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Free real estate articles are added to your website every month. And if you don’t have a website, sign up to have the articles emailed to you.

The articles help you keep your audience engaged. You can post them on social media with a link to your website. Plus, you can include them in your newsletters to keep people coming to your website multiple times per month. And when networking face-to-face, tell the audience about the articles on your website, so they know you are a real estate expert.

Video Transcript

Hello, I’m Allan McNabb and welcome to our live stream. And today, we’re talking about a super important topic, and that is how to get real estate articles on your website. And that there’s a free service for that, that’s our service. So I’ll put a little information down at the bottom of our stream here for a few minutes, and you can see a little bit about that. So we’ve been providing content for real estate agents, insurance, mortgage for some time. And so we wanted to expand that a little bit and offer a standard free service to those who are in the real estate industry. And this is perfect, especially for real estate agents, real estate investors, and it also will work really well with if you’re in mortgage or insurance doing homeowners and also with titles.

So there are a lot of opportunities there for that. So I don’t want to waste a lot of your time or take up a lot of your time today. So let me just get right on with what we’re talking about. And so, first of all, let me show you our xpertRealtyMarketing website. And by the way, xpertRealtyMarketing is a division of Image Building Media. And so I want to start there by showing you the xpertRealtyMarketing website, and you can go over to our Content Plans, and you can read a little bit about that. You can see some graphics here of what the articles look like on the websites. And the standard plan is the free plan. So we got the idea from WordPress and the Freemium business model.

Two Free Real Estate Articles Added To Your Website Monthly

So we’ve got some great articles that go out to the real estate websites, and they’ve received two free syndicated articles per month. Now, syndicated articles are great. They’re great for keeping your audience engaged; they’re great for sharing on social media; they’re great for putting in your newsletter. And so, with the standard plan, you get two free syndicated articles per month, and I’ll talk about the delivery options in a second. But if you upgrade to the premium plan, then you receive five articles, one is a video for the market report, one is an infographic for the market report, and then you’ve got three articles, and the articles are longer and in-depth. And do they come already with the SEO done, with the social media image, with the featured image for your website? They come with all of that.

xpertRealtyMarketing Standard Content Plan

Alright, so let’s go back over to the standard plan. And we’ve got several options for you to choose from for the delivery. So there are four ways to receive the articles. Let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about that for just a moment. Alright, so one method is for us to push these to your WordPress website. Now, we only offer this as a free option if you have an xpertRealtyMarketing or an Image Building Media website, and maybe you got your WordPress website from somewhere else, but you’ll move it over to xpertRealtyMarketing or Image Building Media, our parent website, and then you’ll be able to get these. So the free ones to your WordPress website are only available if you are an Image Building Media or an xpertRealtyMarketing customer.

And I’ll show you examples of these in just a moment. The second option is to use an iframe code. Now, this iframe code is totally responsive, so it works great on mobile, it works great on tablet, it works great on website, desktop. So to use an iframe code… Thirdly, now if you have… And I’ll give you… I’ll show you examples of this, too. If you have, for example, a Placester website. Now Placester does not display iframe code very well. So what we do is we set up a free website on a subdomain for you, and that’s with iFrame. Now, if you move up to the premium plan for just $39.95 a month, then you’ll get an actual WordPress website on the subdomain. And that makes a world… Because then each article is on its own, has its own URL.

Alright, and then the fourth method of receiving the articles is for us to email them to you. So occasionally, there’s an agent that does not have a website, and the agent would like to still receive the articles to use in newsletters, social media, etcetera like that. And so we just email those to the agent. And also, whenever the articles are put into your website, you also receive an email letting you know that it’s there and so that you can check that. Alright. I want to show you some examples. And first of all, let me share with you JazzyRealtor’s website… JazzyRealtor, that’s with Michael Kernodle, and let me share that with you. And we are now in Michael’s blog. Michael is a very successful real estate agent here in Tampa, Florida. He’s with Graystone Real Estate. And you can see that he’s got articles here, and all of these articles, they’re the free articles that he receives with the standard plan. He does have an xpertRealtyMarketing website, so these are just pushed right into his WordPress website. And I’ll just click on this first one, “How do interest rates affect the housing market?” And you see that it comes with a featured image. It comes with all of the text, and it also comes ready to post into social media.

