Social media is an essential tool to utilize as it helps promote and bring awareness to your business. Allan McNabb with Image Building Media joins Nadia Daggett with Graystone Real Estate, and together, they discuss how to increase your business exposure through social media.

This video includes:

  • How Graystone Real Estate utilizes social media.
  • How often to post to social media.
  • What to post to social media.

Webinar Cheat Sheet

Here is the cheat sheet we provided to the agents who attended the webinar. Although we did not cover all the items during the webinar, we made all the available information. Download the complete PDF of the webinar cheat sheet: How to Use Social Media to Maximize Your Exposure.

Video Transcript

Allan McNabb: Alright guys. So, we are live on YouTube and we have a Graystone training, and we’re going to be talking about social media today. And we’re going to be talking about how to increase your exposure, Nadia and I just sent our cheat sheet into our WhatsApp. And the first thing we want to do is talk about some of the free things that are out there, so that if you take advantage of that, that’s going to take… That’s going to help out a lot. And so then we’ll talk about some other things and we’ll have some tips and things like that.

How Graystone Real Estate Utilizes Social Media

So, Nadia, let’s first of all, talk about the benefits that Graystone provides to the agents and how to take advantage of that and what they are, and the things such as that. So, Nadia, can you talk about that with us, please?

Nadia Daggett: Yeah, absolutely. So yes, I’m excited to be talking to you about this tonight, Allan, on social media because that is a big thing that we’ve been working on with the agents. And one thing that our agency does work hard on is to provide the agents with free access to social media, social media management, posts. So, we do do that all included in their… As an agent with Graystone. So, some of the things that we do, we syndicate all kinds of articles to the agents’ websites and to their social media, as well as when they sell a property, it’s hard to remember to go back and put on there, “Yes, congratulations, we sold.” So, that’s another thing that we do for them. We get that out there because that is what is important for us agents to be doing. So, we do that for the agents and when the properties are for sale, we post those as well to help you find buyers, and we’re doing that to each one of the agent’s social media accounts.

Allan McNabb: That’s great. And Nadia, how does an agent take advantage of that benefit? What’s sort of the process with that?

Nadia Daggett: Yeah. So, the agents benefit from it because they’re getting more and more exposure. And then the one thing that I really wanted to touch on today, and we’re going to touch on a little more throughout this training, is how to make sure that, yes, we’re posting stuff on your professional website, but you need to be able to be liking things and re-posting it to your personal site to get that synergy going to get more people to… And more exposure to your sites.

Allan McNabb: I’m glad you mentioned that because Facebook changed their algorithm, it’s been a few years now, basically, so that they can… Well, you have to advertise to really get a lot of exposure. However, you can get exposure much more easily if you post it to your personal profile. And so, as you’re saying, if the agents can just make a habit, sitting at a stop light, a commercial on television, whatever, just go into their business pages and then just share that with their personal. Some posts there, that’s going to help a lot, a lot more people are going to see it. They’re going to get more exposure that way. Okay. And so, Nadia, say an agent wants says, “Oh, sign me up, I want to start getting this on my social media.” So what’s the process for new agents as they come on or maybe an agent that’s been there a while and doesn’t have this yet, what do they need to do to start getting those posts from Graystone?

Nadia Daggett: So, what’s nice about what we have is that it’s… You don’t have to set everything up, you don’t have to do it yourself. So, the one thing you have to do is contact with Sequina, and that’s the… We set up a group for you to meet her, it takes about five minutes, she’s going to get on the call with you, link to the main hub of our social media, she’s going to link all your pages, and she cannot do it to your personal. She can only do it to your business page. And so it takes about five minutes to get everything linked up, and then what she does is start syndicating those posts to your accounts. But then at that point, you need to be able to share stuff to attract people to your business Facebook as well, on social media. And Instagram, we do all of them, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and all of them. So, we want to make sure they’re up-to-date and ready to go as well.

Allan McNabb: So, some years ago, Facebook stopped allowing third-party apps to post to your personal profile, can’t post to your… Can’t post to your Facebook page. If you’ve got a Facebook group, Graystone can post to that also. With Instagram, you have to have a business profile, and there’s almost no difference between the personal and the business, so you just sign up for Instagram, convert it over to a business profile. We’re good to go there, but Graystone can post to both your personal LinkedIn profile, and if you have a business profile or a business page, it can post to that also. And Graystone can also post to Twitter. So, get those posts, those are free, that’s done for you, that’s going to save a ton of time because it’s already done. Alright. And get with Sequina on that, Sequina will get you set up with that, and it’s a pretty easy process. Alright. So, Nadia, should we touch base here? We’ve got the agents here, any thoughts from the agents or Nadia, any other thoughts from yourself regarding the Graystone posting which is available to all the agents?

