For the last couple of years, Google has been experimenting with a way to make web browsing easier for users, according to Search Engine Land. This new experiment takes a user’s search string and finds the most relevant websites based on that search string. Google will then have a featured snippet at the top of the page. Clicking on the snippet, Google will take the user straight to the text, typically highlighted in yellow, that was seen in the featured snippet. Google has made life easier for users with this very useful feature.

Depending on what web browser is being used will reflect the functionality of the feature, says Search Engine Land. When testing, the featured snippet would work in Chrome desktop and Safari mobile browsers. However, Edge and Safari desktop browsers did not show the featured snippet in a yellow highlighted text. Google’s Danny Sullivan mentions that no action needs to be taken by users for the featured snippet to appear on a browser; It happens automatically. However, how the featured snippet will function depends on the browser being used. Sometimes clicking on the featured snippet will only take a user to the top of the web page.

As for a user, the new featured snippet is highly convenient and minimizes search time. However, the new featured snippet could present a new challenge for marketers with Ad placement. A user will be automatically directed to the relatable content when using the featured snippet, which could cause Ads to be missed and/or not seen by the user. SEOs should be aware that if this featured snippet is being used on their website, they will need to reevaluate the location of ads on the web browser. Ad placement is vital as the location of an Ad is meant to target a particular audience. If ads are missed or not seen, this impacts ROI and decreases the effectiveness of the ad altogether. With a simple reevaluation of ad placement, Google’s new featured snippet could be very satisfying for web users.

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