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Sewcialista is a niche social site for sewers created by Mary Catchur. It includes social components similar to Instagram and Facebook, including: Activity Feed Timeline Connections (Friends) Groups Forums Blogs Much More Features specific to sewers are located in the Sewing Room and include: Sewing Projects [...]

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ABC Dennis Insurance

ABC Dennis Insurance is an independent insurance agency, providing property and casualty coverage for individuals, families, and businesses. It is devoted to providing clients with the best coverage and the most competitive rates available. This website is a redesign of the agency's previous website with a focus on SEO optimization. As a result, [...]

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Luisa Londono Real Estate

Luisa Londono is a bilingual Real estate agent with Graystone Real Estate focusing on Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas. Luisa Londono's goal for the past 15 years has been to provide advice on your goals as a buyer or seller using different marketing strategies and [...]

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Marta Arevalo Real Estate

Marta Arevalo has been an active member of her community for 16 years and is so excited to be turning that community focus toward real estate. As a proud member of the Graystone Real Estate family, Marta carries the values of hard work, integrity, and outstanding [...]

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Sullivan Global LLC

Jon Sullivan is a Real Estate agent with Graystone Real Estate and specializes in selling wholesale properties in the greater Tampa Bay area. Image Building Media designed the Sullivan Global LLC website in early 2021. The website features local real estate in Tampa Bay. In addition, [...]

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TamBay Business Brokers

TamBay Business Brokers is owned by Florida Business Broker Tom Brubaker, who has the experience to assist you in all facets of buying a business, selling your business, or merging with another business. Located in Tampa, Florida, TamBay Business Brokers is staffed with seasoned professionals with [...]

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Elite Concierge Wellness

Elite Concierge Wellness serves the busy executive bringing improved health and wellness services to your location of convenience. Their methods focus on promoting healing, recuperating, and rejuvenating to reach your maximum health potential; thus creating the environment for meeting preventative health goals. Image Building Media redesigned [...]

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Little Rock Church of Christ

Little Rock Church of Christ is a church located in Little Rock, Arkansas who believes that the Bible is the inspired word of God. Image Building Media redesigned the Little Rock Church of Christ website in early 2021. The website features Biblical information and other information [...]

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Kala Bakes

Kala Bakes is a small-town home baker who is certified under the Alabama Cottage Food Law. Kala Bakes provides cakes, cookies, and other sweet treats for all occasions! Image Building Media designed the Kala Bakes website 2021. The website features Kala Bakes' menu, specialty cakes, and [...]

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Suncoast Laundromats

Suncoast Laundromats is a family-owned and operated coin laundromat dedicated to offering customers a safe, clean, and relaxing environment to do their laundry. There are five convenient locations from downtown St. Petersburg to Treasure Island Beach and Tampa. The owners of Suncoast Laundromats also own Sunset [...]

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