so while you look at that, what are the most… Three most important things that you want your YouTube channel to show? One of them is that you have a lot of views, right? Because perception is reality. We keep saying that. Second is that you have newer videos because you want to have new content, people want to see that you’re still active with new content. And also, you want to have videos… You want to have a mixture of videos, newer videos versus older videos. And that’s not the channel. That’s the…

Allan McNabb: That’s not it. That’s a different one. It’s Homes for Income, right?

Jorge Vazquez: Yeah. It’s the brand new channel. So once again, you want to have a lot of views because, to Allan’s point, if you only have a couple of hits… You don’t have to have millions of views, but you want to have some views because people are going to judge you right away. If the first video they see only has 10 views, they’re going to walk away pretty fast because we all do that, right? [chuckle] We all go to a page and it’s like, “Oh man, let me check this guy out.” And then all of a sudden, if there’s 10 videos with 10 hits or 15 hits each, we tend to think that, “Okay, this is not relevant information, the guy doesn’t know as much, let me go to another channel.”

Jorge Vazquez: When you do find a channel, the other problem you have with other channels out there is that you might find a channel that shows a lot of hits, you’re like, “Wow, this guy has videos with 10,000 people, 7,000 people,” like the one I show there, but then the last time the video was uploaded was three years ago. So then you’re concerned about how updated that information is. And third, you want to have a mixture of different information, you want to be really organized with the information. And that’s why I like so much the playlist because you could keep the information going. If you think of YouTube as being your channel, your TV channel, you want to have the audience to stay engaged, right? You wouldn’t have a video of pizza or a cookie maker, all of a sudden, it just ruins the video. So that’s how the playlist help you too, it helps you keep the audience staying on the same relevant topic. And I’m going to get quiet now. I thought… Did I hear somebody ask a question?

Allan McNabb: Oh, we had a little background noise there.

Jorge Vazquez: Oh, okay, got it, got it.

Allan McNabb: Yeah, yeah.

Jorge Vazquez: Alright.

Allan McNabb: So… Yeah, so let’s show, Jorge, how to organize. We’ll show folks how to organize these playlists and then we will show them how to put the playlist on here, okay? So I’m just going to go over to mine because I’m more familiar with it there. And I can just go over to my playlist right here and I can…

Jorge Vazquez: Allan, if you let me share mine, I can go over mine if you want.

Allan McNabb: Go ahead, go ahead, let me unshare here and you share… Go ahead and share yours now, Jorge.

Jorge Vazquez: Okay. Wait, let me go there. Okay. Share screen, okay. Why’s it… Give me a second. Allan, it’s telling me something about… Oh, okay, wait a second here. Later. Let’s see if that makes it work now. It does, it does.

Allan McNabb: There you go, good job, good job.

Jorge Vazquez: All right. Alright, so here’s an example of what I did on the first playlist. I was thinking, “Okay, this is the first line that my clients are going to see or the first line of videos my clients are going to see. So I want to… What would be the videos that I want to put on there?” So I want to put my top videos, but I also want to have mixtures of videos that have at least a 1000 views plus, with videos that are at least, have been at least a year old, no more than that, nine months old. I wanted to pick and choose the best, absolutely best videos that I could think of and create a playlist, and that’s what I did on the first line there.

On the second line, instead of having all the clients’ testimonials all over the place, I have all the clients’ testimonials in one line, which makes it really nice, very easy to find. Popular uploads, this is something that YouTube does on default, right? This is only based on views, so it’s going to put your most viewed video, then your second, then your third, then your fourth. The problem with this, leaving this as a default, which I would guess most of you show this as a default on the top, is that your best video is not necessarily your newest video. So then you have a problem of… A perception of, “Okay, when was the last time they updated this channel?” And so doing the playlist is how I was able to solve that problem. Then I have here, client favorites. And by the way, you can have videos that show… This video of Nadia, which… It was a total hit, nine months, totally organic, those 1300 people that looked at it. We actually picked up a couple of investors from this video. So I added it here as a client favorite, and also I add it here to the top videos because I wanted to make sure that if somebody glanced through my channel real quick, that they don’t miss this video. It was very important to me. We made a lot of money from this video so I wanted to make sure that that video was there.

Then we have… We speak Spanish too in our office, so we wanted to have videos for my Spanish audience and how can they stay with those videos, instead of jumping all over the place, where do I find the Spanish videos? So you have them here and if they only speak Spanish, they can just hit play and check all the videos out. Okay? You have agents videos, investing tools, most commented videos, CEO tips, you see how the video… How the channel looks really, really nice and by the way, with the playlists, one thing you can do also is you can feature videos from other people. Can’t remember which one of this was from another agent, I think… Where the hell… Oh, okay, these two are videos from Ray’s channel, which I thought they were really cool, but I can make them look like they’re my own, so literally, you could have freaking… What do you call it? The biggest YouTuber video here on your channel and it’s going to look like it’s yours. Of course, the traffic, once they click on it, it’s going to go to their channel, but those are some of the things that you can do to make your channel look a lot bigger than it is right now. Allan, I’m going to stop this sharing so that way you could go through the actual process of how you do the playlist, if you don’t mind.

Allan McNabb: Yeah, let’s do that really quick and then we’re going to be letting people go here in just a few minutes. So let me show you just real quick here, I’m going to go over to… I’m going to go over to my YouTube Studio, and that’s where you manage everything at as far as your playlists, your videos and things like that, and you can click your playlist right here, and you can see these are my playlists, and if I want to edit one of them, just click edit, and then I can put… I can add, I can add videos, I can add videos in here, and once I have my playlist all set up, and again, this is a playlist, these videos aren’t mine, you can put any video on YouTube unless it’s private and you wouldn’t know it’s there anyway, you can put any video on YouTube in a playlist. So I put these Google, by Google Webmasters, these are Google employees that are making these videos, very good videos. I put these videos in my playlist and I feature these videos on my channel. And what does that do for me? It shows me, I hope it shows, someone just going through, taking a cursory glance, they may not even know the videos were made by Google, they may think, “Hey, wow, this guy’s good at making videos”, I don’t know. But hopefully, it shows that I’m, helps to show that I’m legit.

