How Usability, User Experience & Content Affect Search Engine Rankings

How people interact with your site affects your SEO and search rankings. As you implement your search engine marketing (SEM) strategy, consider the usability of your website, the user experience, and the content you're publishing. Characteristics of Top Ranking Websites When reviewing top-ranking websites for a query, you'll notice they [...]

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Website Popularity & SEO Links

While the foundation of link building is everchanging, the importance of link building has never been greater. Links are a strong ranking factor for Google’s search algorithm. The impact that SEO links have on a website is extensive, and it can greatly affect ranking. Link building improves rankings, increases traffic [...]

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How to Change a Page URL Without Hurting SEO

Do URL structure changes affect SEO? While changing the URL structure may seem like a small change, it can be more complicated for search engines. We have gathered a video on changing a page URL while protecting your SEO and wanted to share it with you! Why Does a [...]

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Site Moves and 301 Redirects

A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect that takes users to a new URL when the original page no longer exists. In this article, we review the advice of Google's John Mueller regarding site moves and redirects. How Long Should a Site Keep a 301 Redirect? Google recommends site [...]

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Tips for Using and Understanding URLs

Are URLs case sensitive? Does length matter when it comes to URLs? We have gathered some tips for understanding and using URLs, and we wanted to share them with you. Do Upper and Lowercase Letters in URLs Matter? URLs are the basis of all websites. By definition, URLs are [...]

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6 Must-Do SEO Tips for Beginners

Understanding SEO is important if you have an online presence. Allan McNabb with Image Building Media joins Nadia Daggett with Graystone Real Estate, and together, they discuss the basics of SEO and how to get more exposure on social media. This video includes 6 Must-Do Tips for Beginners: Website [...]

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Tools and their Benefits for Improving Website Performance

Daniel Waisberg and Mariya Moeva discuss tools content creators can use to understand monetized websites better. Tune into the video to learn more about the capabilities of Google Search Console, Google Analytics, AdSense, Ad Manager, and more to understand and improve your website's performance. [...]

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