Nadia Daggett: Well, yeah, absolutely, because one thing that I want to tell everybody to do as well and talk about it before we jump into driving the traffic, is to look at your… Look at your professional pages as well, and one thing you want to do is make sure that you have those trigger names, those trigger words on your professional profile. Tampa, investment, real estate. And what I recommend is go look at Jorge’s pages, look at some of the other agents that we have and try to copy it and try to get that going so it looks very professional as well.

Allan McNabb: Yeah, having those key words on there because on LinkedIn somebody’s going to search on LinkedIn, you want to have real estate on there, real estate investment, things like that, so that will help you out a great deal, just to optimize those pages. Alright, any other thoughts? Any questions or thoughts from the agents regarding the Graystone posting before we move on?

Nadia Daggett: Well I know Michael is the king of social media, so if he has any advice, we’d love to hear from you tonight as well.

Allan McNabb: Go ahead.

Michael Kernodle: One thing I could just say is be consistent, just like Allan said. From your business to your personal. If they can connect the two with those algorithms, they’ll see it more often and they will reach out to you if they see how serious and professional it is, like the way they present it.

Allan McNabb: Very good, very good advice. And as we talk, we’ve talked about your business profiles, your personal profiles, and I hadn’t really planned on talking about this, but don’t forget about the groups, the real estate groups. And I tell you personally what I do because I post in the real estate groups also, is I’ve just got a list of maybe eight really good ones, and some of our other trainings we’ve been through this before, so maybe revisit some of those videos, but find the really good groups, they have a lot of people that are in them. They’ve got a lot of activity and then join the group, or ask to join the group. And what I do, I’ve got just the links to those eight or 10 groups, I’ve got them all on one page, I can open them all up within a matter of 60 seconds or less, and then I can just post in all of those one at a time.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. I do the exact same thing in all of them, and man, you can reach just hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people super fast, it takes… Man, it takes like two or three minutes, that’s it. So, it’s super easy to do. You cannot, by the way, use a third-party app to post to a group unless you’re an admin. So, if you’ve got your own group or you’re an admin in the group, then you can use a third party app to do that. It makes it super easy too. Alright. So, let’s push on a little bit and Adrian says, do you have thoughts or questions, please let us know. I’m going to share my screen again, so I look at the little cheat sheet, the cheat sheet has been sent on WhatsApp if you want to get that.

Okay. So, what I want to talk about, this also is a freebie… This is why I put this here. We recently started, and we’ve got… We reached out to five of the agents, selected five agents to reach out to Graystone, and basically doing our soft launch after all of our testing. And what we’ve done is we have created a… With our expert really in marketing, we’ve created content plans. Many of you may know that we create content for a number of customers.

This is great for your social media, because you’re showing this on social media, you’re bringing them to your website, that is super important, and it’s great for your SEO. So what we thought about was, let’s take this, we’re doing it for other clients, let’s take the syndication model that we’re already doing for Graystone with social media, and let’s sort of marry those concepts together. So the five agents we reached out to, they all said, “Yeah, let’s do it.” The standard plan is free, standard plan is free. And what this does is it delivers the standard monthly market report to your WordPress website. So, you have to  have a WordPress website, we’ll send you… We’ll put that in there for you every month, and then you can share that on social media, you can put that in your newsletter, you can tell people about it, Oh, the market has done this or that, and they’ll say, “Oh wow, that’s great.” It says, “Well, hey, just to learn more about that, go to”

Just go to my blog, top article. You’ll see it right there and you’ll learn more about that. Michael, that’s his website, he’s one of the agents we reached out to. So, sign up for this, you’ll get it to your website. Now, this is something I hadn’t talked about yet for these agents that put it on there, is you can auto-post that to your social media automatically. We set it up so that it comes into your website, it is completely done. The SEO is done, the social media meta tags are done. It is all done, it is ready to post automatically to your social media, this is a freebie. Okay. So, how do you do that? Let me go on and remind everyone, Nadia, we’ve got the free training weekly. Any agent can go to, go straight to the Zoom link and see the training.

