Page Experience is a new Google Search ranking factor that lays out clear guidelines for determining your users’ experience using Core Web Vitals. In this video, learn more about how it’s measured, why it’s important, and the steps to take next to make sure your users get the best possible experience on your web pages.

Page Experience

Page Experience is a new input to Google Search ranking that will come into effect later this year. Because of advancements in browser capabilities, we can now list any content in the top stories carousel and within normal search results based on how good an experience the page is for actual users. User experience is essential for ranking law in search, and now, you have a roadmap to follow to make sure you get there.

AMP is no longer a requirement for being included in the top stories carousel. Every news article that provides a good user experience can qualify for it, whether or not it uses AMP. The concept of web performance has always been subjective. What’s fast on my computer may be slow for the people using the site. Page experience lets us focus on those people making sure that they are experiencing the site so that they are happy with it. It sets a goal that teams can develop towards to ensure users are getting a great user experience.

It does this by actually looking at the user’s experience. The metrics that makeup Page Experience are collected from the Chrome User Experience Report, which is a public data set that shows just how fast or not so fast millions of URLs across the internet have loaded and behaved on actual people’s actual devices.

What Goes into Page Experience?

When it comes to page experience, there are two different groups. The first are things you either have or don’t, such as mobile-friendliness, HTTPS, safe browsing, and no intrusive interstitials. The second group, called Core Web Vitals, are metrics that grade your page based on your real users’ experiences on their actual devices. Core Web Vitals is an annually updated list of metrics that define what it takes to have that great user experience we’re trying to talk about. This list is currently made up of First Input Delay, Largest Contentful Paint, and Cumulative Layout Shift.

Page Experience User Reports

Page Experience is all about making sure your users are getting what they want in the best possible way, giving you a custom report from your real users, exposing actual ways that you can improve. Since Page experience is all about what the user is experiencing, it isn’t something that applies to your entire website. Instead, every single URL gets looked at individually.

To better understand, you can check out the Search Console for your website. Once you have signed up, you can go to the Page Experience Report to get an insight into what parts of the site need the most work. The pages with better results may start to rank higher than those pages that are less than ideal.

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