Allan McNabb of Image Building Media was featured in an article by UpCity, The Most Effective Review Generation Strategies: According to the Experts. A stellar online reputation is more important than ever, and positive customer reviews are one of the most enticing and effective ways to create a positive online reputation.

Allan McNabb contributed to the article by discussing effective ways for businesses to ask for reviews while abiding by the terms and conditions of all social media channels and respecting customers by asking for consent when needed. The article featured Allan McNabb with Image Building Media, stating: “First, and most importantly, people are more likely to give a review if they receive a personal invitation (i.e., a person associated with the business personally invites them to give a review).

Second, businesses should fully understand the terms of each channel for which they request reviews. For example, requesting a Yelp review violates their terms.

Third, review gating is not an acceptable practice for some channels (e.g., Google) and should be avoided. Review gating is where you weed out customers who may give a negative review, such as first going through a process of receiving customer feedback and then requesting a review from customers who gave positive feedback.

Fourth, sending a text message to ask for a review is extremely effective; however, businesses must have express written consent on paper or electronically before sending a text message, according to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).”

Featured in Article for Review StratagiesFeatured in Article for Effective Review Strategies

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