In this training webinar, you will learn how to get started with ActiveCampaign and how this Automation tool can help your business!

Learn how to get started with ActiveCampaign with the training webinar where Allan McNabb with Image Building Media, joined by Jorge Vazquez and Nadia Daggett with Graystone Real Estate, show agents how to get started with ActiveCampaign.

During the webinar, agents learn how to:

  • Connect Gmail to ActiveCampaign so that contacts are automatically imported to ActiveCampaign.
  • Import contacts using a CSV file.
  • Manually add contacts.
  • Install and use the ActiveCampaign mobile app.
  • Use tags and notes to organize contacts.
  • Send one-to-one emails.
  • And much more.

Also, if you are a real estate broker, you’ll get insight into how Graystone Real Estate uses its CRM to help agents, which benefits them with recruiting and agent retention.

Video Transcript

Allan McNabb: And here we are. Allan McNabb with Image Building Media. We’ve got a Graystone training, and I’ve got Nadia with me with Graystone, and we’re going to be getting started on using ActiveCampaign today, and, Nadia, if you want to introduce yourself and Graystone and also, let’s make sure everybody can get logged into Graystone’s ActiveCampaign.

Nadia Daggett: Perfect. Yeah, we’re excited to be teaching the agents how to use ActiveCampaign so that we can pass them more leads. So this is a great program, there’s so many capabilities to it, and, yeah, so I’m Nadia Daggett, I’m the broker of Graystone, and I’m excited to be able to get all the agents linked up into this program so we can capitalize on it.

Allan McNabb: Awesome. So first of all, we’re going to have a very interactive meeting here, so let’s get everybody logged into their ActiveCampaign. That’s the first thing we want to do. We’re going to go slow, we’re going to take questions as we go, as we occasionally do with our meetings, and we’re going to go step-by step. We want to have everyone to have their Gmail integrated with their ActiveCampaign, and then we’re going to go over some basics from that. Okay, so we want to get everybody logged in to ActiveCampaign and, guys, let us know when you’re logged in. You can send us a chat, you can give us a thumbs up, just let us know ’cause we want to wait till we get everybody that can to be logged in before we go forward, so let’s be doing that. Nadia, you want to talk a little bit about logging into ActiveCampaign for those that might be really new?

Nadia Daggett: Yes, absolutely. If you guys want to in the chat box here, if you’re having trouble logging in, just go ahead and let me know and I can send back your code really quickly just through the chat, so that’ll make it easier instead of just sending it to everybody, telling everybody your password. I can simply do that in the chat button on Zoom. Has everybody gotten into ActiveCampaign so far? And raise your hand too, you can raise your hand on the Zoom if you’re not able to log in. Got it. Vanessa, you’re in. Sweet. Diana’s in, I think Michael’s in, he uses this a lot. Okay.

Allan McNabb: Very cool, guys. So just to sort of review that, you would just get ActiveCampaign and you would just log in. If you’re using the Graystone account, you put homes for income, and you click log in, and then you just put in your credentials, and there you are. And you’ll see various and differing ones depending on where you’re at. Here I’ve got my demo account and I’ll be coming over to that in just a moment, but we want to make sure we’ve got everybody that can to be logged in. Okay, anybody have any trouble? If so, just let us know, just open your mic, let us know so we can help you out before you go on. Alright, Nadia. You think we’re ready to move forward?

Nadia Daggett: Yeah. I think so. I was just working with one of them. I think she’s in, so I think we’re ready to go.

Connect Gmail to ActiveCampaign

Allan McNabb: Super awesome. And again, guys, just stop us because we want this to be very interactive, and just stop us and we can back up and do whatever we need to do. Okay, so the next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to get our contacts into ActiveCampaign. I’m going to share my screen. I want to share my screen, and I’ve got just a demo account set up right here. So on your ActiveCampaign, if you’ll go into contacts, so just click into contacts. If you’ve got two contacts like I do in the demo account, those will show up. If you have none, none will show up and that’s perfectly fine. So just click into your contacts, and then the next thing we want to do is click on import. You want to click on import. Now, of course, this feature is going to let us put our contacts into ActiveCampaign, and so I’m going to go over two ways to do this. The first way, and I think this might be applicable to everyone, is to connect your Google account with ActiveCampaign, and what’s really cool about this is any time you add a contact into Google, it will automatically be brought into ActiveCampaign. So you can use all the features of ActiveCampaign for that contact.

