Tired of wasting time and money on real estate marketing that doesn’t work? Here is how you can get more value from every dollar you spend on digital marketing to achieve high-value results. “High-Value Real Estate Marketing, High-Value Results!”

Allan McNabb explains how to obtain high-value real estate marketing tools that result in high-value results.

Video Transcript

Hello everyone. Thank you for joining us for our broadcast today. I’m Allan McNabb with Image Building Media, and we’re talking about our real estate services today. Our website for that is xpertRealtyMarketing, and our focus with the applications and the services we provide to real estate agents and to agencies is to really provide a lot of value with the best tools in the industry. And the result of that is some high-value results. And so high-value real estate marketing with high-value results, that’s really our focus with xpertRealtyMarketing, and as a company as a whole, that is our focus for all of our customers in all of the verticals which we service.


So I want to go on and get started, and let me just share with you very quickly, our xpertRealtyMarketing website.

And immediately, it’s going to pop up our content plans. From our homepage, you can see that we have content that we provide to agents and agencies.

Real Estate Content

We have syndicated content, semi, custom, and full custom SEO content that we provide. And there is a free plan for that, by the way, that we’re very proud of. We provide some really awesome websites to our clients. Again, we got semi-custom and all the way up to fully custom websites with IDX. We provide a CRM sales marketing platform, which is one of the best in the world, and I’ll show you a little bit about that in just a few moments. And we also provide the tools to do social media. We also provide some social media services, and those tools that we provide are the exact ones we use to service our full-service clients.

And we do all of this at a fascinating, just a fascinating price. We just pile in lots of value, and so we’re really excited to show you about this. Back over to our content plan. We’ve got a free plan that we’re really proud of. And there are three ways for this free content to be delivered to your website and one also to receive by email. And you can upgrade to the premium where instead of getting two a month with the free, you get five a month, and they’re much more thorough articles. You can also upgrade to the semi-custom and then the full custom. And so we’re really proud of this for an amazing price. Agents and agencies can have content that engages their audience, it can be set that once it hits your website, to automatically go out on your social media.

As a matter of fact, all the articles, whether you get the free ones or not, or the paid ones, they’re all set up. They’ve got the SEO done, they’ve got the social media done, it’s got the images for sharing on social media. All of this is already done, so we’re just so happy to be able to do this for our clients because this is something that they need just so badly. We’ve also got the website plans.

Real Estate Websites

You can see the beautiful websites that we provide, connected to the CRM, connected to IDX. And we’ve got a few different CRM applications that we provide, starting as low as $9.95 a month for the Pro, $29.95, and that one is a WordPress website and the exact same technology with that website that we use for our client’s rating on the first page of Google. Then there’s a semi-custom with IDX. Awesome IDX, the properties are right on your website. They’re not on a subdomain, they’re not in an eye frame. Super awesome IDX.

And then we’ve got the full custom. So what I want to do is go back, and I want to share a couple of these with you, just to give you an idea of what these look like. First one I’m going to share is the Anny Garcia. This is a semi-custom. The setup on it’s, $299, I think, $199, $299. And then the monthly maintenance and hosting, which also includes the two articles per month. And just a long list, duplicate, redundant daily bag of just a long list, lots of things with security, all the SEO software, all of this already included, and a beautiful, beautiful website. All right, so let me show one what that is also semi-custom. And this one has the IDX, and so I want to show that to you. And, of course, for the IDX, there’s a monthly charge for that. So these are just a little bit more expensive both to set up and also as far as the monthly because you’ve got the IDX, it’s gotta be paid for there. Very successful. John LaRocca, very successful here in Tampa. And the IDX is just beautiful. Beautiful with this, got all the standard things you’d expect to see with all the IDX.

And you can see that he’s got some great listings that are here. It also includes featured listings he’s sold listings, property search, also has some select communities, and has got lead capture for buyers, for sellers. And he’s got the blog on here also, and he receives the articles every month here to his website. Alright, so I want to show you just one more of the websites here, and this is going to be one of the full custom websites. And these are made to the styling criteria of the client, and of course, it’s got IDX here, and it’s got totally all their brand it’s completely 100% custom, luxury features there. And all the things you’d expect search, to collect the lead generation from buyers, from sellers.

Also, with this one, a lot of landing pages for SEO and the blog articles. Now, what’s great about the syndicated blog content, that’s great. It goes out, social media, newsletters, etc. like that. But also, you can have your own custom content and that’s used primarily for SEO in addition to the other thing. So fully custom website. So we’ve got the websites that are great.