Jorge Vazquez: Absolutely.

Showcase Partners on your Channel as Marketing Strategy

Allan McNabb: So, and that is super important. And if you’re new to business, you don’t have… Maybe you don’t have a lot of videos, just go get some of these videos from the leaders in your industry, put them in some playlists, and then feature them on your channel. Someone who comes to your channel, they’re just sort of scanning down to sort of check you out and everything, they may not even look to see whether they’re your videos or not, but they make you look good anyway. And then as Jorge was talking about, you can also feature your partner’s videos in here, and you can say, “Hey, I’ll feature some of your videos and you’ll feature some of mine”, and all of a sudden, now you’re on like what? 20, 30, 40 YouTube channels, and a lot of people from different channels are seeing your videos, and it also helps you to engender good will and this is your referral network and things like this. So once you have your… Once you have your playlists that are structured out the way that they should be, then you just come over to your channel, and what I’m going to do, Jorge, I’m going to remove a playlist here.

Jorge Vazquez: Okay, go for it.

Allan McNabb: I want to customize my channel. All right, I’m going to… By the way, you can move your playlist up and down by using the little tabs there.

Jorge Vazquez: There’s so many things you could do, Allan. You could even pick up videos that the thumbnail matches the color of your company, and it looks more like it’s yours.

Allan McNabb: Exactly.

Jorge Vazquez: There’s a lot of things you can do.

Allan McNabb: Exactly. Jorge, I’ve never, I have never deleted a playlist before and I’ve gotta find out how to do it. I don’t know how to do it. I guess what I could do here, I could just come down and I could… This is what I’ll do, I’ll just change it. So let’s say…

Speaker 7: Press down right there, right next to cancel.

Allan McNabb: Oh yeah, thank you, boom, right there. Thank you so much, appreciate that. Alright, first time to delete a playlist, I appreciate it. So now, since I…

Jorge Vazquez: Let’s make sure we send them a check.

Allan McNabb: Yeah, please. So now I have room, you can tell that you’ve got room to add another playlist when you can just click add a section, boom, add a section. Now, here’s all your options. And I’m going to add a single playlist, and I choose the horizontal. I like that one. And then I’m going to just going to come in here for right now, I’m going to choose internet marketing. I know I’ve already got it on here. I’ll come straighten it up later. Just choose that. Choose done. Boom, there you go.

Jorge Vazquez: You know what’s really cool about this Allan, is that once you have the playlist set up in your channel, let’s say you could be watching, you could be on your cellphone in the subway or whatever the case might be and you’re like, “Man, I like this video. This will be awesome for my channel,” and as soon as you have the spot available, you save it, and now all of the sudden your audience is seeing it frontline right there on the first page.

Allan McNabb: Absolutely. And I’ll show them, oops. And I’ll show you how to do that really quick. So this is a video. It’s not mine. And you go right here to save and you can choose the playlist you want to put it in, or you can create a new playlist right here on the fly.

Jorge Vazquez: And you can have multiple playlists.

Allan McNabb: And it can be in multiple playlists, absolutely. Like let me go to one of my videos really quickly, and let me show you real quick. And I’m just going to… Let me just try to pick one out here. It’s in three playlists right here. Internet marketing, image building media webinars, and drive sales pro, in three playlists. So I could actually, and if I had all three of these playlists on my channel, it would appear all three places. So you can put it in as many playlists as you want. I think you can have 100 playlists per channel but I’m not real sure about that. Okay. Go ahead.

Jorge Vazquez: Yeah, one of the things I like besides keeping it really organized, keeping your audience engaged into the same topic, whether it’s investing or whether it’s looking for a property, whatever the case might be, you keep them engaged in the same stuff they want to watch. They’re not going to go, another video is not going to pop up. So I like that. But how you can leverage with other people and say, “Hey, for this week or for the next two weeks, I’m going to feature your video on my friends playlist on the front page. Can you do the same?” Leveraging that with other YouTubers is really, really a really good tool as well.

Allan McNabb: Absolutely. So our time is up. Hey everybody, we appreciate you being with us. We appreciate all those watching on Facebook and those that’ll be watching the archive, appreciate you doing that so much. And again, you can really beef up your channel. You can put in your videos, you can have channels with other people’s videos, partner’s videos, industries leader’s video, and say, “I’ve only got two or three videos.” That’s okay. You can still fill up your playlist. You can fill up your channel. It’s going to really beef it up for you and make you look like the professional that you really are, although you don’t have a lot of videos right now. All right guys, I appreciate you being with us so much and appreciate all the kind comments. Thank you guys. Elaine, appreciate it. Norma, appreciate it. Thank you so much and we’ll go on and leave it [1:03:48] ____ for now. Two weeks, Thursday, 5:00 o’clock we’ll have another training webinar for you. For right now this is Allan McNabb with Image Building Media. And Jorge you want to say a word and we’ll be out.

Jorge Vazquez: I want to thank you for the time take making videos very important. I know that my staff makes fun of me because I want to do videos all the time. But guess what? I’m the person that makes the most money. So the laugh will be very short. I’ll be laughing to the bank. But yes, new videos daily. All the time for everything. Any time always. Thank you. [chuckle]

Allan McNabb: All right guys, we’ll see you in two weeks.

Jorge Vazquez: See you guys, bye bye.

Allan McNabb: Bye bye.

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