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Fairview Park

Fairview Park is a church in Little Rock, Arkansas with a large website that ranks on the front page of Google, and includes Live Streaming, MP3 sermons, articles, Bible class information, a "Member's Area," calendar, and more. The Fairview church had a vision for their website, including color scheme, which we implemented for them. [...]

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ABC Dennis Insurance

ABC Dennis Insurance is an independent insurance agency, providing property and casualty coverage for individuals, families, and businesses. It is devoted to providing clients with the best coverage and the most competitive rates available. This website is a redesign of the agency's previous website with a focus on SEO optimization. As a result, [...]

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Franklin Church of Christ

Franklin Church of Christ is a congregation in Franklin, Ohio that puts articles, MP3 sermons, and other resources on their website. The Franklin church website was originally built with a slideshow on the front page to share information, then redesigned a few years later with its present template incorporating a hero [...]

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