Build Lasting Customer Relationships Utilizing Email Marketing

Because email has been around for decades, email marketing is often thought to be an old-fashioned or out-of-date method of marketing. However, research contradicts this theory. According to Statista, more than 269 billion emails were sent and received per day in 2017, and this number is expected to increase to 281 billion per day in 2018, and to 332 billion per day by 2022.

Advantages of Email Marketing

The sheer numbers of emails sent and received every day show that email is not dead. Therefore, email marketing should not be overlooked or underestimated when it comes to developing internet marketing campaigns.

More Reliable Reach

Emails that are well constructed and sent through a highly reputable email service have a high delivery rate. Recipients may choose to not open the email, but they see the email, are reminded of the sender, and see the subject line.

Personally, I use email to remind me of important companies and services I don’t want to forget over time. I sign up for their newsletter, and every time I see their email I am reminded of the company, though I may not open the email. Then, if we need the services offered by the company, I have easy access to their information.

In this way, email marketing is more effective than social media, which has a rather uncertain delivery rate, which can only be improved by running ads.

Personalization and Customization

Personalization and customization are easier with email marketing than other forms of digital marketing; therefore, email is very effective in today’s world where personalization is expected.

Marketing automation makes it possible to reach out to subscribers individually through email, and in a way that addresses their needs versus attempting to engage them through generic, mass emails.

Personalized email campaigns, especially when mentioning subscribers by name, have high success rates when accompanied by content that provides value to individual recipients. Furthermore, customers are more likely to make repeat purchases when receiving email including information gleaned from past purchases, whereby intelligent product recommendations are presented to them.

Direct, Personal Contact

Personalized email, therefore, can make a more significant impact on subscribers, because they are more personal.

Personalization helps keep communication fresh and engaging, so your message isn’t lost in the digital noise that overwhelms us all. And it helps you stay in front of prospective clients while they make purchase decisions, or until their schedule frees up to take on another project.

Higher ROI

Because of the advantages discussed above, and especially because of marketing automation, email marketing is considered by many to have the highest ROI of any other digital marketing channel.

In Emma’s 1st industry report, surveying nearly 200 marketers and interviewing over 25 industry leaders, 47% of marketers said that email generates more ROI than any other digital channel.

Creating Lasting Customer Relationships with Email

Building a brand relationship with a consumer is easier with email than other commonly used channels. Not only are consumers likely to receive the messages, but they also don’t have to read them immediately, and can archive them for future reference.

Since the lifespan of email is longer than other forms of digital communication, email marketing doesn’t require an urgent call-to-action. Therefore, by creating email campaigns that aren’t focused entirely on getting customers to act immediately, businesses can work on building long-lasting customer relationships.

Take Away

Email marketing has distinct advantages that become even more effective when combined with other channels, such as social media.

Inbound marketing that generates conversions, generating a database of subscribers, enables businesses to know more about their audience than possible through other digital channels. Armed with the knowledge of their subscribers, marketers can more effectively cross channel market to consumers aided by automation.

In many ways, therefore, email marketing enables companies to give their subscribers a better experience, while increasing the overall ROI.

For more information about email marketing, we recommend Emma’s email marketing report, Why Email Holds the Key to Lasting Customer Relationship.

For analysis of your current email marketing campaigns, and to learn how you might increase your ROI, please book a consultation or contact us direct.

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