Google Core Algorithm Update

On May 4, 2020 Google confirmed that a core algorithm update began to roll out. As a result, we are seeing wild swings in search engine rankings. One report by Search Engine Land found that dropped out of search rankings for a period of time. When checking today, is again in Google search rankings.

MozCast shows a temperature of 112 degrees as of May 5, 2020, indicating turbulence in the Google algorithm over the previous day.

As we watch search rankings, we have seen a great deal of fluctuation in search results, particularly in local search rankings on Google Maps and in the 3 Pack that is displayed on the first page of Google search results.

It is yet to be seen whether changes in search rankings are a result of people doing numerous searches related to Covid-19, or if some of the changes are a result of the Google core algorithm update. Business leaders, however, should remain focused on the basic principals of SEO that include adding high-quality content to their website while providing a good user experience.

Social Media Marketing

Sprout Social released information regarding their 2020 index that details how brands are using social media as a significant growth engine.

According to the press release on GlobeNewswire, the 2020 index reveals insights on social media goals, and how marketers can build strong connections with their audiences.

  • Brand awareness remains a top priority, with 69% of social marketers, saying that increasing brand awareness is our number one goal for social media.
  • Engagement, transparency, and customer service over social media helps brands stand out.
  • The index reveals that visual social platforms are popular with younger consumers. The social platforms that focus on photos and videos like YouTube and Instagram are gaining traction with younger consumers.
  • Lastly consumers expect timely responses on social media. So, brands that are quick to respond on social media have an advantage over brands that are slow to respond.

Take Away

Changes in Google’s core algorithm and Sprout Social’s 2020 report reminds businesses to stay the course for internet marketing.

#1 For SEO, high-quality content, and rich media, while giving users a good experience, always wins. The businesses that continue to improve in these areas will continue to improve their search rankings.

#2 Social media is here to stay, and businesses must consider it a major channel to communicate with prospects and customers, while also engaging with them. Speed is a must when it comes to responding to people on social media.

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