Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Grow Your Business

seoAs part of our SEO and Web Development services we optimize your website for search engines, so people can find your business online, combined with content development for your website and strategic lin kbuilding. We also optimize your social media networks, especially your Google+ business page, to improve your local search ranking.

We achieve this for our customers by using advanced analytics to find the most popular search terms in their industry, then structure their site to take advantage of these searches to get maximum search engine exposure.

In structuring your site to take advantage of popular keywords and search phrases, we create an SEO program for your organization with comparable analysis from other companies in your industry. Then in managing your site for optimized search results, we:

  • Create and maintain a website with microdata (schema markup) that is mobile optimized.
  • Implement high ranking keywords and search phrases into your content and meta data.
  • Regularly optimize your site with new keywords and search phrases as search behaviors change.
  • Maintain site maps of your site for search engines.
  • Build and strengthen internal links.
  • Build external linkes from high ranking websites.
  • Regularly add new content and update existing content, which will increase your ranking by having fresh content.
  • Submit select content direct to the best search engines and directories to improve your site's popularity and ranking.
  • Change and restructure your site as search engine algorithms evolve.

SEO and Marketing Packages start at $1,000.00 per month. DIY and Consulting Packages start at $199.00 per month. Hourly consulting is available at $150.00 per hour.

Schedule your free consultation today, and see how our SEO team can make a difference for your company, and increase your ROI.