ActiveCampaign is an automation tool that provides many beneficial features for Real Estate Agencies.

In this video webinar, Allan McNabb with Image Building Media and Nadia Daggett with Graystone Real Estate show agents how to use Deals and send emails with ActiveCampaign. Learn how a Real Estate Agency can use ActiveCampaign Deals to manage leads with their agents. Also, learn about sending one-off emails, along with mass emails, including newsletters.

Also, you will get insight into how Graystone Real Estate has benefited from using ActiveCampaign!

Video Transcript

Allan McNabb: Hey guys, we’re live on Facebook, this is Allan McNabb with Image Building Media, and we’re doing another wonderful Fourth of July Graystone webinar training, and welcome to everybody that’s with us tonight. A lot of the agents are getting ready for the holidays, so we’re gonna be recording this for them, and we’ve got Nadia with us from Graystone, and Nadia, why don’t you introduce yourself and get us started tonight.

Nadia Daggett: Yep. I’m Nadia Daggett. I’m an active broker of Graystone Investment Group, and I’m excited to be working on this and keep building on ActiveCampaign because this is how we are moving our leads to our agents, so we have a few of our rock stars here that came in to work with us on it. It is a fourth of July weekend, so we are gonna be taping it, but I have some of our rock stars that have been working on this program so we can show all of our agents how this works and how we can send these leads and do email promotions.

Allan McNabb: That’s awesome. So Nadia, let’s jump in there, and I’m excited, first of all, to hear about how you’re using deals. This is something ActiveCampaign has had for some time now, but a lot of times it’s underused, so I’m excited to hear how you guys are using it so why don’t you jump into that, and then we’ll merge in how they can be sending emails as they develop those deals.

Nadia Daggett: Perfect. Yes, let’s do that. Oh, so can you see my screen here? 

Allan McNabb: Yes, sure can.

Nadia Daggett: Okay, great. And yes, I have way too many tabs open. Okay, so I’m gonna jump down to the deals. This is where I have been using it. As you can see, we have quite a bit of contacts from our main site, you can see that we have about 40,000 in our database, and so to manage that, we get a lot of reoccurring business, so we have a lot of sales from reoccurring their property management or we’ve sold a home before, so they’re all in our database, and when they go ahead and they wanna go ahead and sell their property, like you can see here, these are our listings here, as they’re getting into that selling stage, then I add a agent to it. So I’ll kind of show you… These are kind of ones that are jumping from our property management passing into the brokerage and into the agent’s hands.

These are the ones that are buyers that call in, and we just started doing this not too long ago with ActiveCampaign, so they are a smaller amount on here, but it just keeps building a few a day, I would say I’m starting to get them coming in. So I’ll tap one of Jessica’s cause Jessica is on the line here, let’s see, I believe Brian Zarb is one of hers here. So basically, what happens is, this is what you will see when you come in to the deals, the agents will see this, this is the deal, this is Brian Zarb, this is the client. And then you can see how… What the status is, it’s a buyer, you can see that Jessica is the deal owner, so she’s only gonna see the deals that are assigned to her, and you got all the contact information for your client, and then the most important part, and this is where Jessica is just kicking butt, you can see all the notes down here, and this is what we wanna see the agents doing. I know this is her client because she’s touching this all the time, she’s calling him, she’s also sending… I see daily, she’s sending them leads through email, text messages, but she needs to update here and that’s what she’s doing here.

So that we can see things happening. So what we’re gonna talk about later with Allan too is the email campaigns. So you’ll start seeing this, but before you dab into that, this is the deal section, so this is what you’re going to be seeing. So if this is your deals, this is your section. So say this is Jessica, this would be just a little bit less. She would only see her deals here and she would see the name, and she would see either the name and what’s going on, you can see either is Eddie, but this gives a little more information on it and it tells them the amounts of the project, so like Brian, he’s looking around 300,000 so it totals it up here. So all of the leads that we have, we have about 7.5 million in leads. So that’s where they’re coming from.

Over to the left, these are our listings usually coming from PM, but if we have someone calling in looking to listers house, that goes to the agents too. These are primarily… These listings are already signed and done. So these are ones coming from the PM, they’re already ready to go, they’re ready to sell and I pass them to the agents. Osvaldo has been a big key element in this, and so these get passed through from here to the agents, and here you can see where they’re getting passed to. So that’s a little bit of information. If we have a leasing one, we did pass one to Vanessa just recently, we’ll have the leasing one in here, and then once it’s under contract these fall over to the side. Vanessa… Or Jessica has been killing it.

