Lead capture landing pages are a valuable asset to any website owner, ultimately helping business owners turn visitors into customers. Lead capture landing pages are an excellent marketing tactic that helps website owners collect information from visitors on their page in exchange for a product or service you offer.

Creating lead capture landing pages can sometimes be tedious, so Allan McNabb with Image Building Media created a video showing in under 8 minutes how to create lead capture landing pages with WordPress and Beaver Builder.

Here are the steps to creating a lead capture landing page with WordPress and Beaver Builder:

#1 Start with an Existing Page on Your Website

Image Building Media provides Beaver Builder Pro, along with Beaver Themer and several other premium add-ons, making creating a lead capture landing page easier.

First, open an existing page on your website.

#2 Open Beaver Builder and Duplicate the Page

Once you open an existing page on your website, click Beaver Builder and “Duplicate the Layout,” making a copy of the existing page. Then, take the new copy and launch Beaver Builder.

#3 Apply a Template

After you have launched Beaver Builder on the new page, click the “Plus Mark” at the top right-hand corner, opening up a set of options, allowing you to add sections to the existing page. With over 300 templates provided by Image Building Media, this is where you have the opportunity to customize the page to fit your needs.

#4 Organize and Delete Sections of the Page

After you choose your preferred layout, you can remove sections of the page you do not need for your lead capture landing page. You also can move sections around the page, making it your own!

It is important to note that Google Reviews are always great to use on a landing page.

#5 Change Text and Images as Needed

Now that you have organized and deleted unwanted sections of the page, you can customize the page. Everything on the page is changeable, whether it be images, colors, or text. Click it, change it, and save it.


You have the ability to change, add, or delete icons as needed.

Lead Generation Form

When a visitor fills out the lead generation form, you can choose where the email will be sent and the ability to change other items, such as the reCaptcha, the “Thank you message,” and much more.


You can change, add, or delete images. To add an image, go to your media library and choose an existing image or upload a new image. For ADA compliance, it is essential to include the title and ALT text.

The platform Image Building Media provides customers includes software to help with ADA compliance.


Delete, edit, or add FAQS, making them your own.

After you have changed the text, colors, images, icons, and more to meet your needs, it is crucial to check that everything is working correctly.

#6 Publish the Page

Once you have finished editing the page, click “Publish,” and your lead capture landing page is complete!

#7 Testing the Page

Testing the page and ensuring everything looks good and works correctly is vital. You can make changes even after publishing the lead capture landing page.

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Take Away

Lead capture landing pages are an excellent tool for generating leads, making it a great skill for website owners to learn. Although vitally important to a business, they are not necessarily difficult to create.

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