IBM Client Review for Gold in Art JewelryGold In Art Jewelers has had a “web presence” since 2003, and like most small companies, we’d like to keep up with the latest technology, but don’t have a lot of time for upkeep, maintenance and search engine optimization.  Before we hired Image Building Web Design we were using a much larger company, who charged us a lot more to build the site (back in 2009) and then would not allow us “permission” to make changes on some pages, and then charge us exorbitantly for changes, or a large monthly fee (over $600) for search engine optimization.   As mobile optimization became more desirable, I called them to find out what it would cost to get us “up to speed” and they informed me that we would have to start from scratch.

Once I realized that I had to “start over” with my website, I started shopping around.  Fortunately, this time, the owner allowed me to have the deciding vote about who to hire.

I’ve known Allan McNabb for more than 25 years and although I wanted to “support” my friend’s business, I’ve also learned the hard way that more often than not, doing business with friends can be a big mistake.  So… with reservations, but a strong belief that he was the right person to do a great job for me, I hired Allan.

I couldn’t have made a better choice and I’ve never been so happy to be “wrong” about hiring a friend!!

Allan walked me thru each and every step… he let me take the lead where I wanted to, but was quick to “take over” anything that I was too busy to take care of or if I was in over my head.

He was quick & responsive.  He had great ideas and made video tutorials to show me had to do things.  He allowed the website to develop at my pace, without rushing or holding me up!

And the end result is beautiful!  The website is easy to maintain, it’s a true reflection of our business personality, and includes the latest technology!

And lastly… Allan did it for less than ½ the price that I was quoted from EVERYBODY ELSE !! (And the monthly fees are almost nothing, and include Search Engine Optimization, i.e. SEO)

I made a great decision hiring Image Building Web Design !! And I couldn’t be happier!

Thank you Allan & Beth!

Cheryl Kluesener
Gold In Art