To answer the question, “How Long Does it Take Google to Index a Page?” John Mueller focuses on two parts: indexing and how to speed things up.

However, it is essential to know that there is no guarantee that Google will index any particular page. Most search engines do not index a lot of content on the web; There is a lot of duplicate content that does not need to be indexed. However, there is a lot of content that is unlikely ever to be seen by users. Also, when something is indexed, it is not necessarily shown to users and can drop out of the index over time.


When a new page is published on a website, it can take several hours or even several weeks to index.  It is suspected that the most suitable content is picked up and indexed within a week’s time frame, depending on the possibility of technical issues that can arise. Although sometimes the systems can be busy with other things, there are a few things to help speed things up.

Make Sure Your Server Can Handle Requests

It is important to make sure that your server can handle a reasonable number of requests in a timely way. When your server slows down, search engines tend to slow down as well. Link to your new pages within your website; The easier the system can recognize what you feel are important pages, the easier it is for them to prioritize crawling and indexing it.

Avoid Filling Your Website with Unnecessary URLs

Whether it’s an event calendar that goes back to the dawn of civilization, or shop category pages that allow filtering and sorting by every possible combination, search engines get bogged down trying to figure out all of these URLs, resulting in missing the URLs that you care about. On dynamic websites, aim to keep functionality open for users while preventing crawlers from getting lost.

It is important to make it easy for the systems to recognize that your new pages are important and then use URL submission methods available to you. Also, you can use a site map to tell Google about new pages, and for individual URLs, use the Inspect URL tool in Search Console.

Keep Your Website’s Quality High

The easier it is for our systems to recognize that your website is critical for web users, the better they can prioritize the website for crawling and indexing. However, it is important to remember that forcing something to be indexed does not mean that Google will show it in search or remain indexed.


In short, there are a lot of aspects that come into play with making new pages visible in Google Search. Unfortunately, there is no timeline for any of these steps, and they can change over time. Aside from technical issues, it is also important to keep the website’s overall quality in mind. Google systems want to recommend the best content to uses and as quickly as possible.

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