It’s already got the social media image. The SEO is all done, so it’s all ready to go. Alright, so that’s an example of a website that receives the free articles, and that is a WordPress website. Now let me share with you an example of a Placester website. This is and let me share with you Now since this is a Placester website then you can see it’s Captain Cook Real Estate. Here you can see it’s got a top menu here. As a matter of fact, you could go over and look at their main website, but it’s a Placester website. And so the iframes, the Placester, although it’s built on WordPress, they have a lot of proprietary things that are there, and so the iframe does not work well there. So simply what we do is we created this website on their own subdomain, and we provide all of this at no charge. And again, you can click right here, and you can see the website, the article that is there. Alright, so finally, let me show you an example of a premium, and I’m want to show you the Graystone IG website. Graystone is a company here in Tampa.

And they do real estate investing. They’ve got investors that are clients. They’ve got a retail real estate company, and so they receive the premium articles. And you can see here we’ve got a market report video every month. We’ve got a market reporting for infographic, every month. And then, there are three articles. And so Graystone also now is adding their own content, and that’s a very great thing to do. Graystone also has their own articles here, so the syndicated articles are supplementing that. And it allows you to keep your social media full, keep people coming to your website. You’ve got more content to go out on your newsletters, etc. like that. And so you can see an example here, and you can see they’ve got just a lot of content on their website. Alright, so how to use the articles? And so this is the great thing, and really it’s a problem. We’re solving a problem that a lot of real estate agents, professionals and, mortgage companies, insurance companies, title companies, a problem that they have, and that is that they don’t have enough content to be sharing with their audience to keep their audience engaged.

And so, their marketing is just very difficult. You may have a website, but if you don’t have a reason for people to come to the website, then that’s a problem. And so we’ve been solving this problem for years with custom-high-quality content with a number of our customers. And so we wanted to help solve this problem for everyone. And so, with the standard plan, two free real estate articles per month, now you’ve got two reasons every month. And so you’re sharing the articles, and the articles are evergreen so that you can share them over and over again. What we’re writing about is, “Why you need a real estate agent, or why do you need a realtor?” That’s applicable today, that’s applicable next year, and it’s applicable 5 or 10 years from now; that’s called evergreen content. And so as you have more of these articles, then you’ve got a library of content to constantly be sharing to your audience to constantly be sharing on social media, to constantly be putting in your newsletters, and so for people to come…

And it also, in your in-person networking, you make your 30-second elevator pitch, and now you’ve got twice a month, you’ve got something new for someone to come to your website. And your website is where people ring the cash register, that’s where they fill out the lead generation form, that’s got all of your information, that’s where they can go and look at the properties that you have for sale. And so we need good reasons for people to keep coming to our websites, and so we help to solve that problem.

How to Sign Up and Get Started

So how do you get started with this? And I hope that all the real estate agents sign up for this because it’s so needful, and we really want to help everyone out. And so, how do you do this? Well, simply… And let me share once again, simply you go over to our website, xpertRealtyMarketing, go over to xpertRealtyMarketing, and you’ll see information about the things that we offer. Now, this is our website just for our real estate services. Our main website is And so you’ll see about the services we offer, website plans, CRMs, social media marketing, and just go to the Content Plan, go to the Standard Plan.

And simply click to sign up. And when you do that, the first thing you want to do is pick a day and a time when we can onboard you. So at least for right now, we are onboarding everyone individually because people have different types of websites. If you’ve got a Placester website, well, then you need something on a subdomain. If you’ve got another type of website, well, all you need is the iframe code and put that on a page, and there you go. If you’ve got a WordPress, well, you could use the iframe but, say, maybe you want to move it over to xpertRealtyMarketing, and then you want to get the two free WordPress websites, and so there’s a lot of options there. And we used to have this all automated, and the options are just so varied it was a little confusing.

So at least for right now, we’re just onboarding everyone one-on-one. So just pick a day, pick a time, you’ll set that meeting. You’ll go into our CRM, you’ll get some reminders. It’ll have the Zoom link and just go to that Zoom link at the time and just have whatever you need. If you’re working with a… Have a login to your website. If you think you’ve like got a Placester website, you need a subdomain, then you also want to need the login to wherever your domain name is registered, like GoDaddy or something like that. So just try to anticipate what you need. Go on and have that, come to the meeting, and then let us get you set up. And usually, it is very, very quick to do.

Alright, so in a nutshell, and we’ve tried to make it just really super simple, so that we want to get these free articles out to agents everywhere. And so we’re just really hoping that agents everywhere are want to be signing up, and we just really want to get this information out. So if you can help us to do that, we would just really appreciate it. Share the video, share the link to xpertRealtyMarketing. And we just want to help as many realtors and real estate businesses, insurance companies all that can use these articles. Well, we appreciate it very much, you being with us. And just reach out to us, go to our websites, you can put a chat in. You can contact us; you can schedule a demo. Just let us know how to help you, and we would really appreciate that. Hope you have a great day, and we will look forward to talking to you soon.

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