Automate the Process - Social Media AutomationAutomating your social media is imperative to be competitive today.  You can’t spend the time, or pay for the labor, to manually work your social media if you want to compete with the best and most progressive companies today.

SMclicks, a division of Image Building Media makes it easy to automate your social media with these features:

  • Evergreen content that SMclicks automatically posts to fill your default posting schedule. For example:
    • Before and after posts of past projects.
    • Articles about evergreen topics.
    • Testimonials.
    • Articles about your feature clients.
    • Motivational posts from influencers.
  • Automate the posting of syndicated content curated by SMclicks from reliable industry leaders that can be automatically posted.
    • Curate posts from industry leaders that stay on topic, such as WebMD.
    • Use positive and negative keywords to only curate the type of posts you want.
    • We always recommend bringing curated posts into SMclicks as drafts until you refine your settings. Then when you are comfortable with the process, automate the posts.
  • Automatically bring articles into SMclicks from your website or any website with an RSS feed.
    • These can be auto-posted or come into SMclicks as drafts.
  • Setup engagement automations in SMclicks. Click on “Automations” and explore the possibilities.
    • Automatically like reviews, comments, page posts, and mentions on a Facebook page based on your set criteria.
    • Automatically hide or delete undesirable posts on a Facebook page based on your set criteria.
    • See the many more automations for Foursquare, Pinterest, Tumblr, and YouTube.

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