Internet Marketing

Why Every Business Needs a Website and Social Media

Having an online presence is a simple, effective way to create awareness about your brand while connecting and building relationships with customers from all over the world. In the technologically savvy world we live in today, having a website and social media is essential for success! In this training [...]

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Internet Marketing Basics for New Businesses

Learn the basics of internet marketing, and how to get started as a business with a very small business. Allan McNabb with Image Building Media is interviewed by Ray Hendricks (Real Estate Ray) as they discuss marketing for business owners who are just getting started. Education is key. New business [...]

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Internet Marketing: The Basics That Generate Sales and Store Foot Traffic

Businesses and other organizations engaged in numerous forms of internet marketing to be visible online and raise brand awareness, generate leads, increase sales, increase foot traffic, and increase customer retention. Internet Marketing You’ve probably heard of some components of internet marketing, without thinking about how companies use the channel to [...]

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