Let me remind everybody, I’ve got that in your cheat sheet, everyone, you just come to the Expert Realty Marketing website, you go to the training link you see the calendar, and right now we have training set up every Tuesday, 11:00 AM, every Thursday, 2:00 PM, just go to the Zoom link when it’s time, and you’ll enter into the meeting, you can ask your questions, whatever it is, we can help you. So if you want to get set up with doing the free posting, we’ll help you to do that.

Okay, so let me get back to my cheat sheet, Nadia. So with… So if you sign up to get the free market report in your WordPress website, the goal, of course, is to get more exposure online, most importantly, get people to your website so that then they can get used to coming there. They’d remember you every month, hopefully they’re on your newsletter. You’ve got a reason now for them to come to your website every month, so two things, if you’ve got an X REM, the social media plan, then you have everything you need to auto-post that. If you do not, and I’ve got the link for you right here, sign up for a deliberate dot com free plan, and with the free plan, you can post to two profiles and make the two. Also, you can have your WordPress feed auto posted to your social media. So we’ll be glad to show you how to do that, just come in to our training, just ask the question. I would suggest you have a deliberate account already set up before you do that, so Nadia, this is free for everyone, and I think that is a super great benefit.

And usually when we tell the agents about it as we’re just getting started, they’ll say, “Why not, why wouldn’t any agent want this?” And so the agents… Here’s the link right here, guys, you just go over to the Expert Realty Marketing website, go to the content plan, sign up for the free standard plan, and that’ll put this all in motion. Nadia, let me turn it over to you, get your thoughts and see if any of the agents have some thoughts, as a matter of fact, two or three of those agents are in with us right now, that are receiving this.

Nadia Daggett: Yeah, yeah, no, this is a great, great way to get more people interacting with your website because yeah, you can have a website and it has the generic stuff. But if it’s not kept updated and it’s not dynamic, people don’t really go back. And as real estate agents, that’s the one thing that happens all the time is people forget. People see you all the time, you’re their friends, you’re running around, you’re doing things, and they forget, “Oh gosh, you know what? I am looking for property management,” or, “Oh wait, I am needing some financing, or I’m going to buy a home,” or “You know, I want to invest.” But they’re like, “Yeah, now where do I go to?” And if you’re not current and you’re not active, they tend to forget. So having a dynamic website would definitely increase so that they keep going back and reminding them about your services.

Allan McNabb: That’s it, guys. I mean, you want people to come to your website, monthly, weekly. You want them to be watching your social media. You want it to come up in your feed, so here’s a way, you kill two birds with one stone, if I can use that, I don’t know if that’s politically correct, nowadays, we said it when I was growing up. You get the content on your website, you automatically… You don’t have to automatically post it, so you can manually post it to your social media if you want to, that’s fine. But if you want to automate that process, you can do that and that’s a win-win all the way around. Alright, any thoughts from the agents? We’ve got some of the agents that are receiving this already, any thoughts from the agents before we move on?

Nadia Daggett: Yeah, I know and that his website is beautiful.

Allan McNabb: Go ahead. Go ahead.

Nadia Daggett: I’ve seen that one. Same with Michael. Both of their websites are dynamic and they show very, very well. And something I did want to plug in as well is now, if you go to the Graystone website where you can see the agents and you can select which agent you want to work with, the ones that have websites, I have links to your websites now. So now they see that and they say, “Oh well, I don’t know anything about some of the other agents, but this one I can go to, it gives about page, it’s a dynamic website. Or they may pick you because you have more of a presence, presence out there on social media, but also on your website.

Allan McNabb: And Nadia, is that the IG or FL or both websites?

Nadia Daggett: IG.

Allan McNabb: That is very cool. I’m just going to… I’m just going there right now. That is awesome, guys. Oh man, I don’t know if you guys knew that. I did not know that.

Nadia Daggett: Yep.

Allan McNabb: That is super awesome.

Nadia Daggett: Yeah, we’re just now setting it up. We had just two or three days to go, so there’s still a few that need to be connected, I think. Yeah, you can see Jazzyrealtor there. I think Lisa has one as well, it needs to be added on there, but now you can see that there’s extra links they can go to, so they can get more information about the agents that have websites.

