SAP (System Applications and Products) is a leading ERP platform offering various solutions to manage modern business operations. Given SAP’s complexity, companies often need to hire SAP experts or contract with SAP consultants to configure the SAP system to meet their unique business needs. Unless you deeply understand SAP, it’s challenging to know the right questions to ask, let alone what the answers should be.

Argano reached out to a panel of SAP professionals and IT hiring managers and asked them to answer the question, “What are your favorite SAP interview questions?

Allan McNabb of Image Building Media was featured in the recent article by Argano, 22 SAP Professionals & IT Hiring Managers Share Their Favorite SAP Interview Questions, sharing his favorite SAP interview questions.

Allan McNabb answered, “There are a few SAP interview questions that I really enjoy answering.

One of my favorites is: What are your favorite SAP transaction codes?

This question allows me to show off my in-depth knowledge of the SAP system and how it can be used to benefit businesses.

Another great question is: What do you think is the most important aspect of an effective SAP project?

This question allows me to talk about my experience implementing SAP systems and share what I believe are the key factors for a successful project.

Finally, I really like the question: What do you think is the biggest advantage of using SAP?

This question allows me to showcase my passion for this software and how it can help businesses streamline their processes and become more efficient.”

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