Real Estate CRM Marketing Platform

Also, we’ve got the CRM marketing platform. So I’m really excited to show you this. We use this CRM with all of our clients throughout all the verticals, and for real estate, we have a lot of fabulous things that are just built right into this. So let me show you this very quickly, and you may see it, you may say, “Oh, I’ve seen this before.” All right, so let me share my screen right here. And so you may say, “Hey, I’ve seen this.” This all looks familiar here, and by the way, this is just a demo account. There’s no content in here. You’ve got conversations; that’s all the conversations coming into the CRM. You’ve got calendars; you can have multiple calendars set up multiple things, like scheduling open houses. People that sign up perhaps for open houses, they get reminders.

Maybe they sign up for a listing appointment, and they get reminders—all sorts of great automations like that. You’ve got your contacts that are in here. Opportunities, that’s the pipelines and great automations with that. Payments, which may be if you are an investor, we’ve worked a great deal with real estate investors. Perhaps you have charges here or, with your property management, something such as that, so you can do invoicing, you can do payments, receive payments. It’s tied with, integrated with Stripe, also integrate, you can integrate with QuickBooks native, native integrations right here. You don’t have to use Zapier or anything for that. With your marketing is where your mass emails go out, also really awesome, you can also schedule your social media posts straight out of the CRM, and that’s really awesome. Also, you can set up where someone messages you out of Facebook, they DM you, direct message you out of Instagram, they message you from your Google business profile. You can set that up so that it all comes straight into your CRM, and you message them back out of your CRM. Also, there are automations that you can set up to do that, which is super great with the automations, by the way.

You can see there’s a lot of automation set up here for real estate. We’ve got those all loaded in here. So you see, there are a lot of automations already set up for that. And when we get over to sites, there are funnels, you see, we’ve got 13 funnels already set up here for real estate. There are websites you see that we’ve got templates for real estate, but we throw in some others. Also, because they want to use some of these other templates for maybe a different type of site, and maybe you don’t have all the properties and things on there, so those are in there also. And by the way, we’ve got hundreds more that we can share with you. You can include a blog where you put the article straight in here; it’s got a blog with the categories, which is amazing right out of here. If you do memberships, and this will be memberships where people can sign up, it can be free courses or you can charge for them. Perhaps you’re an investor, and you’re teaching other investors, or you’re a real estate agent, you’re teaching other real estate agents, and they can sign up.

You can have a website for that, a landing page, a funnel sign-up, and then they come in, they pay, and then have automatic access to that training course. Of course, there are forms, a form builder, drag-and-drop for all of your forms for surveys, which are awesome to do surveys. And there’s a chat widget that goes right on your website and people… It’s called Chat to Text, very popular. Podium has created a giant business out of… That’s one of their components, and so this is included right here. It’s very easy, we’ll help you, our support will help you put it right on your website. Media, unlimited storage, so you’re not going to put in certain images, certain number of images or videos and say, “Oh no, I’m over my level. I’ve gotta pay a surcharge.” No. Unlimited storage with that. You can manage your reputation, and when companies say your online reputation, they basically mean your reviews. You can manage your reviews straight out of here. You can see the reviews that come in, you can see your star rating, you can also reply straight out of here. You don’t have to go to the channel and reply. There is, of course, our reporting, and then there are a couple of things we provide here to get quickly to us for our partner and affiliate program, also for support.

And then you’ve got your settings, so. And you’ll say maybe there are, by the way, a lot of real estate branded CRMs built with this platform. We totally disclose it, it’s HighLevel; we say that our CRM that we’re providing, and we provide the funnels, we provide the websites, we provide the automations, that’s us. But it’s powered by high level, and you may say, “Oh, I am a KW agent, or I used to be a KW agent.” And I tell you what, everyone I’ve talked to says, “This looks like exactly like KW command.” Now, I don’t know if they branded it or white labeled it, whatever, but everyone has always told me, “It looks exactly like KW command.” So I don’t know if it is or not, but I find that to be very, very interesting. Alright. So I do want to show you just a little bit more. I want to show you some of the websites. I want to show you some of the funnels. And so let’s see if I can get over there and do that real quick.

