Internet Marketing Management

There are numerous components to an overall marketing strategy that need to work in perfect harmony, such as web development, SEO, social media profiles and pages, content development, email campaigns, website software, and web hosting. Management of an overall internet marketing strategy is critical to a strong online presence that converts visitors to customers, while increasing retention of existing customers.

As a result, we help clients by assisting in the development of their internet marketing plan, and by managing their internet marketing projects to produce higher conversions and increase customer retention.

Internet Marketing Plans

We work with clients to develop a comprehensive, customized internet marketing plan that involves goals and objectives. The plan also includes the method of tracking goals and objectives, and frequency of reporting results.

Marketing plans are revised to take advantage of A/B testing results, changes in behaviors of internet users, and changes in algorithms.

Internet Marketing Management

With a comprehensive plan, tasks are methodically carried out over months and years to accomplish specific objectives, which are measured over time to ensure optimal effectiveness. Analytics software tracks leads, search rankings, traffic, conversions, and more.

Our clients typically participate in developing the plan, and some participate in implementing certain parts of the plan. We manage projects and coordinate members of the marketing team using cloud-based apps to increase productivity and keep the entire team working together to achieve marketing goals.

DIY Services

For clients wanting to be extensively hands on, whether because of choice or for budgetary reasons, they use our DIY services that include research and analytics software.

Many DIY clients take advantage of our reporting capabilities to gain knowledge and insight that would cost much more if they individually purchase the software. DIY clients also use our consulting and educational services and ask us to perform more difficult tasks.

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