She has projects, so it’s not just buys and sells, we have projects in here, so this one here, Len, he’s looking to sell his home, buy a home and then buying two more investment properties. So that’s her project right there, so she has a big project that she’s dealing with. Same with this one here, Diane, she is looking at selling, buying two more. This is John Sullivans, so you can see that from my screen, I can see who the deal owner is, and I can see if there’s updates, but you, the agent will only see your specific deals. So do you have any questions on that or you think I should go into anything a little more, Allan, on the deals? 

Allan McNabb: Well, how about… Let’s hear also… We’ve got Jessica, Samantha, Vanessa on there. I see about… Guys, what do you think? Any thoughts, questions, any advice since you guys are already using this, and if so, just open up your mic and let us know.

Nadia Daggett: Yeah, especially, Jessica ’cause you’ve been using it a lot. Any advice you may have for the agents as we start moving forward? 

Jessica: It’s pretty user-friendly. The more that I’m messing around with it, the more comfortable I’m getting with it.

Nadia Daggett: Great, great. And so, I’ll show you how it starts from my end just so you can see where this is coming from. So basically, you can see we have… Say, we have 40,000 contacts, one of them calls us once this goes through here. So say, the first one contacts us on the list, we go from here. And then, we can see under that contact how many deals they have, so this one doesn’t have any deals yet. But say, he wants to buy or sell, I’m gonna go in here, I’m gonna add him a deal. And whatever that deal is, buying, selling, the amount, I put this under, of course, these are our Graystone leads. We have other leads, ’cause we do property management, lending, other things. And then, I assign it to the agent. So whoever that agent is, that’s the one that’s going to see it on their board, and then that goes to you.

So say, you are Jessica, and I’m just gonna go… Say, she only sees, say, four or five of them, those are her leads, what she’s going to see is, say, Brian Zarb, if you were to click under his contact, you’ll see that he has one deal. This is what he’s looking for. If you go back one, I think I have it set up correctly on Len. Let’s see if I can go to Len here real quick. Right here, and you click on the contact, which has his phone number and his email, you click on this. I think it’s going there. You’ll see his deals. Well, it does say one. But say, he’s in the middle of doing a buy and a sell, you can have multiple deals per owner. So you can have a deal for property management, you can have a deal for buying, selling, and then investing. So you can see all of his deals and you can separate it. I have a few actually, one would be Kinko. So let’s go back and you can probably see how many deals you can do. So some of our property management that we have, some of our owners in property management, they have multiple, multiple deals that we do.

So let’s click on Kinko, and this is where it really gets great because we have all of these leads basically just for the agents. So when you see Kinko, you can see how many deals that she actually has. She has five. These are each one of her properties that she’s looking at selling right now. One that we’re working on turning, another one getting ready to the list, so you can see those deals are coming from internally. So when you’re passing leads to our property management team, that’s being tagged under your name. And that’s what we were talking about last night, we were talking about property management. So say, you brought this Kinko to the property management team, all these leads would be yours and they would be tagged under you. So that’s why it’s really cool to have this. I know she has over 20 properties, I would say, and they’re always going selling and buying whatever the market is.

So we do asset management to keep the properties going. So these are all of hers and the same thing with the other one on there, I think he has about four or five of them as well. So we’re following our leads this way, we’re following those referrals that we’re giving to each one of the agents. We’re using ActiveCampaign so that you get these leads ’cause there’s not a lot of brokerages that will actually give the leads to the agents. A lot of times, the agents have to sit in an office and hope somebody walks in or calls the line. With us, we have so many departments with Graystone that we’re able to pull leads from everywhere, from our lending, our property management team, our development team. So we’re bringing all of these together and we’re able to pass these leads and referrals down to the agents, and this is how we’re doing it. So I need to make sure all the agents know how to use ActiveCampaign in the deals section.

Allan McNabb: Very cool, Nadia. While we’re here at the bottom there, send an email, that contact right there, we can jump into that a little bit if you want. And for the agents that perhaps are unfamiliar with or we need to revisit, let’s just talk about that for a minute. How you can just… You’ll be working here, you can boom, boom, boom, send your emails right out of there.

Nadia Daggett: Yeah. And it’s really important to send your emails right out of here because… Well, it’s cool as you can do the signature just like you’re in email, but what it does is you can see on the right, the activity. So when you’re sending your email out, it’s not gonna get lost in your email. And also, Jorge and myself, we can see that you’re actively working this client. So there’s a lot of times where you may tag yourself ’cause you did one transaction with them, but you never speak to ’em for three years, that’s not as active unless you brought that client to Graystone. But if you just talk to them once and then you don’t correspond with them again, it’s kind of like, “Is this her lead or not?” But if you’re using this email, we can see everything that’s going on and we can see the traction and the production of it. So definitely, this is a great tool to have to be able to send an email.