Alright, so I’m going to walk through this. We can do it a few times and we’ll take questions as we go. So again, I clicked on contacts, I clicked on import, now I’m going to click on Google contacts, and it just simply tells me Google contacts are going to be brought over. I want to say next, and it’s going to want me to log into my Google account. Now, if you’ve got multiple Google accounts, you can add them all in here. We’re just going to add one right now. I’m going to go down here to my [email protected] account [0:05:47.1] ____ Google accounts, and I’m just going to click allow, so I’m allowing access there, and now it’s going to ask me to select a list. This is optional, so I’m just going to… And I’m going to be coming to you in a second, Nadia, we’ll go through this again… I’m just going to select contacts, I’m going to say next, it’s going to then ask me to import contacts and auto-import new contacts. That’s what I want it to do. So I want it to auto-import. Any time I get a new contact in Gmail, I want it to bring it on in. I’m going to say next, and now it just gives me a little note preparing the first import, and this will take a few minutes, and it’ll eventually tell me that it’s done. And I’ll know that it’s done because I’ve got a lot more contacts over here in my account. So, Nadia, let’s first of all, let’s talk about the list they should select when they’re doing this.

Nadia Daggett: Yeah, so when you are importing them, make sure you select the all. It’s all contacts list. And what that does is it allows us to be able to send the campaigns to your clients.

Allan McNabb: Alright. So Nadia, you want to walk through that again, maybe share your screen and that way we can see the contact list and everything there. Everyone can see how we’re doing that.

Nadia Daggett: Sure. Let me go ahead and share here. Okay, hold on just a second. Do I have access to share?

Allan McNabb: Let me make sure you’re…

Nadia Daggett: I think I do, okay.

Allan McNabb: Yeah, there you go.

Nadia Daggett: Okay, perfect. So yeah, this is my screen here and this is my list. So you can see that there are multiple lists when it does pop up here. You’ll see that there is multiple lists in here that we do segmentate our campaigns to. But the actual list itself is all a list. And that’s what gets it out there. So we do small…

Allan McNabb: All contacts?

Nadia Daggett: All contacts, yeah. So these are some of the lists that we have. Let me see if I can go here and I’ll show you. And then this is how… And you can make your own list for certain people that you want. But yeah, it’s the All contacts list right here, and you’ll see this is quite a big number that we have for our investors. And this is who we send most of our advertisings to.

Allan McNabb: Nadia, you want to go over to contacts and go through the importing again with the Google and just show them how that’s going to work there?

Nadia Daggett: Sure, sure.

Allan McNabb: So Nadia is just going to go into her contacts there. She’s going to click on import up at the top right hand.

Nadia Daggett: Yeah. At the…

[overlapping conversation]

Allan McNabb: Yeah, that thing is always in the way, for sure.

Nadia Daggett: Yeah. And so I’m trying to import here. I don’t know why it’s taking too long.

Allan McNabb: Page is unresponsive. Okay, hopefully it’s going to get responsive here in a second.

Nadia Daggett: Yeah, let’s see. Yeah, I’m having some trouble getting it to import.

Allan McNabb: Okay, how’s everybody else doing? Everybody else doing okay with theirs? Give us a chat. Open your mic. Let us know how it’s going there so we know what we’ve got there.


Nadia Daggett: Let’s see if it’s popping up here. There we go. Okay. Just took a minute or two. Okay, so then we would go down to the Google.

Allan McNabb: There you go. So she just said Next there, and she’s going to log in to her Google account. And she’ll see down there at the bottom, there you go. Allow it to connect up. Now, this is where you select the list and you select the All contacts list. And then you’re going to want to move forward from there. Alright, and then leave that top one selected and all contacts are selected at the bottom and just say Next there. Very good. So that’s preparing the import there. Alright, so how’s everybody coming with that? If you would go on and give us some feedback. You can chat it in. You can open your mic. You can let us know how it’s going for you, okay? Very free training here. How’s it going, everybody?

Nadia Daggett: Yeah, I think everyone’s sleeping. Come on guys. Let us know what you think so far.

Allan McNabb: How is it working for you?

Nadia Daggett: Okay. And I’m going to go back to un-share here. Do you want to take the screen back?

Allan McNabb: That’ll be fine if you want to… There you go. Alright, any feedback there, guys? How are you coming with it? How is it working for you?

Nadia Daggett: Looks like Vanessa, she says all hers are in there. So that’s good.

Allan McNabb: Cool, cool.

Nadia Daggett: Yeah, and they’re starting to pile them in, so it looks good.

Allan McNabb: Awesome.

Nadia Daggett: Cool. Okay.

Import Contacts Using a CSV File

Allan McNabb: Alright. So as you’re working on that, and let me show you how to do just a regular import here, okay guys? So if there’s an occasion where maybe you’ve got contacts from somewhere else, you can download them from… Maybe you’ve used another CRM before. Maybe something like that, and you can grab those contacts and bring them into ActiveCampaign. So let me show you how you do that. If you download them from another CRM, another platform, they’re going to be downloaded as a CSV file. That’s perfectly fine. So let me share my screen. I’m going to show you how to do that. So we’re going to go through… You can see here, let me just pause here. Okay, this last ran five minutes ago. So now I’m going to click on my contacts over here, and they’re going to let that come up.