Alright. So I’m going to share this for you right here. This is one of the funnels. I mentioned there are 13 real estate funnels already built. Now, these are totally customizable; you can change the images, put your images, one click, change the image. You can change the colors; you can change what the buttons, and our support will help you to do that. By the way, for support, we have twice a week, and we publish this on the xpertRealtyMarketing website, where we’ve got a Zoom meeting. It’s already prescheduled, it’s already set up, just go to the calendar. You can see when they are, just get the zoom link and go as our customer. Just go right in. And we’ve had agents use that for all sorts of things, including maybe they move to another state, they keep their website, they need to rebrand it.

Well, we’ll help them go through that whole process, and that’s free. That’s just part of being one of our customers, and there are like five different ways to get support. Alright. And of course, you can say, “Okay, they say, send me the list.” And then the form pops up, they fill out the form, they click request, and then they get a little thank you, and then you fire off an automation from that. And they get the information if it’s something date specific, they can get reminders, they can get an email, they can also get text messages straight out of the platform. Alright. So let me go back and let me share something else here real quick, I don’t want to take up too much time today, but I do want to give you all just a little sense of what we’ve got here.

Let me show you one of the websites here. The websites are really awesome. Now, the websites, again, they’re inside the CRM. Now, you can upgrade, you can get a WordPress website, that’s going to be better, especially if you’re dealing with SEO. If you’ve got tons of articles you’re going to be doing all the time, WordPress is going to be better for you. However, most of the agents just need a nice website to send people to, it tells them about themselves, they can do lead generation. And by the way, this is exactly out of the box. When you sign up you get your CRM, you sign up for the premium plan that has all the funnels, all the websites, which is $49.95, I believe, a month. And all the support that goes into that. It’s got all the automations already.

And we’ll help you to individualize that. And a matter of fact, we’ll do the initial setup for you. We don’t send you videos, you got to try to figure it all out, we onboard you, we get you set up. Alright, so this is out of the box. So this hasn’t been customized, but all this is customizable. The properties here would be those properties you want to set up for yourself. You could bring an eye frame in here from your MLS if you wanted to do that. And we have agents that do that, and these are… This is just a template. You would just remove the sections, any you don’t want to use, you can add more sections to it, it’s customizable, 100%. This is out of the box and even has some articles in here already, some real estate articles in here already. So out of the box, it’s also got your legal pages right there; that’s just giving you a quick example of what we’re talking about. So let me show you just really, really quickly just how you sign up. There’s a lot of other things we could talk about.

How to Sign Up and Get Started

I’ll go on to get the ticker going on the bottom. I’ll get our final screen going right there. And I’ll just share with you one last thing, and that is how you get started. And I’ll just take you over to the XRM website, xpertRealtyMarketing. You just come in here to whatever you want. The content plans are sold separate from everything else. The websites, the website here, the pro plan is actually the website that’s in the CRM, but you don’t get anything else, but just the website. All the other ones are WordPress, so just sign up for what you would like. Typically, we have agents sign up for WordPress website and then sign up for the CRM to do everything else. The CRMs got the core, which is let you put in the contacts, let you do the CRM individually, emailing, texting, managing all your contacts, and then also doing your mass email, your mass texting, any mass stuff like that.

The professional, just upgrades that. I won’t go through all the additional things that it has. Especially great for, if you’ve got a team or you’ve got an agency, because then you can put in unlimited users. Each user can have their own email address, and each user could actually use your CRM and you could segregate all of that out so that they only have access to their own, so if you ever wanted to do that, you could. And then the Expert, I told you wrong on the price, it’s $49. And that’s got everything in professional, a few extra things there. It’s got the digital business cards. It’s got the templates for the websites, it’s got all the templates for the funnels, it’s got all the automations, it’s got all the forms. And we’ve got, we got a bunch of stuff listed there.

So just go and just click on the plan that you want. And basically, when you do that, you’re going to just go over, and you’re going to pick a time to set an appointment, and with a few of them, you’ll have a chance then to go on and put in your payment if it’s one of the, especially one of the lower plans, that’s really super simple. If it’s like a customer or something like that, you’re just simply going to schedule an appointment. So anyway I just simply wanted to show, just simply wanted to share the high value that you can receive with the xpertRealtyMarketing plans with the applications and with the services state-of-the-art, best top-of-the-line applications. We make it easy to use and also at a great price with awesome support. So anyway, I just wanted to share that with you, and I look forward to seeing you. I look forward to you coming in, getting a demo, signing up for a plan. And we just appreciate very much you being with us today. Have a great day.

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