Allan McNabb: And if you want to, Nadia, just demonstrate that how to put in your subject and then just to put in your text, and maybe you do some bold or maybe you have a hyperlink in there, so if you wanna, give them a link to a page or something to check out? 

Nadia Daggett: And you know this is… You can definitely do… You could use bold just like you’re using anything for your email, but say you’re constantly sending out an email to one of your clients saying, just sending out one every quarter, “How is everything going?” Stuff like that, you actually can use these saved responses. So I really like this as well. You can save them. I used to use them when I was doing off-market a lot more. So I would go ahead and put information just for this property, and once you hit that, it was all this information out, that was what I wrote prior but… Speaking with you on Facebook so it would always get leads that way, this is information on the property and it gives them all that information. So you can go ahead and make this, then send out your ad, ’cause Facebook, I used to get inundated with, gosh, just thousands of people talking about these properties, and if I already have this set up, I can just go in, do the saved response, send it out and I’m done. So it’s very, very handy.

Allan McNabb: Nadia, is that something they can set up, or is that something like for the whole company set up, or how does that work there with the saved responses? 

Nadia Daggett: Yep, I believe this is something that they set up, so it’s under settings, and then you go down to saved responses. So they can save their own responses and you can save them under your own tab too. So you can manage categories. So you could have a category of just the agents, things like that. So you can look under specific categories and you can save your saved responses.

Allan McNabb: So maybe everybody check that out, and again, we’re recording this. We’ll have a video there, it’ll be on Facebook, it’ll be on, that’s our website, and check that out ’cause saved responses can save you so much time. We just get tired of typing the same thing over and over and over again, you know, and so it can save you massive amounts of time, so it looks like you’re just making one right there, Nadia.

Nadia Daggett: Yeah, I’m just kinda showing them how it goes. This is just a template, that would be your thing. Your subject line, “How is it going?” And then the email, you go ahead and add it, and then it’s saved under there. So of course, I’m gonna go back and delete that. It’s as simple as that though. You can just go ahead and you can add pictures, so if you copy pictures from a website like from our off-market properties, like you saw on the other one, you have pictures in there, and all you do is copy and paste.

Allan McNabb: That is super cool. Alright, anything else we need to mention there about that or… And any questions, anybody have any questions? If so, just open your mic, let us know, chat it in using the chat feature or whatever you’d like to do, we’d love to hear from you there.

Nadia Daggett: Yeah, I know Vanessa is very very strong with ActiveCampaign. She’s doing a lot of calls for us, she works with the acquisitions team, so she’s constantly in ActiveCampaign as well, so if there’s any tricks of the trade you can think of just let us know too. And then we’ll see.

Allan McNabb: Alright.

Anonymous: I’d like to save the responses, that’s gonna save me a lot of time.

Nadia Daggett: Oh, very cool. Yes. Yeah and…

Allan McNabb: Tons of time. If you…

Nadia Daggett: Go ahead.

Allan McNabb: Go ahead Nadia.

Nadia Daggett: Oh, no I was thinking that, yeah, I think that Jorge has been adamant about doing those as well. So yeah, if you can get on there, it saves you tons and tons of time. Instead of just copying and pasting out of like a notes, you can just do it and then press a button and it’s gone.

Allan McNabb: That’s super cool guys, super cool. Alright, anything else before we talk about sending out mass email. Alright. Nadia, do you wanna talk about that as far as the campaigns go, creating a campaign that goes out of to mass or do you want me to do that? 

Nadia Daggett: Well, yeah, either way. If you wanna start, I’ll jump in there.

Allan McNabb: Okay, I’ll go and share my screen there.

Nadia Daggett: Okay.

Allan McNabb: And I’m going to… Of course, I’ve got just a demo account set up here, and guys, this is really awesome because you can send out one email and it can go to any number of people. You can also group people differently, and you may need to touch base with Nadia about this, because I don’t know if you can set up tags and lists yourself, but you can have your different groups. So if you’ve got a different group of current buyers or current sellers or investments, whatever it may be, so you can just send, you can send a single email out to that entire group. You can also schedule them, which is so nice. So maybe you’ve got an office day and you could go on and get several messages that go out. You can schedule throughout the week, and you’re driving, you’re at appointments, whatever it is, and ActiveCampaign is just sending your emails out for you. So it just makes it so easy.

