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Page Speed Not the Most Important SEO Ranking Factor

In this video of SEO Mythbusting,  page speed is discussed along with the most common SEO questions and myths regarding the subject. SEO ranking factors are crucial to the success of an online website. Is page speed really that important of an SEO ranking factor? We saw this video [...]

By |2020-08-11T19:20:50-04:00August 11th, 2020|Page Speed|

YouTube Internet Marketing, The Basics – Webinar June 4, 2020

YouTube marketing is important for every company generating income-producing leads on the internet. In this webinar, Allan McNabb with Image Building Media and Jorge Vazquez with Graystone Investment Group talk about marketing with YouTube, showing you the basics of using YouTube to build an audience and generate leads. Webinar Cheat Sheet [...]

By |2020-08-12T12:05:07-04:00August 11th, 2020|YouTube|

Instagram Internet Marketing, The Basics – Webinar May 21, 2020

Learn how to use Instagram for internet marketing that generates income-producing leads. In this webinar, Allan McNabb with Image Building Media and Jorge Vazquez with Graystone Investment Group talk about marketing with Instagram, showing you the basics of setting up your account, growing your audience, and posting to Instagram. Webinar [...]

By |2020-08-12T12:21:39-04:00August 10th, 2020|Instagram|

Why You Need to Set Goals for Your Website

When creating an online presence, establishing clear objectives and goals will help you create a solid digital presence that results in a global online presence, while also driving foot traffic to your local business locations. In the video, you'll learn why setting goals for a website is important, along [...]

By |2020-08-01T11:55:10-04:00August 1st, 2020|Basics|

Why Your Business Needs a Website

A website provides an excellent opportunity to make a first impression with people browsing the web. Creating an online presence can generate business, increase sales, and create awareness to a larger audience. Websites give businesses the ability to market consistently 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In [...]

By |2020-08-04T10:37:52-04:00August 1st, 2020|Basics|

Google’s WordPress Plugin for Creating Web Stories

Google's Web Stories are a popular way of consuming content while also giving businesses an opportunity to drive traffic to their website or app.To help businesses more easily create Web Stories, Google is developing a WordPress plugin that should be out of beta testing later this year, according to Search [...]

By |2020-07-15T09:49:57-04:00July 9th, 2020|News|

New Ranking Factors for 2021 Google Update

According to Google, a new algorithm update will be making its debut in 2021 that will affect traffic on websites. Site owners will most likely see a decrease in website traffic if they do not comply with Google's standards of user experience. The update is known as the Page [...]

By |2020-07-03T18:42:44-04:00June 30th, 2020|News|