Social Media Internet MarketingIf you post too much to social media, you alienate people. But, if you don’t post often enough, practically no one sees your posts.

So, how often should you post to social media business profiles?

Depends on Your Audience and Your Goals

There is no right answer for every business when it comes to how often you should post to your business profiles on social media. It depends on your audience, and what works best for your business.

Some businesses post hourly to their Facebook business page, which works best for their audience. Other businesses post twice a day, and that is sufficient for their audience.

There is only one way to learn how often you should post to social media business profiles is to run tests using reports (analytics) to discover what works best for your audience.

While doing the test, you may discover that posting more times per day gets you more clicks, while posting fewer times per day gets you more engagement. So, you want to have clear goals to analyze the data and determine how frequently to post to your social media business profiles. Do you want more clicks or more engagement, or do you want to find the sweet spot of a balance between clicks and engagement?

Statistically, How Often Should You Post to Social Media?

Statistics regarding the frequency of posting to social media are great because they give us a starting point. However, there is a diversity of opinion on how frequently to post, because of the diversity in audiences and business goals.

Here is an article that combines 14 studies to get a general rule of thumb of how often to post to social media.

Overall, my advice is to start posting once or twice a day to your social media business accounts (preferably twice). After a few weeks, post more for a couple of weeks and see if there was a change.

What Should I Post?

In addition to the frequency of posting to social media, the content posted is very important. And again, there is no definitive solution as to what to post for every business. Only through testing and analysis can a business determine what resonates with their audience, and further refine their social media campaigns.

With that said, these articles from Buffer and Constant Contact will give you some ideas of where to start, and different types of content to try with your audience.

The infographic near the bottom of the Constant Contact article is very helpful, which we like so much we have shared on our social media profiles.

For help to the frequency and types of content to post on social media, schedule an online training with SMclicks, a division of Image Building Media.

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