So let me just show you real quickly. We’ll just cover the basis and then we can get into it more later on and ask questions, and, of course, Nadia is available for that too. So all I did is, I came over to campaigns. So that’s what… Whenever you send a group of emails, ActiveCampaign, it could be one or it could be hundreds of thousands. It’s called a campaign. So I just clicked on campaigns and I’m just going to create a campaign and it’s gonna just walk me through. And it’s gonna wanna know what’s the name of my campaign, and I’m going to say, “July Fourth demo.” Now there’s different types if you… When you get into it a little bit more, you can even do birthday campaigns, anniversary campaigns, so that your clients automatically “happy birthday,” stuff like that. I’m just gonna do a regular one right there, and I’m gonna say “Next.”

Now you get to choose your list. And so this is where you could have it all broken up. Nadia, what is it, all contacts, or… I don’t know what they’re putting in in there, but just choose your list, and you see how many that’s going to be going to, and I’m just going to say, next. And this is just a demo account. Sorry.

Nadia Daggett: Yeah, each agent’s gonna be just a little bit different for the name. They’ll be doing that themselves.

Allan McNabb: Exactly, exactly. Now, you do have a lot of templates here. I’m just gonna start from scratch. Now, if you do a text-only you can’t do any hyperlink, so this will be cool if you’re not gonna be like linking to a page, or something like that, this one is really super easy to use, or just as easy as just use a newsletter, if you don’t wanna use the image you just delete it out of there. I’m gonna do that. You’ve got the name of where it’s coming from. I could put my name here, if I wanted, and then the email subject, and just say continue, right there. Then it’s gonna bring you up to a… Just where you can put this together, and it’s really super easy. If you don’t wanna include the image, just remove it right here, hit the little cog, delete this, it’ll delete it out.

If you just wanna send an email just like if you’re at your computer typing, just delete that image, and then you can move forward. Maybe you do wanna keep the image, and so it’s really easy to do that. I just clicked on the image. I’m going to click on the little image button right here. If I’ve got an image already here I want to use I can just click choose, or I can add a new image just right from my computer, it will upload it. And this makes great if you wanna do a newsletter. Maybe you wanna do a monthly newsletter to your database, or something, this makes it really super easy, and you could just copy last month’s newsletter, change the image, change the text, and there you go. So it’s bringing this in. I’m just gonna click choose, right here, and it’s going to change this image, and now I can change the text. I’m just going to delete this dummy text.

Now, this is where it’s really cool. I’m going to say, “Hi,” space, and now I’m going to personalize, ’cause I want it to automatically bring in everyone’s first name. I’m going to click personalize first name, comma, so it’s gonna say, “Hi, Jim, hi, Joe, Hi, Sally. Hey, Mary, what… ” And so it’s already personalized. The conversion rate on personalized email is like 80% higher, ’cause people, they see their name, they’re gonna pay attention, right? They’re just not somebody that nobody knows who it is. So do that one little thing is gonna help you out a bunch. And you can just put your text of your email here. You can come down… Maybe some time Nadia will show how to very easily put in their signature really quick there, but you can close that out, and I’m gonna put, say, my image building media. Let me show you how to do a hyperlink. I won’t put my real phone number there.

So let me show you how to do a hyperlink. This is really cool. Just like you would do WordPress, if you’re posting an article on LinkedIn, or something, just highlight it, just click the little link, just go get your URL, I’m gonna grab this one right here, put it in there, say, “Okay,” it’s hyperlinked. Let me show you how to do a telephone number, because this is really cool, alright? I’m going to do the link. And you just gotta memorize this. It’s T-E-L, for telephone, T-E-L: And then your number, 813-245-5555, not my real number. Okay, boom. Maybe I want to bold this right here. Okay, can be whatever you want. Now, here are some really cool stuff. I wanna say next right here, and now it’s got my subject, I can change this, and I just would click. I would just click Edit. Sorry for the slow speed with recording the video and everything. Pre-header text.

Now, this is… A lot of times people will skip over this, but this is really important. Some of the email programs bring in a subject, and then like a sub-subject, where by just looking at their list of emails they can get an idea what it’s about. So, “Get best offer today, July Fourth specials,” whatever, but it gets their attention, and so don’t neglect to do that really simple thing. Okay, who’s it from? Right here. Reply to. Yes, I want it to automatically generate the text version if that’s needed, and now I can send a test, because look, you’re gonna send this to like thousands of people, right? You wanna send a test to yourself first to make sure it works. I’m going to do that. I’m going to send it to a different email address that I have, and send test. It’ll be sent. I can check it out, if I wanna make some changes by the way it looks, then I can do that also. Alright, so I’m gonna say, next.

