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Getting Started with Page Experience

What is Page experience? Well, Page Experience is all about making sure that people using our websites, web pages, and web apps are getting the best experience we can give them. Patrick Kettner, a Developer Advocate at Google, dives into what elements make up page experience and what is [...]

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The Components of Google’s Page Experience Ranking

Page Experience is a new Google Search ranking factor that lays out clear guidelines for determining your users’ experience using Core Web Vitals. In this video, learn more about how it’s measured, why it’s important, and the steps to take next to make sure your users get the best [...]

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Page Experience: Changes in Google Search Ranking Factors

In this episode of Google Search News, John Mueller updates the page experience ranking change, video best practices, search console, and more. Page Experience Change Page Experience change is an upcoming ranking change that considers the user experience on web pages, including technical elements like HTTPS and quantifiable metrics [...]

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