During a pandemic is it important to continue marketing to communicate with your customers and build even stronger relationships. Use your website, social media profiles, and email marketing database to tell your customers what you are doing to service them and keep them safe.

Plus, it important to keep the marketing campaigns you create so they are ready for upcoming events, such as the flu and cold season. With just a little work, several components of the campaigns used for the Coronavirus of 2020 can be used for the flu season in 2021.

In this video, Allan McNabb teams up with one of our newest customers, Ivonne with Salt. The Natural Spa, to talk about the importance of continuing to market through a pandemic and shares their experience.

Video Transcript

Hello everyone! I’m Allan McNabb with Image Building Media and I’m here today visiting with one of our newest customers, Salt. The Natural Spa. We’ve got the coronavirus going on and that’s very important today, that’s why we’re practicing social distancing but, Salt The Natural Spa is one of these businesses that really need to be open right now because so many of their clients depend on the respiratory relief from the salt therapy.

So we’re visiting today, we’re practicing social distancing, but I thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about the coronavirus and pandemics. And the things we’re doing as marketing, as businesses that’s very important. And so some of the things that we’re doing is we’re getting information out to our customers, we’re doing with our website, with our social media and Salt The Natural Spa is a good example of this. Communicating what are you doing, is it safe, what are the things that are going on, because the customers still need the therapy. And so I thought it’ll be a great time to do this. And so I want to bring in Yvonne, with Salt The Natural Spa. Let her tell you a little bit about their business and also what they’re doing in regards to the coronavirus. Ivonne?

Thank you Allan. Hello everybody, I’m Ivonne. And we are open, we want to let you know it’s safe to come here. We have three rooms, one is a kid’s room, two adults room. And we have a special machine, we’ll grind and blow pharmaceutical salt into the air. As you breathe the salt, the salt is antibacterial, it help to clean your lungs, it’ll help you breathe better. Now, what are we doing to keep everything sanitized? Every time you’re coming, after a session, we turn on antibacterial light. We wipe every single toy, every single chair, everything that everyone touch, we wipe it with antibacterial wipes. Every customer will wash their hands when they arrive, we run the machine alone, we are allowing only one customer or one family per session just to keep our social distance as well as keeping everybody safe. We’re open, of course. We have a lot of customers who need relief of allergies or asthma, COPD. We are here, we are being careful. Please stay healthy. Feel free to come. We are safe.

Thank you Yvonne and I tell you what, Salt The Natural Spa is in Tampa, it’s on Gunn Highway and this place is amazing. I invite you to come by and to check it out and you’ll just be amazed with all the things that they have. And they’re a great example with the coronavirus and the things that are necessary in order to continue serving clients, which is very important and also to be safe about it. So, very quickly, just one advantage you can take from this because the campaigns you develop now as a business, they can be used every year for flu season because these are the things we continue to need to do year after year. So there’s a great deal of benefit from that. So build the campaigns, make them evergreen, make them reusable year after year, so take advantage of all the work you’ve got to do right now. And by all means, stay safe, continue to service your customers and we’ll get through the coronavirus with businesses like Salt. The Natural Spa and perhaps with your business, you’ve got a similar business like this. So, Allan McNabb, Image Building Media and look forward to seeing you again soon.

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