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Call-to-actions (CTAs) are found in many forms of marketing, including the use of call-to-action domain names. Although call-to-action domain names have been in use since the early 2000s, we are seeing a reemergence of this type of internet marketing, especially as they are used in conjunction with TV, radio, billboards, and print advertising.

What Are Call-to-Action Domain Names?

Call-to-action domain names attract attention, demand action, and sometimes solicit an emotional response. CTA domain names often communicate a memorable concept related to the business and may include an action phrase, such as, which redirects to

Domain names that are simple, direct, and easy to remember can help a company market a brand or product. Some CTA domain names are the domain for the main company website. Others, though, are used for brand-specific marketing and can be associated with a specific interior landing page or a brand microsite.

CTA domain names can be useful for driving new visitors to a website, promoting brand loyalty, and driving direct traffic to a website as opposed to referral traffic.

Examples of Call-to-Action Domain Names

Many CTA domain names exist, but some are more effective than others. Here are a few of the best examples of call-to-action domain names.

This domain is used on billboards and redirects to a landing page for Physician Partners of America. The landing page talks about pain relief while encouraging visitors to call the office, book an appointment, and sign up for a newsletter.

This domain name is the website domain for the Ligori & Ligori law firm. The domain name communicates a popular marketing strategy for law offices.

This domain redirects to a landing page on the Clayton Homes website that is obviously tied to a marketing campaign. The page features a video and five questions about finding the perfect modern home.

This domain name is also used on billboards and redirects to the home page of the company’s main website ( The domain name is a great marketing tool because it is memorable and communicates an important concept.

This domain name uses humor to be memorable while communicating the business niche. And in case you are wondering, Chandler W. Mason, a founder of Mason & Associates, P.C., is bald.

This domain name has been used in TV ads and redirects to a landing page related to belly pain on a medical website for HCA West Florida. The landing page includes several CTAs and a map with information about their locations.

This domain is used on billboards and redirects to a landing page on the website for Howell & Thornhill, P.A. The landing page includes several CTAs and a short explanation about why the law firm says, “We got this.”

“Rocket Mortgage” is a well-known marketing campaign by Quicken Loans. This CTA domain is used for a brand marketing website where people can apply for a mortgage.

As the name suggests, the domain takes visitors to a microsite showing the 8 prototypes of the proposed wall on the U.S. southern border.

Morgan & Morgan’s Family of Branded CTA Domain Names

Morgan & Morgan is a law firm based in Orlando, Florida. Their main website is, which communicates an important concept relating to legal representation while also stirring up a common emotional response.

Morgan & Morgan also makes use of several microsites with CTA domain names, which include:


Image Building Media’s CTA Domain Names and Micro Marketing Websites

We utilize several call-to-action domains with micro-marketing websites at Image Building Media. These include:


The effective use of Call-to-Action (CTA) domain names in marketing strategies is evident through various successful examples. These domain names are memorable and drive specific actions, reinforcing brand messaging and enhancing user engagement. Their simplicity, directness, and ability to elicit emotional responses make them powerful tools in internet marketing, whether for main company websites or brand-specific campaigns. This approach to domain naming demonstrates a creative fusion of branding and marketing, proving essential in a digital age where capturing audience attention is paramount.

Updated 12/11/2023

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