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To understand why video is important to online marketing, it’s useful to look at statistics and trends shaping video marketing. Valuable research-based statistics about video include:

  • 80% of internet traffic will be video in 2018.
  • 88% of people spend more time on websites with videos.
  • Videos have a 95% information retention rate, which is better than that of basic text.
  • 92% of internet users will share videos viewed on mobile devices.

Video content has a higher ROI than most other forms of content.

  • Video generally feels more authentic to viewers.
  • Video helps consumers retain information more easily.
  • Video can be produced quickly.
  • Shorter video content does not have to be an elaborate and expensive production to be effective.

In 2018, live video continues to be the fastest-growing type of online video content. It is energetic, gives the opportunity for two-way communication with viewers, and promotes a community feeling. Brands, therefore, that successfully utilize video, and especially live streaming can obtain substantial results.

Best Practices for Video Marketing

Each video should be created for a specific purpose; therefore, video content for different platforms may need to vary to be effective.

  • Videos should be mobile-friendly since most video is viewed on mobile devices.
  • Each video, no matter what type or length, should have a relevant call to action (CTA) that helps achieve the intended goal.
  • Brands should be consistent with video content, ensuring it aligns with marketing campaigns across all channels.

Social Media

Keep videos for social media short to help viewers stay engaged and to encourage people to view the entire video or share it. 15-30 seconds is an ideal length for most social media videos. For product-related videos, 1-2.5 minutes is a good length to make sure you touch on all the important information. Focus on informative videos without all the fluff.

Text overlay can make videos more interesting on social media. This is especially true for videos that are viewed on mobile devices. Live videos are a fantastic option for social media.

Content Syndication

Videos for syndication extend your reach by using your video content on multiple platforms to interact with different audiences. Syndicated content gives each piece of video content a higher potential impact by reaching as many people as possible with the least amount of effort and expense. Furthermore, syndicated content helps to build links that improve SEO.

Organic Content Marketing

Videos can improve the organic reach of your messaging because they are easy to share, allow information to be retained more easily (especially when related to a product or service), and generally have more engagement.

Emails, blog posts, web pages, landing pages, and webcasts can all be made more effective with video content that may already exist for other marketing purposes.

Perhaps most significantly, video on landing pages can increase conversions 80% or more.  And, having a video on a landing page makes it 53% more likely to appear on the first page of search results.

Sales Engagement

Personalized video does well for engaging sales leads and prospects. Putting video advertisements on numerous commercial sites, such as Google and Amazon, can help you increase engagement with ads. Well made videos give a better one-on-one experience between the viewer and your brand, and they can be personalized very easily to target specific niches. This is especially true in email marketing.


In this Marketo webinar, Lisa Marcyes (Sr. Manager of Social Media at Marketo), Trilby Lawless (Marketing Program Coordinator at INXPO), and Lizzy Funk (Sr. Manager of Demand Generation at Marketo) talk about why video is an essential part of internet marketing in 2018.

Take Away

Video is a great medium for communicating your message online, typically resulting in a higher ROI than most other types of content. There are many different ways to use video, making it a versatile addition to existing marketing strategies. In 2018, video is an essential piece of the marketing mix.

To learn more about video marketing, and how it can help your company achieve its marketing goals in 2018, please schedule a free consultation or contact us direct.

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