Alright, so I clicked on contacts. I’m letting that come up now. And you see instead of two contacts… Let me move my little zoom thing out of the way. I’ve got 253 contacts. And again, any time that I get a new contact in Gmail, it’s going to automatically come over here, and then I’ll be able to use those contacts in my marketing. Alright, and we’ll talk about some things that we can do there in just a few minutes. So let me show you the other way that we can bring contacts in. This might not be applicable to you. It might be something that’s just good to know. Here’s something pretty interesting. Maybe you have a friend who’s got some contacts. Maybe they’re no longer in real estate, and they’ll just say, “Hey, Nadia. Here’s my contacts. I’ve got 5000 contacts from when I was in real estate. I’m not doing real estate anymore. Here are my contacts.” “Okay, that’d be great.” So here’s how you do it. We’re in contacts again. I’m just going to click Import once again.

Now, this time, I’m not going to click on Google. I’m just going to click Import from file. And I just so happened to have a CSV file I was working with earlier today. I just click that. I click open. And now it’s going to… This is called mapping the field. It’s really easy. So my demo account’s over the limit. But anyway, it’s going to say first name. Yeah, that’s where I want to send it. Last name, yes. Phone number, I’ll come down and enter a phone. Email address, it has that. Tags, don’t want to deal with that. Select your list, and then import now. And again, I’m over the limit for this demo account. So that’s probably not going to work. So that’s how you do it. And probably not applicable right now, but at least you know that’s possible so that one day if you… You have some contacts like that, you know you can bring them in.

Okay, Nadia, let’s… First of all, let’s see if anyone has any questions or anything we can do to help anybody. Because we don’t want to leave anybody behind. So, anybody have any questions? Jon, good to see you there. Anybody have any questions? I’m going to go on and stop sharing for just a moment.

[overlapping conversation]

Go ahead.

Nadia Daggett: No, I just wanted to say thank you. I just think that everybody needs to realize to make sure that they tag what they need to tag for their individual sectors. So once a lead does come up and somebody else might be looking at it, that they know it’s theirs, even for future. It could have been last week, it could have been two years ago, but you still get the opportunity to… That client’s still yours.

Allan McNabb: Very cool. And also, Jon, don’t forget when we get a little bit deeper, let’s revisit that ’cause I think that’s going to be very helpful for everybody. I appreciate that. Important stuff. Very important. Okay, yeah. Any other questions? Anyone need any help or we’re going to get ready to move on forward here. Alright, so let’s have…

Jon Sullivan: Well, I think I want… Well, I was going to bring up one thing too, ’cause we’re adding contacts. This is a mobile app. So I always have this on my phone. So I actually add contacts when I’m out in the field or whatever. I can add it right on my phone, just singly. I don’t have to do it as a list and that allows me to add that person to make sure that he’s in. He’s tagged correctly. It’s ready to go.

Manually Add Contacts

Allan McNabb: Thank you. And let’s cover that. I’m glad you said that, Nadia because I’ve got on my list, but I had actually forgotten it. So let’s go through how to add a contact manually. And also after that, Nadia, how about you get ready to talk about the mobile app just a little bit. Cause I think that’s super important because in the real estate industry, you’re out in the field a lot, you’re using your phone a lot. So I’m going to go through how to add a contact manually, and then Nadia after that, we’ll let you talk about that mobile app a little bit, and maybe we’ll give everyone a chance to go on and get that on their phone if they don’t have it already. Alright guys, so I’m right here, again, on my contacts. I’m not going to click Import this time. I’m going to click Add a Contact. And now it’s just filling the blank here. And you just put in the first name, last name, email address and phone number, that easy. Now, there are some custom fields. And when you do this with Graystone, you’ll see there of a lot of different options.

On this demo account that I have right now, you see there’s a few options like what type of property that they’re interested in, how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms. I’ve got the square footage and they want a 2400 square foot house. Any additional comments here that I should know about. Property address, maybe they’re interested in, or that they’re a property address where they are. And various other information like this. Whenever you’re done, just click Add.

That email address already exists. Alright, hang on. Let me put it in a different one. So you just add that right there. Alright, now there’s other things. Contact when I want to add that, I’ll put it right there. Not a deal there. We can talk about tags in a little while. Not going to do any advance. I just say apply and that’s it. We’re in there. So we’re good to go right there. There it is right there. Alright. So super, super important because hey, you’re at a meeting. You meet with a client, whatever it is. You can get that contact in there really quick. And Nadia, maybe, will even down the road a little bit, talk about some automations that can be launched with that. So that you put them in there, they automatically get an email from you and you’ve got that connection made right away. Alright, so Nadia, I’m going to stop sharing my screen.