Allan McNabb: That is cool. Lisa’s got one. She’ll get hers on here. John’s got one, he’ll get his on here. That is awesome, guys. And one of the reasons to have a website, it gives you the credibility, it gives you more credibility, and it’s just another touch point, and typically we say the website is where they ring the cash register, your newsletter, what does it do? It brings them to your website, social media, what does it do? It brings them to your website, so that is super awesome and guys, let me tell you something, it’s exciting about this, Graystone, and you know, Jorge. He’s done this a very long time, he’s got… He’s piled a lot of years into SEO, so to have your website listed here is a big, big deal. That is awesome, awesome.

Nadia Daggett: Yeah ’cause how many people… I think you have the stats of how many people actually link in to the website, I know you’ve brought that up many times, and we have a lot of traction to these websites that you account for.

How Often to Post to Social Media

Allan McNabb: Absolutely, man. And that is fabulous. That’s awesome. Alright that’s, I didn’t know about that one. That is wonderful. All right, so any other thoughts from any of the agents, anyone here? Nadia, any other thoughts before we move on? Alright, so let me share my screen again, guys, to get back over to our sheet, to our cheat sheet. Okay, so a lot of times we have the question, Well, how often should I post? And just as a general rule, one to two times a day, seven days a week, and you may do three posts a day, occasionally, sometimes one, maybe sometime a few times, every once in a while, three, and occasionally two. If you’re really hyper-focused on LinkedIn, one a day. Now, personally, I’ve got like close to 7000 folks I’m connected to on in LinkedIn, but it’s not a big deal for us. It’s not important to me.

So what I do in Facebook and Instagram, I just do on LinkedIn. Twitter, if Twitter is really important to you, 15 times a day because tweets, they’re there for a few seconds, they’re gone. But for us in our company, we just take the general rule across the board, one to two times a day, occasionally three times a day, and you’re good to go. You’re golden. Now, there are some… There are some exceptions to the rule, right?

Now we’ve got a client who is a jewelry store, they’ve got two locations, they have higher-end stuff, we do their website, we manage their social media, and we post on their social media like six times a day, but man, they’ve got a lot of great stuff and they’ve got a lot of people that is seeing their posts, responding, etcetera like that. So it’s not necessarily bad if you’ve got the audience, especially if you go up, say beyond 10,000, maybe you’ve got 20,000, 30,000, 50,000, 100,000 in your audience, posting more is actually going to be great. If you’ve got a smaller audience, especially once, twice a day, is really optimal. Alright, simple answer to a frequently asked questions, Nadia or any of the agents, what are your thoughts?

Nadia Daggett: Well, I think that’s the one thing I really wanted you to talk about tonight is definitely how much and how often should they post, ’cause there is an over-posting that just gets annoying, and especially when you’re posting stuff, make sure it’s not… When it’s for business, make sure it does… It’s not political, it’s not anything that gets under anybody’s feet, but sometimes just every once in a while… I know you spoke about this before in our last training on this is to post something funny every once in a while, get some traction because then you’re going to have them comment below or even do a poll, have them comment below and that gets them seeing your posts more often.

Allan McNabb: And with your personal, especially that’s your personal, right, your personal is sort of limited, on Facebook you can only have 5000 friends, so you may even want to start a Facebook page, just public figures, so that you would could have more people connected just to your stuff you’re doing, your vacation, you’re doing stuff, your fun, whatever. And business stuff, although you can augment it a little bit, it’s basically business stuff, right? I’m not going to go to a real estate business page to crack up with jokes, right? Now my friend who is a real estate agent, Michael who’s great at this stuff, they’re following him personally and stuff like that is a whole another deal. So a little bit, yeah, but don’t try to be a comedian with your real estate business page, keep it light, mix it up, but basically, why are people there? For the real estate. That’s why they’re there, that’s why they follow you professionally is for real estate, so don’t keep it all business but don’t make it all just other staff too. Alright, super cool. Other thoughts? Michael, guys out there. Other thoughts?

Michael Kernodle: Question, are we going to talk about Instagram much or we’re mostly focusing on Facebook and Twitter?

Allan McNabb: Yeah, we’re not really focusing… Well, I’m trying not to focus just on a few of the… One or two specific ones, sort of general, but Michael, is there a thought, question or anything on Instagram you would like for us to think about?

