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Jeffrey Axen Real Estate

Jeffrey Axen has been a dedicated Realtor and resident of the Tampa Bay area since 2012. Jeffrey specializes in generating income for investment properties and finding standout properties for owner-occupied homes. Jeffrey has sold over 250 homes as a buyer and listing agent, with properties ranging [...]

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Beau Ramirez

Beau Ramirez is a real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty in Tampa, Florida. Beau works closely with buyers, sellers, investors, and wholesalers. As a real estate agent, Beau is transparent with his clients providing the best guidance on how to buy, sell, and invest in [...]

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Marimark Realty

Marimark Realty is a full-service real estate company founded by Mary Catchur, a Florida CPA who became involved in the real estate industry as the Chief Financial Officer for one of the first online virtual real estate companies in 1999. Marimark Realty is a one-stop real [...]

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My Home Tampa Bay

My Home Tampa Bay is led by John LaRocca, a Real Estate professional that has been in the business in the Tampa Bay area market for many successful years. As a full-service Real Estate professional, John works with buyers, sellers, and investors in Real Estate transactions [...]

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Graystone Investment Group

Graystone Investment Group is a one-stop shop for real estate investing through several Graystone companies that include a real estate agency, property acquisition company, and property management company. Graystone serves clients in numerous countries, such as the United States, China, Hong Kong, and Canada. We manage [...]

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Anny Garcia Real Estate

Anny Garcia is a military spouse with over 20 years of experience in relocating as a family member and federal employee, intricately familiar with the complexities of buying, selling, and renting in the US and overseas. As both a realtor and real estate investor, she combines [...]

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Leasure Real Estate

Jeremy Leasure's love for real estate began in 2010 when he decided to make a career change to the multi-family property management industry. He has managed some of the most prominent properties in the Central Ohio and Tampa, Florida areas, with an emphasis on asset/property management, [...]

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Imari Sekajipo

Imari Sekajipo is a first-generation Liberian American who grew up in Tampa, Florida, and Accra, Ghana. After being introduced to wholesaling in 2019, Imari quickly developed a passion for real estate. Since then, Imari has become a Certified Credit Specialist and a Creative Financing Consultant, helping [...]

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Adrian Castillo Real Estate

Adrian Castillo was born in the Dominican Republic, raised in New York City, and currently lives in Tampa, Florida. Adrian is a unique real estate agent with a solid 10+ years in the real estate industry. Adrian brings a full-service experience to his clients, offering commercial [...]

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Nadia Daggett Real Estate

Nadia Daggett has over 18 years in the real estate industry beginning her Real Estate career as a loan officer and financial planner in 2003 and growing her own brokerage in Alaska by 2006. After some time away, the native of Florida, moved back to her [...]

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