And you want to talk about that mobile app a little bit?

Install and Use the ActiveCampaign Mobile App

Nadia Daggett: Yeah, definitely. Yeah, so when it comes to automations, that is going to be the advanced, advanced, advanced. Because there’s some stuff that we need to make sure that’s really active and working correctly. So we’ll do that later. The mobile app, I don’t think I’m able to share the screen. But it’s okay. If you download the app, you’ll be able to see how it works. And you’re probably thinking, “Well, why do I need to… Why do I need a mobile app? I can just add this when I get home.” What’s nice about having that app is, yes, you can add the contact. You can get it going. But now this is a CRM. It’s not just an advertising platform. So this is a CRM where you can go into that client and you can make notes. And you can say if you met with them or if you called them, or you can even add a task. So it is very similar to a lot of the CRM programs that you have out there. And that’s why we’re offering it to you guys, for you guys to be able to use it that way as well. But on the mobile app, you basically can click in there, add a contact. And like Jon said, make sure you tag it under your name and you can use it on your mobile as well.

Allan McNabb: Very cool. And I’m going to try to share my screen right here. Alright, there we go, guys. That’s my phone right there. And I’m going to give it a shot right here, ’cause the mobile apps, they’re really cool. I’m just going to look up ActiveCampaign. Well, I’m glad you mentioned this, Nadia. I wish I had thought about it in advance. So I’m just going to look that up probably… Right here. Oh, I’m sorry. I missed it right there. ActiveCampaign, install. I’m just going to click install right there. You saw it blink right there. Install. And that’ll take just a moment. My login credentials, which with the demo account, I don’t have. But anyway, you would click open. And then you’re going to be asked to log in. And of course, if you’re on the Graystone one, it’s homes for income right there.

Nadia Daggett:Yeah, the icon looks different on yours.

Allan McNabb: It might be… Do you have the iPhone or the…

Nadia Daggett:The iPhone, yeah.

Allan McNabb:Yeah, I’ve got the Android. So probably a little bit different there. Then you just put in your email and your password that you use to log in and boom, there you go. You’re in good shape. I wish I had thought about that earlier, Nadia. I’d that all set up. That would’ve been great. But anyway, you can see it’s really simple. I’m sure everybody’s got apps. They can see really easily. And makes it super simple there. So let me go on and get out of my phone here really quick. And Nadia, as I do that, why don’t we talk just a little bit, okay? Well, how about we pause for a second. Any questions, comments, guys? And we want to make sure everybody’s caught up here. Let me go and get out of my Zoom here. Alright, questions from anybody? If you do, always chat them in. We’re being super informal here. You can just open your mic and let us know.

Alright. Nadia, so we’ve got at this point… We’ve got some contacts in and we know how to add individual contacts. We can get it set up on our phone, which is super cool. So Nadia, what are some good ways for agents to be using ActiveCampaign? And like I said before, we’re not getting super technical right now. We just want to get everybody set up and we want to just start doing the basics. So what do you think, Nadia? What’s some good ways to just today, tomorrow, have everybody using ActiveCampaign?

Use Tags and Notes to Organize Contacts

Nadia Daggett:Yeah, I think the most important way that I’m using it, on the back end, we’re doing the email campaigns just like we’re handling your social media manager. So you don’t need to work on that so much. But using it as a CRM is the best thing. And just like what Jon said, if you tag it under your name, if you tag that client under your name, then they come back two years from now and they’re buying, that’s your client. And if you don’t use ActiveCampaign, if you’re not part of this, they’ll call Graystone and then make it pass to another agent. So it’s really important that we specifically use it as a CRM and tag your clients. That is the biggest thing. The other thing that I’m using ActiveCampaign for is to pass leads down. And so I know Vanessa has used it quite a bit in a few of us. When I’m passing leads, they call the office or they’re coming from our property management department, I’m sending them down into ActiveCampaign. And then you guys have access to that client. And that’s how you’re able to work that client.

Allan McNabb:So Nadia you want to share your screen and show everyone how to do the… What you were talking about, the tagging and everything?

