John Mueller answers questions regarding various topics, such as URLs, Google Search, and more. Watch this episode of SEO Lightning Round to get your questions answered!

Video Transcript

Aditya is asking, “By any chance a self-referential canonical can override an existing canonical or preferred page? I believe two canonicals for the same page should be avoided.”

Response: That is correct. Avoid multiple rel canonicals with separate URLs on the same page.

Ankit is asking, “If putting the date and the month in URLs is okay and will it affect Google rankings?”

Response: Well, having the date in a URL is fine it doesn’t affect crawling indexing or ranking of the page.

A question from J low is, “I heard that using CDN to deliver images might be a problem for Google search since it is not on my server and Google doesn’t support image canonicalization.”

Response: Well, using CDNs for images is fine. It doesn’t have to be on your software.

Rahul’s question is, “What is the best way to appear in search if you have a global audience to target with a single domain?”

Response: We don’t have multiple physical addresses for local SEO and we don’t want to go for CCTLD’s because of a resource crunch. It’s fine to have a single domain. Many websites just have one version that’s globally available.

RMWPublishing is asking, “Is it such a bad thing to leave the google webmasters verification file out of the sitemap XML? We would have thought the sitemap XML should only be filled with content greatness you want to be indexed.”

Response: Well, you’re right you don’t need to include the verification file in your sitemap file. The verification file is just for the search console. Nobody else can do anything useful with it.

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