In this episode of Google Search News, John Mueller updates the page experience ranking change, video best practices, search console, and more.

Page Experience Change

Page Experience change is an upcoming ranking change that considers the user experience on web pages, including technical elements like HTTPS and quantifiable metrics for speed and responsiveness.

Page Experience is just one of many factors that systems take into account, so take the time to find reasonable solutions for your websites and users. The core web vitals part of the ranking factor is based on real user metrics, which take a while to be collected and automatically updated over time. The website does not need to be and is rarely perfect from the start. As your pages pass the needs improvement mark, you will start to see results. Google Search also plans on using these factors for the top stories carousel and within Google News.

Also, signed exchanges will be available for all web pages. In short, signed exchanges are a setup that enables Google Search to pre-fetch your pages in a privacy-preserving way to make the experience for your users even better.

Video Best Practices

Videos are a fantastic way of reaching people. Google Search has been improving how videos are shown in search results to help your site take advantage of these changes. With the updates and expansion of documentation on video best practices, you can learn how to help Google find your videos for indexing. You can also learn about ways to express how you’d like your videos to be highlighted in search if you’ve included videos in your web pages.

Google Search Console

Search Console is a way of finding out how your website is doing regarding Google Search, where and how people are finding your website if issues are holding your site back, and more. To get started with Google Search Console, verify ownership of your site’s domain name within Search Console.

Regex support was recently added to the performance report. With regex, you can enter patterns instead of words for matching. You can use it for the search queries as well as the pages shown in the report.

Additionally, we’ve added a special report for the page experience update, covering all of the elements involved. With this added feature, you can see how your site is doing, how many pages are reaching the reasonably high threshold of good across the metrics, how the site is doing in terms of mobile usability, and all other aspects of the page experience factor.

Web Content

The Web Creators Team at Google has been making content for users, perhaps for those who regularly create content of their own for the web, such as bloggers. The team has produced videos and articles to help with complex topics like monetization and better understand your audience.

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