Nadia Daggett: Absolutely, I’ll go ahead and share here. Okay, we’ll bring this over here. Let me find one that has a deal, and go ahead and see. Let’s see… So as you can see, there’s quite a bit of clients in here, and as you build your clientele, you’re also going to see that same thing. So there is a search button over here on the right, which is important, because otherwise you’re just never going to find them. So I’m just going to, I’m going to click on this one, Steve, here, and I’m going to click here and I’m going to show you how to tag. So like you show, like Allan showed earlier, you can tag when you’re downloading them, but also you can go… Come down here later and you can tag it here. So here you could see is Dalia, I think that was Raffi’s. So this would have been their lead. So say this is Vanessa, I’m going to tag it as Vanessa and Vanessa’s lead, okay. So somebody comes in, they say, “Oh yeah, I’ve been talking with Vanessa… ” I may add it in here, I’m going to tag it as Vanessa’s lead, Vanessa would do the same. So when I see this as Vanessa’s, so basically you just type your name in here, Vanessa’s lead, this is what it looks like. So now I know this is hers, so even if it’s two years from now, or whenever we revisit this client, this is hers.

So I’m going to remove that there. So that is the biggest thing, now to be able to communicate and to use as efficiently as a CRM, you come in here and you write notes. So this is the biggest thing, left a voice mail, of course it’s been two years ago on this person. Left a voicemail no number, type in there, “I talked to him yesterday, they were looking for… ” Da da da da da. You can also put tasks in here, just like a normal CRM, so that’s pretty nice. Snd then you can email them directly out of here, and why is that important? And that’s important because you’re actually… Can track it, so once you email them out of here, it stays in here, so we can see the activity. So that’s down at the bottom, and you’ll see these tabs here, that’s what we use. So basically the tabs and the tags, and then… So that’s the basics of active campaign using as a CRM.

Jon Sullivan: Nadia I have a question…

Allan McNabb: So Vanessa just… Go ahead.

Nadia Daggett: Yeah.

Jon Sullivan: Sorry.

Allan McNabb: Go ahead Johnny.

Jon Sullivan: I was going through my tags the other day and it didn’t appear that all my tags were still in there, so I wanted to find out how do I, how to go back to tags. So if you can explain that…

Nadia Daggett: Can you explain that again like your… So can you explain that again, like your tag… Oh, like your tags that you set up have been deleted. Okay…

Jon Sullivan: Or not deleted per se that I, say I went to one contact, but they’re in a different space, so maybe explain to the group, how do you go about finding your tags.

Nadia Daggett: Okay, so oh, you’re saying in the whole context okay. So, yes, so you’re looking for just your tags, so now like what Jon’s saying, now we have 40 plus… 40000 plus contacts in here, so he wants to just see his. So right here you’re going to do this drop down and put in this search button, I’m going to put Jon… And these are all Jon’s leads. Once I click on this, then it shows me only his. So it’s going to show me only his leads and on most of the agents, they’re only going to see theirs ’cause we have it set up that way. With Jon, you see all 40 like us, so you have to segment it out. But same thing, if you want to look at, like say Jon wants to look at only Jon’s flips, he’s going to click here, and then he can see only the flips that he was talking to.

Jon Sullivan: Now I tried that the other day, just to let you know I wasn’t able to find this content, I was able to find maybe 10 to 15 of my tags, so maybe I’ll talk to Allan or you about that later, but…

Nadia Daggett: Yeah, ’cause I… Yeah, if you could talk to us about it ’cause I’m not quite sure about that.

Allan McNabb: And Nadia, does every agent have their tags set up or do they need to go in there and set them, how would that work? How does that work?

Nadia Daggett: When they set up their account, they can set up their tags, and I think Jorge is on here as well. And I wanted to just make sure that that is correct. That these… Let me see if I can ask him to unmute their…

Jorge Vazquez: Jesus I can never hide.

Nadia Daggett: I saw you hiding there.

Jorge Vazquez: Oh man, so what is the question? Yes, if we’re going to do tags, very simple, the person creates the tag and they have to stick to it, just make sure that they only have one tag. They’re so easy to make that you don’t want to have a whole bunch of tags. I could give, I could send you Nadia an example of the tags that I use, and the agents could just replicate that.

Nadia Daggett: Exactly, yeah. So that’s the biggest thing, like what Jorge is saying, is that you can have… You can start adding tags like Jon’s number one, Jon’s number two, Jon’s this Jon’s that. And then you have so many tags you don’t know what to look up. So if we could get that, that would be great, and try to keep it to say, five of your own tabs. That way you know what your tags are because they could get out of hand as well.

Allan McNabb: So typically, Nadia, I have three. One of them is I need to contact the person today, I need to follow up with the person within a week, and I need to follow the person within 98 days. That’s it, those three.

Nadia Daggett: Yeah.

And Nadia, while we’re here also, can you show the… Go ahead, go ahead, Jorge.

And Allan, I know that you’re going to say, “Well, that’s going to create a lot of tags.” But in reality, yes, but that has never really been a problem. We have a thousand tags, it’s not a problem. So I want to say agents know the tags that they create, and of course, if they leave then we will have to delete some of the tags. But it’s not a big deal to me, it hasn’t been.

