Internet Marketing for the Real Estate Industry

Real estate is one of the top industries driving global output. The value of the global real estate industry (including residential and commercial property, forestry, and agricultural land) was US$217 trillion in 2015, according to Savills. And Investopedia reports that the commercial and residential real estate industry generated an estimated US$3 trillion in 2014.

Internet marketing solutions for real estate professionals differs, depending upon the segment of the real estate market they serve. Some are marketing to clients who purchase properties several times a year, and want a long-term relationship with constant communication. Others market to prospects who go years without buying a property, and don’t even want to think about real estate on an annual basis.

As a full-service Internet marketing firm, we provide solutions to develop and maintain long-term relationships with constant and meaningful communication. Furthermore, we provide solutions for companies in industries where people only occasionally need their service, so they are top of mind and ever present when prospects reach the point of need.

Featured Client

Graystone Investment Group is an Investment Brokerage & Asset Management Firm in Tampa, Florida, and a one-stop shop for real estate investing. We have produced 5 websites for the company, which includes the corporate site and 4 marketing websites for different divisions. is one of the five websites we created and maintain for Graystone. This website was created to generate leads from real estate investors, and is fully automated to post blogs to hundreds of social media accounts. The website also ranks on the first page of Google locally and nationally for numerous search terms, and generates leads on a daily basis.