Often, our customers will only leave a review in one place, such as Google or Facebook. So, we need to make the most out of that review since it’s so important to our marketing and winning new customers.

So, here are some tips and tricks about getting the most out of your reviews.

In this video, Allan McNabb answers the question, “Where is the Best Place for Customers to Leave Reviews?”


What is the best place for your customers to leave you reviews? I think most of us know that we need our customers to leave reviews for us because they’re so important. So where do you ask them to put those reviews? What’s most important?

Hello, my name is Allan McNabb and I’m with Image Building Media. And I recently received this question from one of our customers, a matter of fact, one of the agents with Graystone Investment Group. And so I want to give you an overview of a good answer to, “Where should we ask our customers to leave reviews?”

Start with Google, Website Examples

Of course, the first thing you want to do, you want to start with Google, and I’ll start there, I’ll talk about that a little bit later. And especially if you want to be found online, you want your customers to leave you reviews on Google. And if that’s the only review that you can get from them, you can copy that review, and you can put it on your website.

Here’s an example, we have some reviews here for this customer. And they can click and go and read all of the reviews. Also, here’s another one of our clients, Marimark Mortgage, and you can see what we have here. Again, people can read the reviews, they can go click on Google and read all the reviews, and click on Facebook to read all the reviews. And that’s really good, because, that way they know that the reviews are legitimate and they’re coming from the source of Google and Facebook.

Also, both of these clients put the reviews on their website, and that’s super important. And oftentimes, the people that visit their websites will check those out, and sometimes will say, “Hey, that’s the most important thing. That’s what made up my mind, helped me make up my mind to give you a call.”

Here on Graystone, they also have clients that will give them video testimonials, and that’s super important. Video has a super big impact. And so, when you can hear the customer in their own words and see it with video, it’s a really big impact. So this, Graystone, they’ll have the video reviews of some of their clients, and then they’ll have some reviews here, and then people can then go and read the reviews on Google.

Google My Business

Let’s talk about, for just a few minutes, let’s talk about Google. I’m logged into my account and just log into your Google, just click “Google My Business”. And here, with this account, we’re managing… This is one of the accounts we use to manage clients.

But all you have to do when you go to your Google My Business, all you need to do is add a location. And you’re just going to add a single location. And then you’re going to be asked to find your business online, and there’s a number of things that you’re going to put in there.

Some of the most important things are, you want your profile to be filled out completely. Second of all, you need an address, a business address where Google can verify. And typically they’ll send you a postcard. And when you get the postcard, there will be a code which you need to come back and you need to put that in. Occasionally, there will be a different method of verifying your business, but that’s the typical way that it’s done.

Make sure your profile is filled out. Having images in there are very important: exterior, interior, things such as that. Selecting the best category for your business, and you might want to do a little bit of research here. When you go to the categories, you’ll start typing in, and it’ll give you some choices. And so go through and find the best category for your business. Also, check online, look at other similar businesses that are doing really well, leaders in your industry that already have their Google My Business online and check to see what category they have chosen and that is really important. Of course, put your website on there. And if you really want to be found on Google, of course, you need a website and that needs to be SEOed as well as your Google My Business, your Facebook business account, etc., like that.

Image Building Media Example: Google My Business

Now, I simply did a search, “Image Building Media”, here. And you see that this is our Google My Business listing, and you see that it comes up here, it comes with reviews, and also comes up with our postings. And so you want to check that.

You come over here and you do a search for “Tampa Internet Marketing”, and you see, this is called the three pack right here. And this is the front page of Google. And Google pulls this, although it’s the front page of Google search results, it’s pulled from Google Maps, we’re not looking at Google Maps right now. But Google pulls in the top three listings. And you’ll see here is Image Building Media. And also when it comes down to the national organic listings, here’s Image Building Media at the top right here. And so the importance of having Google My Business, also having the reviews, and especially in some industries, the number of reviews that you have are really important.

So, to answer the question, “Well, where’s the best place to have my customer put a review?” For most businesses, it’s going to be Google. And to do that, you got to have your Google My Business listing. You’ve got to have it verified and then you’ll appear on the Google Maps. And so, you want them to go there. You can tell them, “Hey, go to Google Maps, look up my business name, and you’ll see right there, just leave me a review.”

Video Testimonials

You want them, if possible, to send you a video testimonial. If you have follow-up communication, you visit with your client, you can talk to them then, and a lot of times clients will give you a video testimonial. If you’re selling real estate and you have a closing, you go to the closing, the client is very excited, that’s a good time to get a video testimonial.

Links to Review Sites at Bottom of Your Website

One of the things we do with our website and with our clients, we put at the bottom, “Write reviews”, and they can click “Google”. Google does take a little bit of time to load, it’ll load this page right here. And then it will pop up a window, and then they can give us a review right here and even put a picture right here. And so this makes it very easy for them. And it makes it easy for you too to say, “Hey, if you don’t mind, go to my website, go to the bottom. And on the left-hand side, you’ll see where we’ve got ‘write reviews’, just click on Google, if you don’t mind, and give us a review.” And so we’ve got the options, Google, Facebook, Yelp, right there. And that makes it really easy.

Google is the #1 Place for Reviews, Facebook #2

So, the best place, #1, Google’s got to be the best place.

#2: So maybe somebody doesn’t use their Google account, they’re not logged in, they lost their login, just have them go to Facebook, and have them give you a review right there. Go to your Facebook page and they’ll see reviews right on the side right there. And if you have it on your website, take them straight there to the review page.

Reviews on Your Website

And try to get those testimonials that you can put on your website. And if nothing less, just copy them right from Google, right from Facebook. Have a link to the review on Facebook and Google right there so they know it’s genuine, but put that on your website also.

So, I hope this has been helpful for you. I’m Allan McNabb with Image Building Media. And we look forward to talking to you again soon.

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