Very nice and Nadia, can you show us how to make those tags?

Allan McNabb: Yeah, so say you go in here. I’m going to go into your ash leads, Jon, let’s see if I can go in there. So it would be the same thing that I was saying earlier, once you make them once you go down to the tags. And you can see here, this is Jon’s flips, Jon’s leads, Jon’s rentals, there’s no way that this lead is getting away from Jon. And so this one here, to make one now, I want to come in on here. So I’m going to put Nadia’s investors, and then it comes in, but if you want to make one, say you want to make one, say, Nadia. You can make it from here, correct?

Nadia Daggett: I’ve never done it, maybe just do Nadia test, just to test it.

Allan McNabb: There you go, Nadia test. So if I do Nadia test and just hit the return button, there we go, there’s Nadia’s test. So it is very simple to make one, so be careful when you’re doing it, because if you misspell it and then you want to re-do it, and then you have just a dozen of them going on. So be very careful on doing that, but you can make it right there just by typing it in and pressing enter.

Nadia Daggett: Very cool. And remember to delete that tag, Nadia, but thank you for showing us that. That’s super important everyone, any questions out there, guys? Because this is really…

Let me just ask something, Allan, very quick, the tags doesn’t give you automatic ownership. As far as I’m concerned, of the lead, it allows you to find it easier because at the end of the day, you want to make it easy for you so you can find the people you need to talk to today, the people you need talk to tomorrow. Time management, super important. The tag doesn’t necessarily make you the owner. The notes that you have on the file make you the owner, right? Because if Jon comes in now and tags every single contact, but if on the notes, there hasn’t been any other type of communication, then really there’s no ownership there. The tags is a supplement, but the notes really tell me the story. So the tags are for you to be able to make sense out of it. Because otherwise… So let’s say you talk to a 100, 200, 300 people, what happens is, and by the way, we have thousands of people, we have 40,000 people, there’s enough people here for everybody to call twice in a year. It’s all about staying organized, but for you to claim the lead, it has to contact their information. Yes, I’m building rapport with a client, I talk to them, they’re waiting for a call from me, and a tag is a supplement. Most people will stay away from your contact if there’s a tag, but I want to be very clear that you can’t just hijack half of the database, and then the person, the last time the person was contacted was 2003. So I just wanted to mention that. Thank you, guys.

Anonymous: Oh, bummer, I’ve been doing that.

Nadia Daggett: And I think with the agents, probably with everybody we’ve got most people in here, they only have access to their contacts anyway. So it’s not like you got access to all 33,000 or whatever it is. But the tags, man, that is super important and super powerful as we dig down a little deeper, which is not going to be tonight. You can have like, Johnny’s got his tags for his flips, certain kinds of emails he wants to send to them because they were looking for flips. Maybe their residence or Real Estate or something else, so he’s got those tagged differently because he wants to send them different types of emails. So you want to be sending people information that they’re interested in, and if you’re sending your residential Real Estate people, stuff about flips, you’re just going to turn them off, and they’re going to eventually unsubscribe. So tags, super important. Any questions from anybody? Because that is so important. Any questions from anybody? If so, just open your mic, chat it in, whatever you want to do.

I have a quick question, what is the best time frame to reach most of the investors based on experience? I’m just asking because this is new to me.

Yeah, great question.

Probably from 3:00 to 5:00 PM.

What was it? I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.

Probably from 3:00 to 5:00 PM.

Okay, alright, thank you.

At 10:00 to 12:00 and 3:00 to 5:00 seem to have worked. Some people say 10:00 to 2:00.

Gotcha, alright, thank you.

Anonymous: And I used to really enjoy doing…

Allan McNabb: Super, super good.

Anonymous: Yeah, weekends are also good.

Send One-to-One Emails

Allan McNabb: Yeah, our business is centered in marketing of course, and not Real Estate. But Sunday is a super big day, one of the best days. Especially, Sunday maybe a bit later because your top-line executives are getting ready for the week at that point. So Sunday is a great day also. Okay guys, any other questions? Great question any other questions there? Alright, Nadia, can you pull up one… Pull up one contact that you can show people how to actually send a one-to-one email just right from the contact there, and then later, we’ll come back with another training where we do mass emails, okay, but let’s just do a one-to-one email right now.