Alright now, the address is automatically put in there. Whenever you send commercial email, it must have the company name and an unsubscribe link to be compliant with federal law. So make sure you just… You automatically put it in there, just make sure that’s there. Now, this is really cool, I can go on and send it right away or I can schedule it. Let’s say I’m gonna schedule this one, a lot of good reasons for it. Number one, this is a terrible time to send email, terrible time of day.

I wanna send it tomorrow. Let’s say I know that 9:00 AM is a pretty decent time, 9:27, and I could check it out, what’s it gonna look like on desktop, I could do that. I click finish, it’s gonna be queued up, it’s gonna send, that’s it. Now I’m gonna just save and exit this ’cause I don’t wanna really send that email, okay? I can come back, I can change it, I can do whatever I want, but that email is done and it is ready to go. Can go to thousands of people, really, super simple to do. If I wanna use it later, I can just come over here if I want to. I can duplicate it. I’m gonna use it next time. When I wanna change the picture, change the text, boom, done really fast. Okay, Nadia, just that was just sort of like a quick overview. What are your thoughts? What are your thoughts with that? 

Nadia Daggett: Yeah, that’s a great overview on this, that’s exactly right. And what a great thing that the agents can use this because this is a program that usually costs a lot of money to have the ability to do campaigns, and you can add everybody in a list and then boom, send it out. Send out one of your properties you have for sale. Send out a, “Happy Fourth of July,” like you did. Send out anything, and it keeps you in front of them. It’s like reminding them that you’re an agent, reminder media. So I think it’s very important to use this. It’s a great CRM program, so use this as often as you can.

Allan McNabb: Super simple to do, staying top of mind, that’s a big part of what all this is about because people forget about you over time. If you’re out there at least once a month, touching base, people are gonna remember you. And Nadia, we had one of our clients, they’ve been clients with us for a long time, and send out just a little newsletter, and it’s like, we hear back, “So glad you got that email, we got this project we’ve got coming up, wanna talk about this project,” and there you go. And it’s all because we sent out an email and they said, “Oh, yeah, we got this project.” So you never know, just keep following up with folks and things will break.

Nadia Daggett: Oh, and goodness, we have with Graystone, we actually just got a buyer for one of our listings. He’s been in our database for over three years, and he’s just been getting them, trickling them in, and now he’s buying a property and it’s under us, all because we’ve just been staying peace of mind. It wasn’t his time yet, he didn’t have the money yet, but now it’s time to go. Using this, it may take a year for some of your clients to come around to you, but you’re on their mind that you’re the agent to go to.

Allan McNabb: That’s right. And Nadia, statistically, email marketing has the highest return on investment of any online marketing. Email is so important, and sometimes it’s neglected because maybe it takes a little bit of time, maybe it takes, I don’t know, half an hour, an hour, a month, or something to send out a few emails or something, but it’s really super important.

Nadia Daggett: Absolutely. Yeah, we definitely… The agents, if you get a chance, use it as much as you can.

Allan McNabb: Alright, Nadia. Hey, we’ve been like 30 minutes and we wanted to keep it short, and this is a holiday weekend. What do you think? Should we start wrapping up here? 

Nadia Daggett: Yeah, if we can wrap it up, I’m gonna try to keep this short this time. I’ll share it with you guys. Let me know if you have any questions on the deals, or the campaigns, and let’s start using this to our advantage. Yeah, and thank you for jumping in and helping us out, the few that did attend, the rock stars that are with us today, and that have been using it, so I know that there’s a lot of quality in this program, and so let’s just keep pumping ahead and getting those leads down to you guys.

Allan McNabb: 100%. Okay, Nadia, let’s wrap it up. I’m Allan McNabb Image Building Media, and glad to be with you today with this training. And Nadia, I’ll turn it over to you, get us out.

Nadia Daggett: Yeah, thank you for attending. I’m Nadia Daggett with Graystone, and I’m excited to be here with our rock star agents, and looking forward to another training with you on the… What was it, the 15th? 

Allan McNabb: 15th, that’s right, the 15th.

Nadia Daggett: Yep, so the 15th we’ll cover some more and we’ll get started, so play around with it and if you have questions, we’ll touch it again on the 15th. Alright, thank you guys.

Allan McNabb: Thank you, talk to you soon.

Jessica: Thanks.

Anonymous: Thank you.

Allan McNabb: Alright, bye.

Anonymous: Bye.

Allan McNabb: Goodbye everyone.

Anonymous: Thank you, thank you. Goodnight, bye.

Allan McNabb: Thank you very much.

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