Michael Kernodle: Only thing that I was thinking is like if you go into the insights, I’m not sure if they have that option on Facebook, but you can search per day when you can have the most interaction with your followers. It may say Monday at 9 o’clock, most of your followers are on. I know sometimes if you hit the live button, it’ll tell you how many people that follow you are currently on that you can reach. So those are some of the things that I use as well. I don’t post at five in the morning, nobody’s there, but right about nine or 12 or seven in the evening, boom, everybody’s there, so I’m going to gain the most eyes for what I’m going to post.

Allan McNabb: Exactly, and you know… If you get to the point where you use a third-party app to help you with your posting, a good app is going to give you that information, tell you which posts have done best, when’s your best time for your audience and things such as that, because like you said, you want to get out in front of people at a good time for them, so those were great, appreciate you bringing that up, Michael. That’s really super, super important is to schedule your things around when people are going to be there. Awesome, awesome. Any other thoughts, Michael, or anyone else? Good tip, Michael, appreciate it.

Okay, some of the things to… Some of the things to post… We’ve already talked a little bit, be light, be fun, going on vacation with the kids or whatever at the airport, maybe a little post there. At the end of the day, for the most part, your objective is to get people to your website because that’s where you’re in the cash register. Social media’s great for building an audience, keeping an audience engaged. Eventually, we gotta get them to the website, so what you’re posting there, your articles, your videos. For example, this video, I’ll probably go on and put this on our website, I’ll put it there. We’re going live with YouTube now, we’ll put it on the website, we’ll have a transcript, may even have the cheat sheet available, and that benefits us. Because it’ll be out on our social media, it’s evergreen, and we’re going to get more engagement, it’s good for our SEO, everything like that.

What to Post to Social Media

So what to post? Your website articles, your videos. Super important and I really want to hear from agents if you’ve got any experience with this. Live video is so awesome, and why is live video of such great benefit? What do you guys think? Why is live video on social media of such a great benefit? Well…

Nadia Daggett: Okay, we’re going to start picking on people, but I think Michael wants to answer. Yeah. [laughter]

Allan McNabb: Are you going to pick on Michael? Yeah, okay, I see his mic off. Come on, man.

Michael Kernodle: I would say live video, it’s so important because one, when you go live, most of the time, it’ll notify everybody that you’re doing it. It’s on the spot. It’s live and direct, [chuckle] it can be a little risky, you want things to be just right, so prepping before you do a live video is great, but people like to see what’s happening right now. That’s the biggest thing.

Allan McNabb: Now, and a little bit of history. Facebook got into the live video arena and paid influencers, celebrities, millions of dollars to start doing live videos because they decided this is where it’s at. So if I can be a little cynical, as a matter of fact, I was talking with one of our clients that we have helped for a long time, and I put it in these terms, “You gotta understand the game and then you gotta play the game,” and understanding the social media game means social media companies, for whatever reason, end of the day, it comes back to money, they push live video. That’s what they push.

So if we’re going to market, we’ve got to do live video, that’s the game, you gotta play it whether you want to play it or not. And real estate agents, you guys are great. You talk all day. You talk to people all day, you sell all day. And so, the camera is just another person you’re talking to. So, super, super, super, super, super important. And probably what you will find out is that more people see your live video, and if they don’t see it right when you do it, more people see it after it’s been out there for a couple of weeks, and you can post an article on your website all day long. A ton more people are going to see a live video, that’s just the way it is. That’s the game. We gotta play it.

Alright, great comment, Michael. Any other thoughts, guys, in the crowd? Alright, pre-recorded video. Doesn’t get as much traction as live video, but it’s going to get pushed, it’s going to be great. Articles by industry leaders, Zillow,, BiggerPockets, all those guys like that, property is listed under contract and sold. And why is that important? Let me ask the audience here, why is it important to post properties listed under contract and sold? Why is that so important, guys? Does anybody want to buy… Does anybody want to buy… Does anybody want to buy a property from an agent that’s never sold anything?

Nadia Daggett: That is really important. And I know a few of them were opening up, yeah. And like Norma, she’s saying, “It shows that you’re active and knowledgeable.” And I think that’s really important with real estate agents because I don’t even know the amount of agents in Florida now, but I know it just keeps growing, and you have everybody in the industry just kind of doing this, that, and the other, maybe one sell a year, but you don’t do that. You don’t want to send your mom to the doctor that only does one transaction, one medical thing a year. He’s out of practice. Same with the lawyers. You want to be with someone that has the knowledge, that’s practiced, that is current, because there’s a lot of things that you forget to do, and it can cost a lot of money. And so you want to show that you’re active, you’re always working, and then they realize that you’re the one that they want to talk to ’cause you have that background behind you.