Nadia Daggett: Okay. And it is coming up, it’s just a little bit slow there. And something that I also saw that Jon did very well on his, just real quick is the notes. I don’t know if you noticed, but if you go to see how this is lined up right here, you don’t see any notes on here. I’m just going to show you one of Jon’s real quick while I’m going, I’ll take one of your clients here. But you can see when it pulls down his list, you’re going to see just all notes, which is really nice because you can see here you remember. Oh, this is David, Jon’s lead, that’s the tags, there’s no response here. Jon new transformed… So it gives you… It reminds you who it is before you even dive into this client. And so as I go in there and I’ll show you how to do the email, when you do that, how you do that is… As you scroll down here, you’re going to see the notes button, and this is very, very important, so make sure to add this. And we try to teach all the agents to do that, make sure this is the main note about that client, and then you scroll down to do your other notes and task. But say you want to go ahead and email him, you’re just going to go to the very bottom, and I think it stays with you the whole time too, so as you go up…

Sorry, the little box is in my way, there we go. You can click on an email and then you can just type your subject there, and then you can write out your email. You do in the settings section, you can set up your signature, so, and that’s under the settings. But we can go over that, those details later or send a short video on how to do that. But yeah, you can just go right to the bottom there, so it goes, you can close it or you can open it and… There’s that box again. And then you can go ahead and send the email right from this right here. That’s it. But you…

Allan McNabb: Also Nadia, I think, for the next one, go ahead, go ahead.

Nadia Daggett: Oh no, I was just saying there are some other… There are some other characteristics in here, I mean this is… We’re barely touching on maybe 1% of the capabilities of ActiveCampaign, I mean as you’re making an email, you can have saved responses, which is really nice. So there’s a dozen other things that we’re going to be doing trainings on ActiveCampaign throughout the summer, on how to really efficiently use this program ’cause we can use this as a really good CRM to keep our clients organized.

Jon Sullivan: Also important to add a contact task so you can follow up.

Allan McNabb: Exactly, not everybody to [0:43:27.0] ____ their money right. So that’s what it’s about.

Nadia Daggett: That’s true, yes, the other thing on here that is very, very important that I love this, is to add the task. So when you do, and these are the three buttons at the bottom, when you add a task, you can add, write, “Oh gosh, I need to contact them. They told me to contact them in for four weeks, I make sure to do it in three ’cause everything changes.” And then you set it up as a call or an email or whatnot, put the date, put the time, and what happens is you’re going to get a reminder. It’s by email, right? I was trying to figure out if I could do it by text… Oh, you’re on mute, Jon.

Jon Sullivan: Usually it’s a reminder only in ActiveCampaign.

Nadia Daggett: Yeah, I believe you can set it up so that you can get an email reminder as well, ’cause I’ve done that a few times. Let me see if I can set that up, or it just goes as the ActiveCampaign task, but that is really handy so that it reminds you to go ahead and make the contact with them again. Sorry, Allan, I was cutting you off there.

Allan McNabb: Oh the quite… I’m glad you guys are taking control and doing it, that’s awesome. Alright, so let’s see if there’s any questions. In our next one, let’s talk about the signature, the saved responses and the mass email, we’ll take questions then also… And any questions anybody? Anybody have any questions? We just want all the questions we can get…


Jon Sullivan: Allan, what about the automations at the bottom?

Allan McNabb: The, okay so…

Jon Sullivan: Some of them have automations.

Allan McNabb: Yeah, so that is going to get further into it because number one, I don’t know, Nadia we probably need to review the automations, that would be really good for the agents to use. This would be like if you want to put them into a drip campaign, and I don’t know if we really have those built yet for the agents. So we probably need to look at that. Have you used that any, Jon?

Jon Sullivan: I haven’t… I haven’t delved into that myself, but I just wanted to enquire, and the list of course are, all the lists that we have at home through and coming, so on and so forth.

Allan McNabb: Exactly, say if we had an automation set up for the agents where they could set up a drip, say for a certain amount of time. Say that, for example, they’ve got… Someone says, call me back in six months, they put them on the sixth-month drip just to keep them warmed up until that sixth month comes up. So, we made to build some of those things out, but those are super, super awesome because they save tons of time, so that would be a great thing to do, I appreciate you asking about that, Jon. Alright, any more questions, guys? We’re going to get ready to close down here in just a moment. Any more questions? Good question, Jon. Okay, so we’ve got our things we’re going to talk about next time, we’ll let Nadia schedule that and let’s begin to close down, first of all, Jorge, if you’re still with us, do you want to make any closing thoughts here before we start to wrap up.

Jorge Vazquez: You know me, you know me Allan, I’m itching here to say something.

Anonymous: Yes.

