Google AdWords Quality ScoreEveryone paying for Google ads should be familiar with their Google Ads Quality Score, even if paying an internet marketing company to create and run the campaigns. Because, your Google Ads Quality Score is significant in determining the cost, effectiveness, and success of your campaigns.

What Is the Google Ads Quality Score?

The Google Ads Quality Score is Google’s rating of your ads, including the quality and relevance of the keywords and ads. The Quality Score is a number from 1-10 that indicates how well your ad is expected to perform in ad auctions for placement in search results. It can, therefore, reflect your cost per click, your ad campaign performance, and the relevance of queries whereby users click on the ads.

The Google Ads Quality Score is a helpful diagnostic tool, not a key performance indicator. However, experienced marketers can use it to project clickthrough rate, the quality of users who click on their ads, and thereby project conversion rates and ROI.

Advertisers create a better experience for users by producing high-quality ads, which also have the potential to earn extra benefits for advertisers, such as lower costs per click and eligibility to surface more information with ad extensions.

Google Ads Quality Score rates the quality of your ad based on four major criteria:

  • Keyword Relevance: Ads appear in user searches based on keyword groups. The Google Ads Quality Score judges how relevant your ads are compared to the keywords you are targeting.
  • Expected Clickthrough Rate (CTR): Relative, well-formatted, action-based ad text can lead to users clicking on an ad. A higher expected clickthrough rate indicates that your ad text is likely to lead to more qualified users clicking on the ad.
  • Landing Page Experience: With this metric, you can gain information on how easily users are able to interact with your landing page to get the desired results. Landing pages that are not well made, or are too different from the ad itself, may not have a high Quality Score.
  • Historical Account Performance: Google tends to trust accounts with a history of producing quality ads, more than those with low Quality Scores or those that are new with no historical data.

Improve Ad Relevance: Keywords, Ad Text, Landing Page Text

Keywords that match ad text and landing page text more closely are likely to have higher Quality Scores than those that don’t. The message of your ads and landing pages should be as closely related as possible to their keyword group.

Structuring your campaigns into smaller targeted ad groups helps elevate the relevancy between the search query, the ad, and the landing page. Therefore, having a smaller number of keywords per ad group is better, and can significantly improve your Quality Score.

Improve the Landing Page: Text, Experience

To improve your landing page experience for users, you should have landing pages that are relevant to the ads that link to them and provide a good user experience. Misleading or generic landing pages will have lower Quality Scores, while targeted and helpful landing pages will have higher Quality Scores.

Structuring your campaigns into smaller targeted ad groups, each with a small number of keywords and a landing page specific to the ad group, will increase your Quality Score.

Landing pages perform best when they load quickly, have the least amount of friction, have no more than around 200 words, have a call-to-action that pops, and are specifically related to the ad and keywords.

Improve Clickthrough Rates

The result of improving the ad relevance and landing page is a higher Quality Score and clickthrough rate, because users are provided with the best possible experience.

Besides a higher clickthrough rate, a higher Google Ads Quality Score will inevitably result in a lower cost per click and higher conversion rate, resulting in and a higher ROI.

Take Away

Whether you are a business owner, executive, or marketer, you should know your Google Ads Quality Score. A low score is increasing your advertising costs and resulting in a lower ROI. The good news is that with a little work, there is no reason why you can’t increase your Quality Score resulting in more profits hitting your bottom line.

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Revised: 9-13-21

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