Allan McNabb: Yeah, guys, let me share this term. And I know our time is about up, guys. This is, as a real estate agent, you are a marketing professional. You can sell real estate, you can sell solar, you can sell whatever you want to sell, right, because you sell or you sell. The term is social proof, P-R-O-O-F, social proof. That’s why we do testimonials, that’s why we do reviews, that’s why you post properties for sale, sold under contract, all that stuff. It’s not like you’re just out there bragging, and it’s like I’m better than anybody. Not that at all. You’re just simply proving socially, publicly that, “Hey, I’m legit. I’m someone that you can trust to take your home, that is your one major investment in the world, that maybe is your whole retirement… I’m the person that you can trust.” And so it’s so important to do that, to put those out there. Graystone helps with that, puts them out on all the agent’s website. That is super, super amazing.

Nadia Daggett: Yeah, we do that as well. So what we ask everyone to do, and I know Lehia just did it as well, which was amazing, Lehia, and Lutz and your team. You keep closing them, you’re rocking it. And you put it into the sold WhatsApp group, which is amazing because nobody wants to broadcast themselves. It’s hard, because you don’t want to brag. And that’s very good. Those are the agents we want. We want those that are very professional in this way, but we’ll do it for you. So once you put it in that sold WhatsApp, we get it out onto social media, into all the media, all the different platforms, in the brokerage announcement, everything. So when you post them there, we’ll take care of it from there.

Allan McNabb: Yeah, guys. And I’m talking to the choir here, because you guys are real estate agents, but I’m not. And I recently learned this, and I just didn’t know this until I heard of one of the million-dollar sellers say it. She was thinking about going and starting her own team, and what was the scariest thing about that is that when she’s on a team, the properties that are listed and sold under contract by the team, she can get that out on her social media, and that makes her look better, being part of a team. She was going to start off and start her own team, which means she didn’t have any of that. So being part of Graystone, and being part of a team, it helps you with your social proof, that is so important. So Nadia, you’re going to wrap it up. Go.

Nadia Daggett: Yeah, and that’s exactly… I know we have to wrap it up. That was exactly what Norma’s comment is. And this is what we highly recommend with our new agents. And we have some of our agents that are also working as… To help you get started. And what Norma says is yeah, partner with someone. Even if you don’t get 100% of your commission, and you’re using somebody to partner with, to get more knowledge, you’re also getting that social proof. You’re closing. So even if it’s 50% that you’re getting off of sharing a lead or working it with a partner, or a team, then that’s great. One thing that we do here at Graystone is we do not just have leaders that have teams without knowledge. So, I see that in some of the other industries, but no, we have our partners, where the real estate agent is trained, is seasoned in this field, and then you can partner with them. I know Vanessa as well. She’s one of our support group, so she’s able to team with some of the newer agents and guide them. And even though you don’t get 100% of the commission, it gets you seasoned, and you’re getting that social proof.

Allan McNabb: Alright, guys, well, that’s really awesome. I know it’s time to go. You guys are probably getting hungry. I’m getting hungry. It’s great to see everybody. And I’ll tell you what, just talking about this stuff and reviewing it… Matter of fact, I was looking at our social media to see what we’re doing today, just to make sure we’re in line with everything, I mean, it’s good to talk about this stuff. So Nadia, let’s go on and wrap it up, huh? So I’ll go on and start. I’m Allan McNabb, with Image Building Media, internet marketing with proven results. And we’ve worked with Graystone a long time. It’s really awesome to be able to help the agents out. And Nadia, I think we have these trainings like once every three weeks, something like that, Thursdays at 4 o’clock?

Nadia Daggett: Every three weeks, yeah.

Allan McNabb: Yeah, so we look forward to next time, guys. And Nadia, why don’t you close us out?

Nadia Daggett: Yeah, and thank you guys for attending. I know it’s a Thursday night and we’re getting ready to get off, so thank you guys for coming. And we’re Graystone Real Estate, and Graystone Investment Group, where you invest and we do the rest. And thank you guys so much for participating tonight.

Allan McNabb: Thank you everyone, goodnight.

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