Jorge Vazquez: I just want to talk about the importance of this, and some agents do have access to all of our 40,000 emails, okay? So I’m going to be 100% transparent. There are agents that have access to all of our emails, because they’ve earned it. They’ve been with us for a long time, they do a lot of DOS, so they get promoted and they get access to everything, so you… That are here, it’s a good step, you’re getting towards that direction, right? Because you’re training yourself, but as you get better and better and your commitment is strong with the company, we’ll start opening up those doors for you, okay? So that’s one thing I wanted to bring up. The second… I live and die by the database, I think that even in the past couple of weeks, I’ve had clients say, I mean, I get clients all the time, saying, I’m ready now, I’ve seen your emails, I’m ready now, and God, those are the easiest sales to do, you know? So it’s very important that you add as many people as you can to the database. To Jon’s point, if you study automation and you want to do automation, do it, it’s good for you, in the meantime we got your back, we gotta keep them engaged with all kinds of stuff, real estate related stuff, so we’re going to keep them engaged, but you know what the biggest commodity in the world is? Time, you know? And I see so many agents… Wasting time like crazy, wasting energy like crazy, okay?

So it is all about time management, it’s all about being organized, it’s all about putting the right priority on things… You cannot do it without a database, period, CRM system, how can you possibly do it? I mean, you gotta have notes on your wall, where are you going to have those notes? So if you don’t have a CRM system that tells me that, you’re missing out big time and you are not as organized as you think you are, you’re just not. Bottom line, so I encourage you to do this, we pay thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars to have this, and you get it free. You may pay thousands and thousands of dollars in education mistakes and you get it free. So just make sure that you put the priority on this, and I just wanted to say that it is a very powerful… We’re only talking about the basics, once some of these people, the agents that are here, graduate and master the basics, we have no problems, we’re going into deals, automation, syndication… The sky is the limit, we want to go baby steps first so… Do the right thing and start putting every single person there, okay? And for those of you that say, “Well, you know, if I leave, if I don’t like Graystone anymore, I want to leave” you take your leads with you, you export them, take them with you, they’re yours, you own them, you deserve them, but in the meantime, give them the treatment that they deserve.

Take Away

Allan McNabb: Thank you so much, Jorge. Great words, appreciate that encouragement for all of us. Alright, Nadia you want to wrap it up on your end? Then I’ll close this out.

Nadia Daggett: Yeah, absolutely. I’m excited to see some of you guys here and I know someone really wanted to make it, and we’re not able to get out of work or some things, so I hope that this will be taped so that we can share it with them as well, ’cause this is where we’re going to start sending the leads, so I’m excited about the trainings we’re going to have this summer so that we can get everybody up to speed on the CRM program. I mean CRM programs cost thousands of dollars, companies spend so much money on these programs and our agents are able to get it for free, so it’s exciting that we’re offering this to the agents, and I hope that they can use this and capitalize on this program. And if they’re in and they’re working these in the Active Campaign, and we can see that, we’re going to send you the leads, we’re going to start sending them down through there, and I’m going to watch and see if the notes are flowing, the communication is flowing with your contact, ’cause then I can see that… Yeah, I’m going to start giving them some more leads, they’re working these ones, ’cause that’s what we want to see through it. So yeah, I’m excited about us all getting this training, the summer on Active Campaign, and thank you so much, Allan, for putting this together again, and look forward to the next one. So thank you again, Allan.

Allan McNabb: Alright guys, the Allan McNabb with image building media, we provide a lot of services to Graystone, including Active Campaign, and also the Graystone websites, some of you have those already, and if you don’t have yours yet, there’s a great deal that Graystone provides for you, just get with me, I’ll be glad to help you with that. So for now, we’ll go on and we’ll leave and I’ll see y’all next time.

Anonymous: Al?

Allan McNabb: Yes, go ahead.

Al, can I say something very quick? Nadia are we going to get some of the solution forms for the top agents, so that way they have their own link and people could get… Post those links on social media and get those people directly to the database?

Nadia Daggett: Yes, absolutely, and I actually have everybody that’s here, right now, I’m going to make sure you guys get that first.

Anonymous: Wow, wow…

Nadia Daggett: Yeah, what the form is, I’ve seen other companies do this, not so much in real estate, but it’s really neat, you’ll send out a form that says if you get a contact off of Facebook or whatnot, you send them the link, they fill out the form, they automatically enter the database tagged under your name, so… Yes, absolutely, I’ll make sure that everybody in this meeting here gets it first.

Allan McNabb: Just that alone is worth hundreds of dollars, you taking the time to set that up, right Allan?

Yeah, that and the technology that it takes to do that, so… That is awesome, that’s a great part of being a Graystone agent, man, that’s awesome.

So guys, harass Nadia for those forms. [chuckle]

Alright guys, so hey, we’ll see you later next time, Nadia will schedule our next one, and we’ll go from here guys, great to have you all with us, and have a great evening.

Nadia Daggett: Thank you Allan.

Anonymous: You too. Thank you.

Allan McNabb: Thanks guys, bye.

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