Lead capture landing pages and funnels are beneficial for website owners as they are a great way to drive traffic to your website and boost your SEO while creating brand awareness. In this video, Allan McNabb with Image Building Media shows you how to develop lead capture landing pages and funnels using the Image Building Media HighLevel CRM, a broad-based marketing platform with many features.

Review of Funnel Templates

Funnels are vital as they help website owners understand each stage of the customer’s buying journey. Whether you use a single-step funnel for a landing page or incorporate a multiple-step funnel into your page, funnels are a great marketing tool to understand those visiting your website.

To make it easier, you can use funnel templates that are already created and make any needed changes. For example, you can have funnel templates for “Rent Now, Pay Later” or “We Buy Houses.”

Overview of First-Time Home Buyer Funnel Template

Cloning one of the templates provides an excellent place to start when creating a funnel. If you are familiar with funnels, you will know they typically have several steps. Step one is showing customers a page that you want them to click. Step two is where customers provide various information, and step three is usually a “thank you” response.

The funnels in the Image Building Media HighLevel CRM can either be added directly to your WordPress website with our WordPress plugin or can be on subdomains.

Also, be sure that none of the custom values are left “undefined.” The custom values allow you to put custom information into the setting, which will be applied across the funnels. This feature helps to speed up the funnel process while allowing you to make custom changes in the funnels as necessary.

Overview of Custom Values to Speed Up Funnel Development

Custom values are used to save values and information, such as your name, telephone number, calendar links, address, and other information, helping you to get a quick start when creating funnels and landing pages.

For real estate, for example, you can save your real estate license number, logo, or a list of your available homes.

How a Funnel Page Builder Works

Everything on the page can be changed. From the background, whether it be an image, font size, or colors, to SEO data, tracking code for Google Analytics, and URLs, you can add or change to fit your needs.

Once you customize the first step of the funnel, it goes to the next step. In the next step of the funnel, a form will come up for your customers to fill out as a way for you to collect their information. Though the forms are included in each template, you can make changes as needed. Once customers fill out the form, they will see step three in the funnel; a thank you page. You can also customize this page!

Review of Prebuilt Automation

Prebuilt automations save information for a particular funnel without recreating them continuously. You can create folders with automations related to that specific funnel, creating an organized workspace.

For real estate, you could have a first-time home buyer folder. Within the folder, you could have automations set up for appointments, confirmations, or meetings. In addition, you can set up automatic email reminders or text messages to customers.

Take Away

With Image Building Media’s HighLevel CRM, you have endless opportunities to create lead-capture landing pages and funnels for your website. Aside from the HighLevel CRM available from Image Building Media, our team will gladly support you by helping you get started and on your way to generating leads for your business.

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